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I find it interesting that of all the things I've referenced you seem primarily concerned by the sock reference. Being this is primarily a site dedicated to clothing I guess its not surprising but its going to take a little more than that to get us anywhere.
CK is free to knell, sit or do jumping jacks when the national anthem is being played - I personally find it offensive and counterproductive but to each his own in this country. I am interested in finding ways to improve the system and I have an open mind about our ability to change perceptions in this country. I agree with CK that police violence towards black people is an issue, I've already acknowledged as much. But it cannot be sufficiently addressed without exploring...
I'd like you to explain why it shouldn't? I've already given you a few reasons why it should.My point about the socks, which surprisingly got the most attention, is it's a very cheap way to be offensive and controversial. If he wants to seriously address the problem than do it.
I'll come out of hiding to comment. Let's set aside for a moment the US is the only country on the planet that rewards so many with a flash of physical talent with multigenerational (transcendent) wealth. Let's also ignore the fact that wealth and fame make one no more qualified to sound off on cultural issues than you, me or anyone else. In fact a strong argument could be made that wealth and fame (and the liberties afforded by it) distorts cultural reality therefore...
Pillars is awesome, brings back so many good memories
Any other perspectives? I'm in the same boat
Can someone pdf me spring 15?
Size up 1 size fok, worked for me. They are super snug
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