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I don't know if it was just the season(s) or what, but tailoring was a necessity for me. I'm a pretty solid 38, not a large guy by any means, but for me, it was necessary to size up to a Large with most of my jackets, then have the waist and sleeves tailored. I think it turned out OK. My Bedford still look slike a Bedford -- same basic shape, and the body doesn't swallow me.
Jeans: transcending all but Canadian culture, adoptable by all but Canadians? I know I should get back to sleep, but that text block looks rife rife rife with contradictions and odd romanticism and bizarre line in sand drawing !
Who makes reverse fade jeans? Naked & Famous makes reverse fade jeans. Who cares if they're gimmicky as long as they look good and are imaginative and fun? @ eazye: show us them dad jeans, mang. Random thrifting thought: lately every outing is like watching an episode of GI Joe. Everything compartmentalized. One man per section. Each with a special skill. There's the fat dude in the black t-shirt: Records. Retired guy all day on the couch: Jewelry. Hipster Bill...
Oh, hey guys. Quick pic, then it's off to Possum Kingdom for the rest of the weekend. [[SPOILER]]
Rais is the Calorie Man. [[SPOILER]]
BALLER. What pants are those? so awesome. Tan of Kent.
Bro, are you having a bad month? Always so touchy, lately. Is there an implied standard for using spoiler tags? I try to post one pic per item, then spoiler subsequent photos. That way the extraneous pics are hidden, but folks know what they're looking at, and can see more if they want to. Are you saying that all pics should be spoilered for ever and ever, amen? Or just pics over X number? Just the ones you don't like?AT DR. LIVINGSTON -- Thanks for the info on those...
It used to be about the music, man.
.Oh, hey preppies, guess what?.... [[SPOILER]] Oh, but guess what also what? [[SPOILER]] And before that: [[SPOILER]]
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