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Congrats on your efforts paying off! Looks good...
Surprising font for the 40s... I think I have that in Microsoft Office
Having a time machine doesn't always yield Brioni, but you can find some decent period pieces. Unrelated: Winning $700 makes it all OK.
It's so bright, you had to wear shades?
Where is Jack Reacher finding pristine double-monks in Goodwil? Does he have...the thrift? (I remember the first movie, where he scoops up a perfectly-tailored bomber jacket, inspired a couple people to visit the thrift thread. Gotta love the spartan fantasy of the first one...)
Well, you are concealed...
Wait, does the performance aspect of D3 have something to do with testosterone? I remember it's actually less of a vitamin than some kind of hormone precursor. Anyway, it's so important (and everyone is so deficient) it's a good idea to take it regardless.
Oh, wow....I'm going to have to make a happy return to the archives on this one, find out exactly what Roy Schneider was saying as he dispensed all those bad guys with his super-copter. My lingering question about Blue Thunder is why, if they spent all those millions on it, it seemed to be designed by an eight year old. Like, why was there a button called Turbo Boost?! Not that I'm complaining... Anyway, the thing that's always stuck with me on this one was the ending....
Kaplan, I like your style.Please allow me to add one more:"Come on...TURBO....SHIT! ".
Agreed. As much as I'd like to see Wolverine on an Avengers team, there is just a major disconnect between the two franchise's world views. On the one hand, you have the whole the world is fearful of homosexuals mutants angle; on the other, it's all, Yay Captain America, mutants will save us all!
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