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my favorite epaulet navy ever is the flanella from late last winter. not sure if that's still available. it's the closest to a true navy.
yeah $1,200 is too gnarly for me, but if you do have any more of that other fabric, dibs! count me in 100%
I have:6 Shell2 CXL (both i'm planning on getting rid of, LS ultimate indy and LS Plaza Wingtip CXL)2 Suedeso 60% shell.
any plans to add baby camel hair to the MTO page?
ha. maybe from 20 feet away?
it's definitely lavender but i would say from across a room its hard to distinguish from a purple-ish gray tone.
prob. not. are you trying to grab those whiskey LHS on ebay right now?in any case, i'm an 7.5D Barrie and a 7.5D Van and the the Van is definitely tighter than the Barrie. Still comfortable but I could have sized up to an 8D on the Van. the Van really only runs about 1/4 size bigger the US TTS whereas the Barrie, like most other Alden lasts, runs a full half size larger.
yes but if i remember correctly it's very very expensive. like $15 per eyelet.
the walts are consistent with the urban slim in the waist, seat and thigh. not slimmer at all. the walts are much much wider below the knee. j. crew urban slims are about a 7" leg opening. walts are about an 8.5".
i really wish leffot wasn't so "barrie" happy.
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