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No they won't....
What happened to TM is terrible and I wish it hadn't had happened but we do live in a nation governed by laws not some banana republic. GZ was found not guilty and should be left alone to live his life. This, unfortunately, looks like it won't be the case. The manufactured (some government sponsored) outrage over this case is really astounding (scary) to me. As noted above, you've got black on black crime occurring at an alarming rate - where are the national calls to...
For those that actually care about statistics....from US DoJ.http://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/ascii/htus8008.txt
2009 data
looks ghey
Disks will be obsolete in 3 years
Mob rule I think family sharing plus the ability to gift games far outweighted the pitfalls of always online. We are getting ps 3.5 and Xbox 540 instead. And the most frustrating thing is that it keeps the rip off artists like GameStop in business - more money out of developers hands. Digital is the future and this is a step backward.
Clown show
Am I seeing things or do they actually have camo dub monks?
I'm pretty sure the Respawn developers are much more qualified to speak about the benefits of the cloud than you are. Its the reason they went exclusive with X1. It won't be available day 1 for PS3.5.
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