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Well, I mean they're not posting gifs of their positions; they're making memes out of their most unflattering photos.I dunno. Is there any real danger of these unfortunately unbalanced people influencing the next generation? I haven't found much evidence of that.
I'm not sure the best course of action is to mock fat people online, though...
Weird. V. was pretty much the only thing of his that hooked me immediately, so much that I bought different versions of the book to read. By Gravity's Rainbow he seemed to have internalized the claims of 'genius' a little too much, and the prose just seemed a little off (though it was really easy to take a red pen to it and carve it in a way that its beauty really jumped out). I hate it as it's one of the Really Big Books that truly felt unwelcoming. I'm really curious to...
So what did everyone think of Westworld? Random thoughts: I found a few thematic similarities with Dollhouse; hoping it will exploit them better than that show. I missed the original, but as an 80s kid with that VHS burned indelibly in the brain, I was really waiting for some bald Yul Brynner analog to show up and drip his wires everywhere.
Saw the same thing on two listings this week. Item priced at like $400. Seller says, "Offers welcome -- but I won't accept it if it's less than $150!"
Revenge for what? Daniel standing next to Drew, flipping the Korean equivalent of a hamburger, and he just had no idea? Was he surprised to learn his dad died from reading his thread? Did Charly, reading this thread, reach out to console ol' D about his dead father, and not know anything was amiss? FFS
Wait, DeLillo's got a new one already? He seems to be getting briefer and more obtuse with each passing year -- but I found his audio books -- read by Will Patton and and Campbell Scott -- supremely entrancing. Soporific in the best way, perfect for bedtime listening.
EG blazer + knit tie + APC jeans gets me the most IRL thumbs. Hard to ignore.
I am a donut.
New Posts  All Forums: