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Miracle on 34th Street -- I miss JT Walsh. Elf - Saw it for the 1st time. Felt it was just a longer version of the commercial, which had all the good parts. Scrooged -- Bill Murray's character seemed more sarcastic than mean. As good as I remembered (pretty OK) with some good 80s hair and the realization I'm probably as old as Wendie Malick, then a MILF. Bittersweet. Hallmark movies -- Women continue to get amnesia and discover their business-driven fiancées just...
APC dad jeans, Ervell dad jeans, or Levi's Made and Crafted Dad jeans? Or $30 dad jeans from h&m? Can't decide...
I liked it that Madonna was unafraid to jump on the bandwagon of examining hard-hitting issues in her songs; made for some interesting playground and dinner table conversation.Also: Merry Xmas!Also: RIP George Michael
RIP George Michael
The way I remember it, it was people discovering where people came from -- from other, slightly taller people!
Ooh, I'm excited about Love and Friendship.... Let us know how that goes.
Fun Fact: It's also Jay McInerney's favorite movie. (Saw it, wasn't mine).
The holidays are hard on all of us. Sometimes, we need a breather. These deals we're posting should be available again sometime in January, yes?, when the leaves repair to the trees and our wallets are flush with the dollars? .
$15 flannel sale was "off the hook"(?) -- just wish I knew why they abandoned all the great patterns from years past.
Size Medium-wearers who search Grailed for my user name could be in for a rare, cheap, and delicious holiday treat.
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