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# 23-ISH: POST OFFICE, BY CHARLES BUKOWSKI There is actually something heartwarming about reading an outdated, overtly misogynistic, and sometimes racist paean to Charles Bukowski, written by Charles Bukowski. Tough and lean, Hemingway-esque and masturbatory, you just don't find 'em like this anymore. It's just not in fashion. Sleep disorder prevents me from accurate description, but I give it a hearty thumbs up. If you read just one novel by Bukowski, read Ham & Rye...
Indeed. When I joined, snowman was like Jameister -- now everyone's clamoring to get into his pants.
He wants his soup.
I actually haven't read JHD, I just know Intuitionist is great and considered his best. I was less impressed by his 'literary zombie novel', way less fun than it sounds. ETA: Regarding Beckett, I dunno, I just found it thought-provoking, but shorn of description. Nothing to do with the other books on the list. I'm sure there are plenty of later or more fun books fitting that description , but I usually go for maximalism, so that was the only one that came to mind.
Are you sure those recommendations weren't for The Intuitionist? That's the good one.
Based on this information, I am prescribing that one book by Tea Obreht, or maybe Novel With Cocaine, or maybe Beckett's trilogy (thought-provoking, but without elaborate descriptions?). Or Remainder, by Tom McCarthy. Or The Architect of Ruins, by Rosendorfer. Those would seem to fit the bill.
Apologies, Lionheart! Your memories are intact -- It was actually just a stuntman.
Today's shocker: Boba Fett was a nerd.
What's this? I like the band...
Damn, that is really, really irresponsible. I've read actual journalism on the subject, and the video is just riddled with assumption, inaccuracy, and bizarre random conjecture. I'm struggling to find a way to describe the Young Turk philistine without sounding demeaning.
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