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Let's get back on topic. Salvatore makes a great trouser, some of the best I own. I think his decision to pair up with people like The Armoury is a good move on many levels. The market will set the price, from the looks of it they haven't had any issues booking customers in HK at these prices so why would NYC be any different?
Um no, no it doesn't. At these prices Rubinacci is cheaper...
Found a pic of the RRL ones
So I was in NYC over the NYE and went hog wild at the Bleeker St store, everything was an additional 40% off...mind blowing deals. $425 $150 Picked up a few shirts for about $50 each and a gorgeous pair of boots like these but RRL branded in a burnished calf for about $400
Play it on Hard mode. God, its such a great game.
They have that among others, also ask to see the vintage stuff
Only to keep your mind open about fabric selection. Who are you meeting with?
About 48 hours into the Xbox 1, playing mostly COD. A few thoughts: The Good I really liked the 360 controller but this new one is simply fantastic - the grip on the thumb sticks is my favorite touch Voice commands take a little getting used to but they are (will) be a game changer - the ability to record your favorite moments on cue is pretty amazing Graphics are improved but not the leap forward I was expecting after 8 years between generations - next holiday season...
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