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^I would trust Man of Kent. All I'm familiar with is a pair of their sunglasses, and those were pretty solid and made me want to find out more.
Did I just see a football made out of an armadillo?
God, today some college bro was asking about my skateboard, which he kept referring to as "vintage". He asked where I found it and seemed genuinely perplexed when I told him "the skateboard store". I feel like it must be time to head over to MC and start learning to dress in plaid suits or something.
Position phone or camera on a flat surface slightly above waist level, set timer, multiple takes if that's an option, crop or black-out face in Microsoft Paint. Easiest method I've found. (Tough love is tough, but helpful).Looking good, G! And I'm glad to see you're still chairing the Sculpted Beard Team '14. Beard bros represent.
Whoah, like the haircut, breezy.
Ha, joke's on you 'cause all my stuff's actually 3-roll-2.Not that I'm closed off to suggestions or anything.
I dunno, the gray Han pants look good. Need Supply also has amazing customer service.
Yeah, I finally did. Your fit convinced me. (I like the lookbooks and all, but sometimes they just seem like science fiction; I generally like to see things pop-up in WAYWT before committing my dollars....)Biggen, that's not too bad! Though for me, it would cross that line of plausible deniability, where there's just like no chance of not projecting to everyone, Hey, what's up, I'm into CLOTHES!!!! Best for extroverted days, I guess. Will still probably try at some point...
What happened to ToJ thread on other forum, and what does it mean.
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