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Ok here we go... All of these are 3/2 with flat front pants First up is a lesser light blue windowpane on navy birdseye
I have a SB in that same fabric, looks wonderful in DB. Who is your tailor?
Today, grey flannel trousers from LH with a pair of suede chukkas made I believe by Scarfora for LH.
Been a while since I posted everyone with an update. I'll send a few pics of recent additions to the wardrobe over the next week or so.
Sorry to disappoint you but I didn't vote for him, wrote in another candidate in a deep red state. But I'll take your good wishes on my future. Thanks! I'll be just fine.
First you said..."go fuck yourself" So angry, how bad has the last 6 days been for you? Are you on suicide watch?
Others can vouch for my credentials wrt the defense community. Putin was largely marginalized on the world's stage prior to 2008. He tested Obama early into his tenure with his interventionist policies and he did nothing. It's laughable that all of the sudden Democrats want to paint themselves as the only thing standing in the way between us and the former Soviet Union.
Your going need to do better than that. Ask the defense community whether or not the last 8 years have muted or emboldened Putin.
Lol at the born again liberal hawks talking about the Russian threat. How politically convenient... As if Obama did anything about Putin the last 8 years, he's only emboldened the SOB. Red line in Syria? Military intervention in Ukraine? The list goes on.
Ethan stay calm. Trump is a fucking buffoon the likes I hope for us to never see again. The fact that he won is a shock to everyone. If you look at the stuff I've posted in this thread what I'm trying to get you and other liberals to come to terms with is this...The reason for the defeat was HRCs inability to energize her base of supporters and middle America's view that media bias, Washington gridlock and political correctness are out of control. This is what he tapped...
New Posts  All Forums: