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https://www.alden-of-carmel.com/Accessories-Credit_Card_Case_188.htm I have this. Has some wear, looks better with age as do the shoes. Asking $50 + $5 shipping. Only selling as I went for something more fashiony.
bump. $600 for LHS.
Ravello LWB Sold.
I have a pair of each of the above models. Worn less than 5 times each. I'm gauging interest at the posted price. I feel like I don't often wear them so I want to gauge interest from people that will get more use out of them. Both Pair look nearly brand new and are fitted with plastic taps on the heels and toes, so virtually no wear on the soles at all. EDIT: Ravello LWB Sold, Cigar LHS still available.
i'm really stupid to wait this long to ask but i'm assuming if i ordred and paid this morning along with some surcharge, there's no way you have a pattern for a tux i can order and have ready in 10 days?
my most worn pair, no contest, is my LHS in Color 8. my least worn pair, probably indy boots? i only wear them in crap weather. too clunky most of the time, otherwise.
lucy's tailoring in HB is pretty good for everything basic.
not talking about shell specifically. $485 for alden calf won't be anywhere near the quality of $550 for C&J or $545 for Carmina. and yes... i'd call $100 similar price range. there's nobody that can afford a $685 shoe that can't afford an $825 shoe.
that's not strange at all. basically every single shoe manufacturer (not fashion brand) in alden's similar pricepoint is of noticeably higher quality and finish.
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