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I didn't watch the video , but my guess is you'd have better luck searching Levi's two higher end lines -- Levi's Vintage Clothing and Levi's Made and Crafted. The fit and patterns should be more distinctive than their regular lines. You might also give up on the idea on finding that particular pattern and instead familiarize yourself with quality brands offering a similar style. I'm guessing Epaulet and Gitman Brothers Vintage would be a good place to start -- and you're...
[[SPOILER]] I mean, whatever. This is a pristine EG specimen from '09, worn a few times, then wrapped in plastic and sealed, hermetically, in the fragrant vaults of my moth-defying cedar chest.Is it awesome? Yes.Do I love it? Also yes.But does my amazing girlfriend need Tiffany jewelry?Again, also yes.I mean...So if you're reading this, please buy this wonderful jacket. Also, if you happen to know whether a nice ring would always signify something untimely and terrifying...
Nice. What CM gear do they have on White Collar? I can't ID any of it on sight (Suits is much easier with the HUGE lapels).Fashionwise, Mozzie is probably my favorite TV character, and it took me awhile to find out he wears a lot of Save Khaki shirts and pants and that one jacket, as well as the occasional Carhart, I think.
Hey everyone, did that Korean Observer article ever come out?
Strangely, I have zero thoughts on Benson.
Damn, was that like the final sale price? I remember the camo overdye pants at least up there near $250 retail. I got a brown slim fit pair from VLSI awhile back; best pants ever!Regarding Jessica Jones, I like it a lot, but don't see why they couldn't have followed the comic. (Still touched on the movie universe, and in the same tangential way the show does, so WTF, man? Purple Man as the main villain instead of just a flashback is pretty dope, though. Luke Cage is ace,...
Purple Man sporting a blue Wings and Horns camo overdye shirt on Jessica Jones episode ten, what's up. /barrelntrigger Who else gets that ersatz tingly feeling of legitimacy whenever their clothing pops up on TV because life is devoid of meaning and we never learned how to love?
[[SPOILER]] Just a few random ties lately, the last sputterings of a tapped-out city. Come, listen. Press your ear to the concrete. Is this legit?, it seems to ask with its dying breath.DO NOT DISAPPOINT MY DYING CITY!*NWT Oxxford Crest not included.
Had to.
What's made by hand will leave by hand; what hails from England is destroyed by men from England; Someone get this Hugh Grant guy a sword before we all meet our flowery death.Film -- burp -- at eleven. [[SPOILER]]
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