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What score would you give it?
I think people forget how much the music industry has changed over the last 10 years and at the heart of that is DRM and increasingly targeted advertising. It's rare that you find people now that would consider buying CDs, this is happening as well with DVDs as the cost of digital storage and / or cloud solutions goes down.
I'm not advocating it (just playing devils advocate) but what if it meant that the price of movies, heavyweight fights, etc went down drastically?
Who didn't like the Batman reboot?
Is anyone surprised by this? You are already being monitored if you own a cell phone, smart TV or PC....
I don't it needs to be to win the console war.
What is your beef?
BTW - I think the two games I'm most excited about coming out of e3 are The Division and TitanFall. The Witcher 3 also looks promising.
So will Final Fantasy 15
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