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I did, the new UI does look nice but that doesn't mean its as useful as it seems to be.
Xbox 1 still looks like the console to beat. PS4 looks wonky and their online content / interface is terrible. At the end of the day most console gamers are casual gamers and they want to be able to get online quickly and play with friends.
If the trailers are any indication - this movie makes Batman Begins look like a joke.
Cannot wait to get it
Yes I know
Sounds good.
Why the hate for Sid and ATL? Good MTM is better than bad bespoke.
Strange for a streetwear forum this hasn't been created. I'll post my stuff later this weekend. Does anyone have any experience with their denim?
Piccolo has probably the best taste in shirting fabrics of anyone I've ever met, he is also not afraid to experiment (in a good way). I can't believe he hasn't blow up yet, his stuff is so far ahead of the game.
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