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# Making her think it was her idea Watch it as a prequel to Rick's walkabout through post-apocalyptic Georgia, if you must -- but do watch it. It is one of the best movies of all time.
True, the homespun is one that really stands out. Mine is just a blue one, and tends to disappear with something like khakis.Also, I want to be MoK for a day.
SS 'white soil' cotton knit Lanvin satin jogger MMM .
Maybe within each category, we all dress alike.
No, it's from a brand called Koto, sold at Urban Outfitters. I found a pair of their shorts in a thrift yesterday, and I was struck not only by their quality, but by their explicit EG-ness. So I looked up the brand, and it seems they sort of rip from a few familiar faces...
sup Needles?
The obvious answer -- and this is style forum, there's always a way -- is to acquire both. (But not at once. Buy one, and let it sap your enthusiasm. Then, when your heart turns white, and doubt rushes to fill the void, give it a nice caulking with that second EG. Your soul will thank you, if not your wallet).I'm going to agree with eluther on the Bedford, and its sandwich-grabbing properties. I would also stress the idea that while more versatile, the Bedford does have a...
When does this happen? Should I just look out for normal sales or what? Thirty-five sounds good bet. For the hundred retail, I would either go for a good used pair, or something like Zara, maybe -- quality in doubt, but more relevant details.Related: does anyone have experience bleaching a leather sole? If the cobbler won't do it, I'd like to try this before re-soling a couple pair (so the transition to the new sole will look more natural).Also related: I may be looking...
Suddenly, it turns out every movie I'm watching stars Roy Scheider. How the fuck does that even happen? Last Embrace (1979) -- A man who may or may not still be a spy working under Christopher Walken is being hunted, either by Walken, a secret Jewish cabal, his own suntanned demons, or all or none of these things. Somewhere along the way he chokes a young Mandy Patinkin. The verdict: unreasonably good.
New Posts  All Forums: