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Before Jabonator Before house music Before some of you were even born.... There was Yaz.
Those look nice.... Somewhere on the Walking Dead extras, there's a bit about how to achieve an instant aged/crackle effect (for a fake prison wall); I thought it could maybe be applied to shoes as well, though I forget which season that was on.
Tetris remains the driving force behind my illustrious wardrobe. I value many things, I can't always choose what comes my way, in what shape, at what speed, and things are likely to pile up quickly, but sooner or later, the right piece will come along and knock everything into place. .
The ads for iron gates and kitchen remodeling in the Great Back Doors thread are the best....
I hate it when people assume that if you don't love Pynchon, you must be uninformed, or worse, some sort of rube. I happened to love V and Lot 49, but for some reason, find a lot of Rainbow merely ornate, as opposed to musical or enthralling. I never finish. I go back and forth on whether or not to try again. Meanwhile, there are always other doorstops to try out, hoping for the perfect fit. I'm waist-deep in William Gass's The Tunnel right now, a different kind of ornate,...
We are all so open-minded!
^lol, it was a comment from that article Fuuma linked to. Pitti time again? All this free-wheeling trustafundian travel talk depresses me. See you in a couple weeks
So does the shorter one go into a bunch of elderly-related stuff? Because that sounds like it could be interesting.(Incidentally, it also sounds exactly like the subplot of 1989's Say Anything. )You make a strong case for Trollope! Unfortunately, he will have to linger on my list for a least a year or two; I managed to find one of those Palliser books recently -- picked it up; put it down. Drew a salt bath and rubbed my shoulder back to health.
Cowboy boots and miniskirts -- a plague upon the college campus where I work. I call it the "Boots n' Boobs" look. It's just ridiculous.
New Posts  All Forums: