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This must be what PRL's look like in Europe.
[[SPOILER]] You all look fantastic! Let me just hose things down a bit with some cotton dobby suit + rescue cat action...
. .
I'd prefer a fresh crop moving forward, and fear I've mined the past so hard its beams are collapsing, but I'm always open to suggestions. Crap, as long as I'm over-posting, I'm also going to need the literary equivalent of a 1980's teen beach/sex comedy, if there is such a thing. I'm talking sand and syntax. Maybe just something with a beach. I don't like McEwan and I've read the Bolano, but anything else -- preferably zany, but eloquent -- hit me up, Gs.
That has absolutely no sexual overtones whatsoever, whew!
Steve Harvey
Low price sets off alarm bells, but still a good price, even for fakes. Beware of staples.
Plaid for her pleasure.
At eluther: At accordion, others: Based on your (always solid) recs, I grabbed the two Nell Zinc books, and I'm pretty stoked, particularly as this was something I would have (and think did) pass over: Franzen's recommendations are usually too calculated and self-serving, and after a quick skim, nothing really kept off the page in terms of verbal wizardry -- but from your brief reviews I'm almost certain this will be another time the reading thread really comes...
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