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EPISODE THREE: SPOO POKER Wait, what is this? What am I looking at, here? Well, casual thread readers may not know this, but there is a man behind the scenes -- he doesn't post too often -- his knowledge and dedication and general large-heartedness are present in effing spades, but rarely glimpsed here -- there is a man here (some of you may have heard of him) by the name of "SpooPoker" -- and man, man. Let me tell you...This guy, man. This guy.First, let me just tell you...
Interesting. I own a pair of their side-zips and they're pretty nice, at least by SW&D standards. Didn't even know they did suits. Anyway, ATLJon, they seem to be one of those random Yoox brands, and I think you'd probably get a better deal there than at your local Marshall's.
To all the older girls at summer camp, my continued thanks for The Judy's -- http://theanalogkidblog.com/2014/02/21/the-lost-boys-hard-to-find-80s-albums-the-judys-washarama/ (For ultimate amazement, please click the play button under the text for the last song, #12, All The Pretty Girls, OMFG!) http://wastedtalentrecords.com/judys/albums/samples/washarama_punch.html?KeepThis=true&TB_iframe=true&height=235&width=600
Lori Piana *and* Unis, both in your size? Craziness. (I'd sell the LP and keep the slim pair, though...)
ITEM! Pop pop, we don't stop: A very Spoo Poker-ish afternoon today as the tides roll in, and with them, some sunglasses: aviators by Mustang and Randolph Engineering, as well as some Luxottica Wilmas I'm 99% sure made an appearance on LA Law Season 2. And speaking of LA Law, your latest in attic thrifting news: I just recovered the same painting that hung in Anne Markowitz's office way back in season one. Stay tuned for hot pics, deets, and shout-outs when my camera...
lesamourai a victim of the standard he helped define.
Whaaaaaaaaat...c'mon, man, are you unaware that's the same jacket favored by Mozzie of White Collar fame? I've been jonesing for one of those for awhile now.In other news, thumbs to everyone! (Can't do this on my phone anymore). Especially My Man -- holy shit, that was funny.
I need an app or an add-on or something that lets me save all of Man of Kent's photos as something other than 'LL'.
You know you're my bro and all, but you and this guy have a lot in common.
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