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Exhibit A http://www.cbsnews.com/news/commentary-the-unbearable-smugness-of-the-press-presidential-election-2016/
Is market driven another term for bias?Let me ask you another question, in your professional/academic group how many would identify themselves as conservative?
I'm sorry I don't see everything in the world through the prism of my own skin color. This I suppose you'll chalk that up to white privelage, fine. I happen to believe in matters of facts and proportion. And as it relates to the coverage of this election and the post election aftermath the press (our primary and still dominate form of information) seem to proportionally over represent your worldview despite a multitude of instances that fly in the face of it.
As I said Eric, this is not an election about angry white people its one that was decided by an ineffective candidate unable to energize her base to support her agenda. And particularly troubling for Democrats is that certain segments of the population (like Asians and Hispanics) are not monolithic voting blocs that can be pandered to...(e.g. - the feelings of Cubans are far different than those from Mexico). Hell, even blacks voted in higher proportions for Trump vs....
And by the way the reason most of Obama's agenda has the potential to be quickly rolled back is because instead of working with Congress to find a middle round he utilized executive power to unilaterally legislate from the White House.
Shah you bring a healthy perspective to this thread. You'll have to excuse the otc's of the world but for most of us this is just par for the course. You see since the late sixties the left in this country and taken to using hyperbole and hysteria when they lose elections or generally don't get there way. This is why terms like racist or fascist have lost nearly all meaning for most people, the left has used these terms with reckless abandon. And this will continue...
Because those stats are inconvenient for you. It destroys the narrative.
I'm really enjoying teger et al double down on the smugness. They want so much to be in control it's driving them crazy!
New Posts  All Forums: