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Yup...random ladies thought I was watching the sports.Such an awesome find. I've never seen that one before, though the other night I did dream of a similar coat after fruitlessly searching Etsy for cool Vuarnet gear.This side trip sounds intriguing...
FUCK!!!!So triggered right now....
Oh, shut the fuck up! [[SPOILER]] You probably want to sell this.
Sounds kind of harsh, though I haven't read it... It should be notable that cinematic techniques were actually derived from books!
Eh, you know they walk the three steps to the Goodwill every day and scoop-up items to mark-up.At least that's what the one by my goodwill did. 🙇🏼
For reference, here's a shirt from 87/ish, I believe. IIRC, it was free with purchase of the green cologne bottle, and I think could you sent off for it in the mail with proof of purchase. It's listed as one size, but the one size is an adult small, at least.I'd love some more info if anyone's got it. Somewhere, I have a white, larger one as well, with an even larger green crest, and totally awesome. Same deal, IIRC. (If anyone has or finds one, please PM!)I don't know...
Can we see pics of the first?
Have you seen any true repros from Hilfiger, though? The ones posted here look kind of retro, but fit slimmer, and are new designs, as far as I can tell.Polo has continued to put out garish, overblown logo items, and a lot of faux-nautical doo-dads and crazy script snaking up the arms. True repros are kind of exciting -- though I doubt most will even know what they are.
It's also weird the fakes from back in the day still command a high-ish price. What will this do to the vintage "inspired by" market?
The Moms did the same thing with all the new Star Wars figures that came out in the -- when -- early 90s? (I think she felt bad we lost so many to the great salt mound battles of '83). I see them high on the closet shelves sometimes, looking sad...So where do you buy these Polo repros, anyway?
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