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exactly. i work for a super micro firm. there are 3 of us. i'm only associate level but i handle my own deals and get to act in what at many firms would be considered a principal capacity, meetings with principals of other firms, etc. i am toying with an offer from a proper institution, but at the associate level there, i'd be a scrub. i'd make way more money, as most of my compensation comes in deal equity/commission currently, but i would hardly be actively working on...
this. but less dickish.
never had this problem.
exactly. i think the sleeves on the shirts are oddly long relative to the neck size... all about an inch or so too long. a 15" neck should have about 33" sleeves for an OTR shirt.
a ton of people have the normal natural CXL indy's with cork sole and non-hand stitching, white stitching. but looking out.
it doesn't matter. in all cases the C&J has a much higher standard of fit and finish/QC. i'm not comparing durability... simply fit and finish. i've said it before, my english shoes look like they were cut and sewn with lasers. incredibly precise. new aldens come from the factory with major defects regularly.
if anyone bought those hand sewn natty CXL indy's in a 7.5 and you've changed your mind. let me know. i'm on it.
agreed completely. my primary collections is split equally between the two brands. but everything you said is dead on re. quality.
you should silent auction the Wakefield.
i also use saphir cordovan cream every third time or so. it's not necessary, per se, but i like it. not a fan of the wax at all.
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