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i'm really stupid to wait this long to ask but i'm assuming if i ordred and paid this morning along with some surcharge, there's no way you have a pattern for a tux i can order and have ready in 10 days?
my most worn pair, no contest, is my LHS in Color 8. my least worn pair, probably indy boots? i only wear them in crap weather. too clunky most of the time, otherwise.
lucy's tailoring in HB is pretty good for everything basic.
not talking about shell specifically. $485 for alden calf won't be anywhere near the quality of $550 for C&J or $545 for Carmina. and yes... i'd call $100 similar price range. there's nobody that can afford a $685 shoe that can't afford an $825 shoe.
that's not strange at all. basically every single shoe manufacturer (not fashion brand) in alden's similar pricepoint is of noticeably higher quality and finish.
are these kudu ACTUAL kudu hide? alden's kudu isn't actual kudu, it's just full grained cowhide.
i can do DB also. i basically want this exact coat but with modified length/working buttons.http://www.fransboonestore.com/crombie-short-db-coat-camel
damn this sounds great. i actually just want a traditional wool coat, probably navy and/or camel, but need shorter sleeves (maybe body) and would love a ticket pocket and working sleeve buttons if possible. but the look is perfect. that one herringbone coat you had last year was awesome, i just didn't like exposed buttons, i like the hidden buttons like the BB one you posted. any idea of what standard wool or wool/cashmere blend options would cost?
any plan for an MTO overcoat? i'd buy that in 2 seconds.
don't know if that's true. i've read alden accounts for 70% of all cordovan business for horween.
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