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What's this? I like the band...
Damn, that is really, really irresponsible. I've read actual journalism on the subject, and the video is just riddled with assumption, inaccuracy, and bizarre random conjecture. I'm struggling to find a way to describe the Young Turk philistine without sounding demeaning.
Oh, well that's good to hear. I just can't make these kinds of assumptions anymore, not after a few vital mishaps -- the best probably being the German exchange student I met who was just really heavily into *America's greatest novelist*, Mark Twain -- he was happy to be discussing him online, or even with his fellow grad students, but was just so stoked to finally be able to go right to the source, to really dig in and get a native's POV from an informed populace who...
Whoah, that's a shame...the movie is pretty incredible....very atmospheric. I had no idea it was a novel. Is the movie a thing in Australia? Here, it is known only to cineastes, pretenders, and fans of the Criterion Collection.
That was actually my first size 48 ToJ that didn't work out. I'm glad to see it's getting some use.
I pictured it like: Gay Dude Classic, the previous version of an app you can roll back to when feeling nostalgic, or when the latest configuration's giving you too much trouble...
No, 38R!, not this thread, too...
From The 90s: Further Explorations: Zack Morris in burgundy bomber, bluesy chambray
....and this looks like a still from a Wes Anderson movie.
I'm viewing it in on my phone, but to me, it seems like the cleanest cyc fit yet, possibly the best in this vein. The jacket looks really sleek and comfortable; the jeans look great (usually a hint of awkwardness, completely absent here).
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