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@mythage: I had to size up on two styles of coats (Bedford and Derrick) and have them altered. The shoulders are probably too large from a style forum perspective, but since they're both soft-shouldered jackets, they conform to my shoulders anyway, so they didn't jut out the way a more formal jacket would have. YMMV, though. I've heard sizing can change season to season, so hopefully you're able to try everything on first... (Also, whoops, I seemed to have missed a page...
So I started re-reading Morning Glories, having just found out they reached the end of 'season 2', and likely, the whole series. It was such a long wait, I'm surprised the whole thing is only 50 issues. Anyway, it occurs to me that the premise -- a group of teens held against their will by an elite boarding school, being groomed for some epic supernatural event -- is nearly identical to a crappy live-action TV series. Does anyone remember the name? Any Morning Glories...
Saved by the Bell holds up well.
Fuller House, Twilight Zone, and Saved By the Bell on iPhone Netflix. Was dismayed to discover they keep accurate logs of where you pause during the beach scenes. :-/
Shit, I'd be stoked to find fake RO. Not like the $600 pod pants are marvels of construction or anything...I rocked some fake dunks for a few days (the staples fell out, just like the real ones) and was able to resell for a decent price.
Reminds me I still need to watch the rest of the original Westworld.
I dunno, I really liked Halt and Catch Fire for the some of the performances, and the period, and the period details. The title theme is also pretty good.
I could be in the minority here, but these triailers left me feeling very excited. It's the first time we've seen an age-appropriate actor, and there's an element of excitement and discovery and even real danger missing from the other films. Stark's presence just seems to anchor it in the established universe; so far, the films have worked remarkably well together -- something I never expected. I would also like to see a mature Parker (maybe something more serious, akin...
Hallmark movies. So many Hallmark movies...
He's a transsexual porn star/civil rights advocate(?). Did google earlier in the thread. Now somebody explain *the humbler*.
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