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Bro, are you having a bad month? Always so touchy, lately. Is there an implied standard for using spoiler tags? I try to post one pic per item, then spoiler subsequent photos. That way the extraneous pics are hidden, but folks know what they're looking at, and can see more if they want to. Are you saying that all pics should be spoilered for ever and ever, amen? Or just pics over X number? Just the ones you don't like?AT DR. LIVINGSTON -- Thanks for the info on those...
It used to be about the music, man.
.Oh, hey preppies, guess what?.... [[SPOILER]] Oh, but guess what also what? [[SPOILER]] And before that: [[SPOILER]]
PO-LOPO-LOWHERE YOU ATPO-LO [[SPOILER]] * PM'ers `-- All PMs to be answered soon!
What are they saying about the tennis shirt? Inquiring minds want to know...
Deets on Avengers toys?
[[SPOILER]] I've had more coffee, so apologies, and please look at this: Ralph Lauren Cotton Velvet Lady - Ensemble of Awesomeness. Lush. Mint. Age indeterminate.My entire thinking on this was that it was cool, some homie's wife or gf might rock it, and maybe eazy or spoo could evaluate the cool-ness. No size tags anywhere. Made in the USA? What is this thing!(Pics of velvet always turn out gross, but it's neat, I swear.... )Some random shirts I thought were cool. Gotta...
Who is this impostor, and what have you done with GMMMMMcL!Weren't you a lifeguard in the 90s, man? Weren't you dripping in big logos and obnoxious taste? Boooo, boooo.... H-E-R-E-S-Y!, I say. Boooo!
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