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Oh, for fuck sakes...
Richard Donner apparently conceived Ladyhawke as a metaphor for the darker side of the go-go 80s, more women in the workforce, but with stranger hours, competing shifts. How would new lovers ever enjoy each other's company? (Source: I used to own the glossy official Ladyhawke fan book. For kids.)
Also looking to buy a Best Buy gift card. Bros: hit me up!
Shit, if you guys are taking requests, I'd like every piece of clothing that appears in 1987's Monster Squad. Thanks.
Johnny Gentle 2016.
People who did a job (even if it was murdering foreigners) and want dollars when they no longer perform that job: noble, unentitled. People who did a job, lost it, and want unemployment dollars: entitled beasts.
He's asking people to understand the mental topography of a Trump supporter. I'd say he's succeeding -- not as he'd hoped, but still. I find this very informative.
Do you want me to find the quotes when I get off work, or can you scroll back two pages?
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