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So they must not be able to breath the air, otherwise why the face mask?
I've worn flannel in October in Atlanta when its still 80F and I've been just fine.
It's real nice - the entire book is worth a look. As far as the weight. I work and live in an air conditioned environment. Nuff said.
Why don't you get in touch with him and ask?
It's a great shop (they are always warm and welcoming) and they have a wonderful selection of tweeds that you'll be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Not a fan of the house cut but that overcoat is really great. BTW nice post
Is Koji still visiting the States? I know at one point he was going to NYC and I foolishly missed out.
14/15 oz
Thanks Z
I cannot believe this thread is nearly 5 years old...pretty cool. Perfection in wool and silk. Smith's steadfast in a light gray sharkskin.
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