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Can you save hours of my life by telling me if its worth continuing to watch? Or is all the fun stuff over?
I agree - filling in part of the backstory or at least instilling some hope for the future of mankind would be nice. For example, the Army troops (in the helo) from the beginning of season 3. Where did they come from? They have to be a part of a larger unit...
The show is starting to lose my attention. Kill off some characters....I wish the big black dude would have thrown that fucker in the biter pit.
Thanks Gruto - it looks sturdy.
I may just get both. I had initially wanted to get one blue and one gray but those two are le shit.
I have the blue as well and love it. I've been looking for a mid-gray windowpane for a while but the solid is really sweet.
I think they use Smith's for the "house" hopsack. Because I asked to see the heavier stuff and they sent me the book.
Also in blue
I don't have a mid gray hopsack, from this book or LH. I'm torn between the windowpane and mid gray.
Finally, a medium gray
New Posts  All Forums: