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this.zhp was my second car in when i was living in LA. first was a E34 525i. then traded the zhp for an M coupe. now i'm primarily in NY but spend about 30-40% of my time in LA so i keep a honda fit there. moving on.
this is true
what do you mean by "the look"? you can't see them while the pair is being worn and for someone who is hard on their toes (like me, for instance) it prevents the need for premature resoling. who cares about the look when you're adding literally years to the life of your shoes.
agree with the above. go neutral. i've even stopped using the burgundy cordovan cream because i don't like how uniformly it changes the color of color #8. on my ravello i've only ever used neutral, and started recently using it on my #8 as well. i just got a pair of cigar LHS and i plan to only use neutral on that as well. part of the beauty of shells is how each one has a different hue. neutral won't affect this. creams with pigment will.
damn rob you need to get some toe taps. toes lookin' like bows.
this is not true in my case.plus, that's generally a super weak argument.that would be like if my intern turned in shitty work and said "oh well it's still better than what the intern gave you." okay, sure, but it's still shitty work and not up to standard.in any case, i agree that 95% of people won't know the difference. but then again there is the random person who you would never expect to know. tonight i stopped into trader joes to buy some bananas and cheese. the guy...
touche. but i don't consider a LWB, PTB, NST and certainly not any boot or loafer a "dress shoe."
none. whiskey is still a dead art. there was a massive delay in rare shells over the last year or so. there was a wave of ravello. there are now rare trickles of cigar coming in. one would suspect a wave of cigar followed by a wave of whiskey in the next year.
good points. in my opinion, alden doesn't really make any dress shoes except for the straight tip.
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