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Any other perspectives? I'm in the same boat
Can someone pdf me spring 15?
Size up 1 size fok, worked for me. They are super snug
Thanks for heads up, I just bought these... https://www.carsonstreetclothiers.com/shop/new-arrivals/product/2826/mesamocfolk
Poor Genarro...this thread is going to come up on every Google search
Those that care about my opinion usually seek it out
Those iamatt photos have put a $150k hole in my wallet
He is a stylist among other various capacities at LH. I see no problem with the label at all, it's not a derogatory term. It should also be pointed out that the man has been in the business since birth and has run the shop after his father's death when he was 17 or 18. With all due respect to the tailors that frequent SF, it's not rocket science or some mysterious craft. There is likely not a scenario which Mariano hasn't come across and seen correct - some times at his...
New Posts  All Forums: