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Huge drop on prices!
Sorry, I'm not used to this... So 5% off!
Hi everyone! I'm selling a couple of stuff, everything L-sized... I live in Paris so if you happen to be around, you can of course come and get the stuff. For the shipping part, I'll give the prices later but it won't be expensive. If you need precisions for the measurements or for anything else, just ask! So, let's begin! Kitsune pale green shirt Size L Made in Italy 100% cotton SOLD Measurements Shoulders 19.7" Sleeve 24.4" Lenght 28.35" Very nice Kitsune shirt, I've...
Hi! I'm currently very interested by the Isaia overcoat. Would it be possible for you to send me a fit pic? I know it's too slim for you, but I just want to have an idea of the whole thing
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