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I'm wondering if maybe they just made a big batch that one year, then discovered no one wanted to pay that much for chinos. You know, they had that whole illusory ARCHIVE campaign, where they'd tell you you weren't buying their unsalable pants, but rather taking an exclusive stroll through history. They've become like Disney films, retired when demand hits bottom, released at even higher prices.I find them pretty awesome, though. Weird enough to be interesting, plain...
Hey, I'm interested. Part of the joy of this this thread is finding stuff outside your your experience, I guess. I usually just keep quiet and make a list, though, as it's hard to comment on things you haven't read.In other news, I'm reading William Gass's The Tunnel, a long, sprawling, apparently shapeless work thirty years in the making. One of those books you wish you'd found earlier, when duties were few, and time was limitless. Anyone read it? It's probably going to...
Well, it appears as though it's a tie, ghost and 4est in a dead, dead heat. What determines the winner? Will there be some sort of dance-off?
Also: Welcome!
It's meant different things. See, for example, the 1990s.
The who, this might be an excellent opportunity to check out La Haine or Romper Stomper... (Learn PC the fun way by remembering not to repeat anything you hear in those films)
Made in South America, but finished in Italy.
Oh, very nice. I'm due to receive the set from my grandfather (hopefully not too soon) who read them all back in the day. I have appraised him of your efforts and he agrees -- lots of girl-winning to look forward to.
I feel like we should all be talking about W + H anti-fit chinos a lot more than we do...
As in you've read like, all of them? That is a lot!
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