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Some of the local alterations aside I tend to agree with what marco is saying - as a general rule if you are going to partake in bespoke you need to be fully committed. For me that has meant trips to Europe for fittings and, at least initially, patience. It is obvious that NsM is popular for a reason - it makes (to a degree) inaccessible goods accessible. It is not without its limitations, however, and from the pics I've seen on this thread, along with the stories from...
Interesting. Do you feel that way because you believe you lack "local" options that could fit the bill?Clothing for a long time for me was a way to enhance my travels. I guess like everything else you eventually settle on a few places that you really like and you go back and back again. Historical relevance (pedigree) always mattered to me - probably about as much as fit and feel. My theory was places like Charvet or Rubinacci would be out of business if they didn't...
What are your impressions of the fabric Choy?
I'm tired..... of this thread
My A&S jackets do that as well.
I bought my wife a nice camera for Xmas so now I don't have any excuses for not posting pics. I'll take a few pics this weekend of some of my stuff - by and large they have very similar shoulder profiles but there is some variation.
For regular way fabrics I just use LH, otherwise I'll send them stuff.
I think you'll be pleased, not sure how it gets any better...at least based on my experience which includes LL fabrics.
Thanks SlewPretty much dialed in, a few tweaks here and there but nothing major. For this suit I'll just need them to take out the pants by a few cms (more the result of working out and putting on butt and leg mass than anything else).
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