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Just to be clear: accomplished women are prom queens, women vote with their vaginas, black protesters are beasts, and you are noble. Did I miss anything?
This just in: People who don't slaughter their own dinner emotional cripples. Film at eleven.
His novel Beautiful Losers wasn't bad either, especially if you like experimental 60s/70s stuff in the Ferlinghetti vein..
Speaking of the object of red ressentiment:http://www.vocativ.com/340662/red-states-love-cuckold-mature-porn-but-gop-thinks-it-is-a-public-health-crisis/Republicans search for cuckold porn more than any other genre.
I was agreeing with our rural geriatric shoemaker.
Yes, we should all tolerate racism and sexism wherever we find it, because it's merely a difference of opinion. Also, I will whine all about those dirty blacks with their drugs and welfare, and where is the tolerance for white men, damnit! Did I tell you I killed Asians in the war? What about meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111one
He killed Asians. His grandfather killed Asians. Show some respect.
Good god, man. I kept reading this parody, waiting for the punchline.Thomas Kuhn was right. Some things just need to die to make way for progress.
Whaaaat...are these made of gold or fairy dust or something? I sold a set for like $17 here on our very own style forvm.
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