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ohhhhh gimme those black! details? when will they be on the site?
any chance of more Natural CXL Indy's before Dec. 20th? I NEED that 7.5D before I got to Sweden for 3 weeks.
well to answer both these.... the rear is useful, but not metal, the original question related to metal. use rubber/plastic. which is what b. nelson recommends.for the second one, my john lobb rear rubber portion are noticeably more durable than any other shoe i own. for what reason, i don't know, but i work them for two weeks regularly before having nick put on rubber taps and you can't even tell they were worn.
much worse. everyone's heel hits the floor when they walk. toe plates are only necessary relative to your gait, in this case, people slide the front of their foot backwards ever so slightly which rubs the toe. these are the people that need them. even then, it's a sliding against the floor. were they on the heel, it's a digging punch like motion which can create divets in the floor. even stationary, most put their weight on their heel. not on their toe.
noise. bad for floors. unnecessary. many reasons.
ugh. would buy right now despite the price even if they weren't all eyelets. speed hooks, please.
i just got my navy steep twill walt's. they seem to fit much looser in the thigh than any of my other walts...
also, the LS version is only available in one store in HI. so who cares? maybe 60 dudes on an island will have something similar.
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