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I'm not advocating it (just playing devils advocate) but what if it meant that the price of movies, heavyweight fights, etc went down drastically?
Who didn't like the Batman reboot?
Is anyone surprised by this? You are already being monitored if you own a cell phone, smart TV or PC....
I don't it needs to be to win the console war.
What is your beef?
BTW - I think the two games I'm most excited about coming out of e3 are The Division and TitanFall. The Witcher 3 also looks promising.
So will Final Fantasy 15
Sorry I thought I replied earlier those are the same video I was referring to. We'll obviously have to wait and see - at this point I'd say that MS has proven to be more much adapt at getting the online and social aspects right as opposed to Sony who is playing catch up. I mean the UI interface for PS3 is an unmitigated disaster and while they seem to have come a long way if we are to believe the 4 minute video, I think the chips are not in their favor. I'm buying both...
Which are you buying white?
Up to 40%, that seems absurd. Where did you find that stat? As far as the interface video is concerned - check destructoid or kotayu. It's a super cheezy video. The future for consoles (as it has been with music and increasingly movies) is DRM. Why people see this as a major stink is beyond me. Take it on vacation? Who plays video games on vacation? Jesus.
New Posts  All Forums: