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I want to thank Teger for Trump's victory on Tuesday.
The shawl cardigan on page 52 is ridiculous in person.
Yep you win double, I am irritated at you. I hope you accomplished what you wanted out of this conversation. I can say I am no closer to understanding how you feel about the CK situation than when I entered this thread which I think is a missed opportunity but life goes on.Now please continue your trolling efforts while the rest of us try to have a reasonable discussion.
Yeah I thought that was particularly exceptional. His views along with Jerry Rice, Shaq and Charles Barkley really stand out for me. It's a shame how little precious air time they get relative to the folks that are kneeling.
Fair enough Z but I don't believe we are close to having the chapter written on CKs impact (positive or negative) on this issue. Like I said he can do whatever he wants and I do applaud him from putting his money behind it.But ask yourself, what if CK came out before the season and held a press conference and said..."Police brutality and violence is a serious issue in this country and I cannot stand by while people are gunned down in the streets by the people that are...
You are the one being obtuse. What percentage of the population (black or otherwise) in this country doesn't know the name Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown? What percentage of the population doesn't know that multiple cops got gunned down after a BLM rally in Dallas? And without googling for it, can you fucking even name one of the victims?
Unfortunately for double00, in just a few short posts he has demonstrated to be someone who doesn't really give a shit about the issue. If he did, he'd actually have something interesting or thought provoking to say.
Less feisty? Just give me a few posts!I'm glad you brought up the women's breast cancer movement because I've felt its been an over saturated issue for some time now and I say that as someone who has had aunts deal with it. And I agree with you that the pink gloves, towels, is more a marketing ploy than anything else at this point. But at the end of the day, getting behind breast cancer awareness is not a difficult thing to do. It doesn't care about anything tied to...
And sorry, just to come back to the "just raising awareness" narrative. The issue of police violence has been a non stop headline for over a year, during the summer it was the biggest issue debated in the news, online and around the water cooler. The DNC dedicated an hour of its convention to the mothers of police violence. There have been two mass shootings of cops in Dallas and BR. Major law enforcement reforms are under way across the nation. And unfortunately black men...
Thanks for the measured and well articulated thoughts, not surprisingly I agree with most of everything you said. And at the same time this is what is so frustrating about tackling polarizing issues today. Most reasonable people will come to largely the same conclusions on what needs to be done or what steps need to be taken but we are all collectively hijacked by the fringe on each side of any given debate.
New Posts  All Forums: