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No way, dude. I learned my lesson with beanie babies and Episode I Star Wars figures.
Are you serious? Or do you know this for certain? I can't imagine why that'd be the case, as the new, one-fit option's already received a salvo of bad reviews splattered across the web site. No one seems to like anything, from the thinner fabric to the awkward cut. Truly bad news. It might finally be time to learn that Oxy Clean method, try to lengthen the life span of the old ones through some kind of vampire magic....
Why do the current oxfords -- available in an ungainly 'slim fit' only -- suck so hard? And when will the old ones return? It's so terrible to have your shirt game on lock, and for so cheap, and for so long -- only to have it all ripped away from you.
Thanks for the Polo Sport info, everyone! (And I see there are two Men of Kent now -- crazy).
ALERT! ALERT! POLO SPORT has returned! (I mean, hasn't it...?) Are you guys seeing this? Shirts, hats, logos, banners, boom! All adjacent to the regular Polo offerings at your local shopping mall. It looks as though they're resurrecting the line -- But why? And what will it mean for the values of the old stuff? @SpooPoker @PLaydice
A medium Bonobos shirt rounds outs the worst dry spell in thrift history, shrouds my body in mediocrity. Thrift bros: I miss you.
I like this one 'cause it sounds just the way my Super Mario Bros does when I forget to blow on the cartridge and then the screen starts skipping, poor Mario up and down on endless loop, his flag pole just out of reach...
I also have some really cool, slinky gray Club Monaco pants that are pretty much a rip-off of some pants that EG did awhile back. (I believe they were the ones meant to go with their six pocket Derrick blazer). Size 31, extremely light-weight, with no room to let out. If any trim-waisted fellow knows remotely what I'm talking about, PM me and I'll let them go for shipping whenever I travel back to my attic to reclaim them.
Just remembered I have this vintage Lakeland Clicker Coat in great condition. It's not EG, but the original they copied -- dangle it over Japan and hear the sound of one nation fapping. http://www.styleforum.net/t/351066/own-the-jacket-engineered-garments-copied-mint-1950s-lakeland-best-price-on-interwebs-guaranteed/0_20 Tagged Large/42. Actual measurements/pics if you're interested. I'm usually a medium in EG coats and would probably trade for something cool, or...
I'm looking to grab some of those very thin, breezy, summery(?) Uniqlo linen sweaters, possibly from a couple of seasons ago. Navy crewnecks preferred, but other workplace appropriate colors -- brown, black, etc. -- would be great, too. I've already got the 'natural' or linen color, but who knows. I could throw you a few dollars, or maybe something in trade. Bros: Get at me?
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