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i looked at the Natty CXL Indy's at 6 AM this morning before my flight to L.A. landed in L.A. and they were sold out in my size. uuuggggghhhhh.
you're welcome.
picked up my blackwatch's today. so boss. like crazy boss.
yep. nick is the best.
i always use hanger project/woodlore EPIC. same thing. $30. in a size 8 you'd want a small or medium. they're never consistent. i'd start with a medium... i tend to like my trees tight.
just have someone on the forum proxy them for you.
a little birdy told me leffot will have another pre-order of day trippers coming up. the order has been submitted and they are waiting for it to be confirmed by alden at which point it will be put online under the normal leffot alden pre-order system.
they also have a sz. 7.
just ordered some Blackwatch and Oxford Grey Flannel. my order put them at 3 Blackwatch's left in a sz. 32... so if anyone is hesitating... DON'T!
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