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Which system are you getting and why?
+1 on all of those.
Suspenders with odd pants is kind of odd...
Busted out the flannel and tweed for the first time in 6 months today. Pretty pumped.
Please explain further
I might be in late Feb
I tend to agree, I used to get all worked up about the fact that clean graphics are lacking in snowboarding gear but best to embrace it. Now I've got some wacky shit...
Ok, well if you want an all mtn board with clean graphics check out these two.Jones Mtn Twin Element you can last seasons you should be able to get both for under $400.
TGR is legit, I'm going to a screening of their new ski movie in December and I'm a snowboarder!
Honestly, go for last seasons Burton custom. It has most of the tech and is all mtn. If you don't want to "sell out" to corporate, I'd go with a past season Capita Black Snowboard of Death or a Lib Tech Attack Banana.
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