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They have that among others, also ask to see the vintage stuff
Only to keep your mind open about fabric selection. Who are you meeting with?
About 48 hours into the Xbox 1, playing mostly COD. A few thoughts: The Good I really liked the 360 controller but this new one is simply fantastic - the grip on the thumb sticks is my favorite touch Voice commands take a little getting used to but they are (will) be a game changer - the ability to record your favorite moments on cue is pretty amazing Graphics are improved but not the leap forward I was expecting after 8 years between generations - next holiday season...
Which system are you getting and why?
+1 on all of those.
Suspenders with odd pants is kind of odd...
Busted out the flannel and tweed for the first time in 6 months today. Pretty pumped.
Please explain further
I might be in late Feb
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