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Sleeves are a tad short but not obnoxiously so. Otherwise you look good dude.
I win...
It is a wonderfully appointed shop and I agree, the knitwear is a clear standout. Sizing is a bit wonky in my experience so I'd suggest if you are going to order online ask for detailed measurements.
Oh how I missed the interweb tailors
After a quick search its hard to believe we don't have a thread dedicated to this great but somewhat controversial tailoring house. Some of the SF veterans will be familiar with my older commissions (one that Despos verbally dismantled as flawed) but I still from time to time use them. My most recent stuff has been a few 3-pieces, one in navy and the other in a POW. I'll take pictures over the weekend. Since John Hitchcock's retirement I haven't seen any noticeable drop...
Pretty sure it's Henry Poole, they still make visits to Atlanta to see Arthur and a few other BSDs.
It's very trim, almost too slim. Unless you are skinny as hell I'd size up.
DB only
This is some straight up AskAndy craziness - who the hell wants to wear some dead guys shoes? Weird
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