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It's a great shop (they are always warm and welcoming) and they have a wonderful selection of tweeds that you'll be hard pressed to find elsewhere. Not a fan of the house cut but that overcoat is really great. BTW nice post
Is Koji still visiting the States? I know at one point he was going to NYC and I foolishly missed out.
14/15 oz
Thanks Z
I cannot believe this thread is nearly 5 years old...pretty cool. Perfection in wool and silk. Smith's steadfast in a light gray sharkskin.
That looks real nice choy - who is making that for you?
I think someone should just go all out and get a suit made up of it - you could only wear it 5 times before the pants gave out but boy would it be the ultimate FU suit.
Looks incredible....hopefully it lives up to the hype
That fabric is badass.
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