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Perfection. Fabric was procured from the Foo collection of unfunded liabilities.
How is this not infringement?
Anyone from the US ordered from Human Behaviour? I'm thinking of taking down a few items...
I'd say go for the 8.5 if you can find it. Otherwise 9 should work fine. 8 will be too snug given your shoe size.
I don't know, I'd ask for more pics.
FYI. I've got a Blackhawk in navy grey moleskin in a size 4. Trying to clean out the closet so will accept best offer. NWOT, purchased it last fall from Louis Boston - probably have worn it 3 times max. PM me.
Got my hands on the spring 17 book, some solid items including some pony hair half boots and an indigo suede denim shirt jacket. Most of the shirts are just ok.
Um no
sole looks odd
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