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Did you say Brian DePalma? Are you sure you're not thinking about Roman Polanski or something? Why don't you just go to the source, man. Watch some Hitchcock or Antonioni or something.De Palma!Jesus.*shakes head**indicates to internet he's shaking his head*
Both Jompso and Thrift Vader have posted fit pics, and if we don't know what they look like, then that's on us. [[SPOILER]]
Man, this thread is gold and I am pocorning hard for part 2. As far as fabric content goes, did anyone catch that HBO series How to Make It In America? They touched on that pretty heavily. I remember a 50/50 cotton-poly split was considered ideal as far as that vintage feel and re-sellability goes. IIRC, they were always looking for batches of these to strip of their ink and imprint with something new, which always sounded like a lot of fun. I also wonder, from a buyer's...
Shirt buttons, anyone? Pearl buttons, shiny MOPs? I've now got a literal trunk-ful of unwanted Italian shirts: older Zegna, stained Brioni, pristine Armani (seriously -- why does no one want these $400 shirts? ). I'm about to crank up Creepshow 1 and 2 and take a blade to these beeshes, so if anyone needs some button sets, do speak up.
Whoah, awesome. Those look good from here. All leather inside(?), the tongue looks legit. Googling the serial number will hopefully turn up product photos and allow you to compare the sole and stitching in detail.OD Guy outta nowhere. RAGE! RAGE! [[SPOILER]] Greg, are you live-blogging from Portland Dry Goods?
Hmm, interdasting...No, I'm pretty sure these were regular boot cut jeans (a lot of them 34, though, which would be long for someone with a 27-28" waist). All stiff and blue, much like the object of the joke I just decided against. No bright colors.I find stuff like this occasionally -- cool and 80s/90s, but always XL - - that I won't grab unless I make an etsy store. [[SPOILER]] THE LONE POP FOR TODAY, AWAITING AT PLAYDICE'S EPIC KNOWLEDGE DROP....FENDI shirt, XL. Tag...
[[SPOILER]] Ooooh yeah, from your Pitti thingie, I remember that. Looks promising, but this man's still being coy about where to buy it...
Thx bro
14.5 oz Sanfor-Set!
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