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[[SPOILER]] Yo, yo, yo, what's up @barrelntrigger - here's that barrel-y stuff I found. The BAPE, while possessing several legitimate-y markers of fine authenticity, is most likely fake. (But it is a Japanese XL and available for teh shipping if you want to rock it). The workwear-y shirt, I don't even know, I don't even....
That's interesting. What put you off about White Noise?I remember, back when I first tackled it at 21, I was almost deaf to its charms; it just struck me as too half-assed for a wholesale assault on American culture. If I fell hard for its nutty, serio-comic premise, then I was also too spellbound by writers like Joseph Heller and David Foster Wallace to enjoy any book not cycling through that particular kind of mania. DeLillo, by contrast, felt too restrained. Too boring,...
Don't worry, man. You can wait it out. It's like Edward Norton said in Fight Club -- on a long enough timeline, everyone gets fat.
List as newly refurbished!.
I dunno, I think the oxfords are great, they fit better than most expensive brands, and people always seem to comment on them. Their flannels are also really cool (and unique) and both go on sale for $20 a pop with free shipping. Can't beat that. Also, The Gap is still the Japanese Gap, and they, by contrast, still suck.
The trunk.
Are you saying that technology, and our subsequent surveillance state, is not becoming increasingly destructive, dangerous, and degrading? [[SPOILER]]
Are you looking for a new genre? Someone should read all of Don DeLillo with me. I'd like to do that, but it would get lonely, so lonely...
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