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I really wish I knew someone like these people, I'd bitch slap the crap out of them.
Doesn't surprise me. Family is the bedrock of any civilization.
I hope we can all agree that racism is not just a white issue.
Thanks Brokencycle - do they break these out by sex of parent and color?
You know what would be an interesting chart? Children born out of wedlock vs. crime stats...all colors, both sexes. Even more interesting would be children living with a single parent but that would probably be too hard to track.
Its a witch hunt of an innocent man by the federal government.
I hate to say this but he is either going to kill himself or end up dead. I cannot even fathom the pressure....
Did anyone watch the Piers Morgan interview with RJ? Pure gold.
I can't speak for other posters, I only commented after the case was closed but it's hard to argue with the facts.
Oh come on Fuuma
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