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Cool, can't wait for la jet tee x Colaver...
Streetwear bros: (Or cool MC'ers looking to spice up their casual suit game): After hundreds of grailed emails and thousands of ridiculous offers, I'm letting some baller stuff go for cheap. The two shoes in my sig -- size 42/8.5-9 -- around $200 apiece, or less for both -- and two toj varsities fitting a size 38 or 39. (A black/black toj1 and a black wool/whiskey leather sleeve). Also cheap/cheaper for both. If interested, get at me?
Saw my first pair of Gucci flip-flops(!) in the wild on a flight back to Dallas the other day; was thrilled to meet a fellow misguided footwear enthusiast who is also partial to Lanvin sneakers. Google now tells me he is some sort of Dallas Cowboy.
Sup size 38 chest bros: I've got two varsities -- a black toj1 and a black wool/whiskey leather sleeve anniversary -- I could let go for a good price. Both have had like 50 people watching it on grailed for months, so... I dunno. Probs looking for around $250 shipped for each, maybe a little less...
Wasn't Hecules Lou Ferigno? That shit was terrible. But the Conan movies were solid. If we could just get them to make the Wonder Woman movie in the 80s, I'm confident it could do well.
So i'm on a tiny island and can't properly respond, but I wanted to say thanks to all of you who took the time to answer my question -- that was very helpful and I appreciate it!
May I present to you the Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan films....
Oh, sup. We thrifted a wedding in Saint Lucia...! More when the data rates are less rape-y. Thumbs to everyone.
Noob question, if you will: I'm just getting back into lifting after about a decade of aerobic stuff plus occasional body weight exercises for health/maintenance -- and I'm finding myself too sore to hit any muscle group more than once per week. Historically, I've seemed to respond best to once a week -type stuff -- but of course I'd like to exercise in the most efficient way possible. Considering this recent talk on the science behind volume, do you think noobs should...
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