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I like the new wayfarers better. Where are the new wayfarers?
Whachoo be talkin' 'bout, Willis?
I put down Everything is Illuminated after the first twenty pages, stuffed with fart jokes, clumsy narration, sit-com level humor, sit-com level stereotypes. I couldn't fault him, being so young (and also connected) but I always wondered what the appeal of that book was, other than a massive pre-market campaign and accolades that appeared to come from neutral journalistic sources, rather than friends of the family...
D, that's a different font, with different connotations.
Whoah, that's great... It would be interesting to hear exactly how you guys define prose in this context.For me, the above might be a bit too conceptual, maybe more in line with theme or plot than what I'd normally consider prose. The taste and content of the imagery surely figure in, but much later, after what DeLillo likes to call the brute electricity of sound, that initial attack on the senses that your body will either accept or repel on instinct. For me, McCarthy's...
You may notice the different fonts...but surely those don't factor into life's grand semiotic equation.
I think the most recent movie's helped somewhat in that regard, Dominique Swain being a totally palatable fifteen or sixteen, admonitory only in the ways of the old Betty Page photographs -- Guys, it is *not* a good idea to tie up lovely women this way! ... IIRC, Lolita in the book is prepubescent, no? I remember being scorned by a teacher for imagining otherwise.
Wait, did Iroh get banned? Is this guy Iroh? This feels oddly familiar...I remember awhile back, Iroh sent me a few PMs exactly like this, expressing bland contempt for near-objective works of genius, asking me, repeatedly, if David Foster Wallace ever wrote anything shorter, and could I please locate and produce such a work. Took me a minute to realize I was getting trolled.
Those are Nazi skulls? Looks like Dia de Los Muertos to me.
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