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Reposting to note that these are actually 30 years old, and to request appropriate thumbs.
Is that a Joyce reference, or have I been drinking? (Or both...)
The restaurant at the Wynn is amazing. Just be sure to go whenever they're doing one of their big animatronic shows. (Not sure if they do that at breakfast or not).You could also call the Eiffel Tower restaurant ASAP and try to book a window seat and watch the Bellagio fountain from a few stories high. Admittedly, I'm a Vegas noob, but this was amazing and will stick with me forever.
RAGE!I say venture out in the glasses; looks like they have a nice Beastie Boys-ish Sabotage vibe to me. [source needed].
Speaking of action: http://gawker.com/judge-who-likes-to-fuck-at-work-wins-re-election-1781501155
Damns. Well, I'll probably have to return solo (the peeps were literally walking to and from the restrooms craning their necks trying to catch the microwave in action), but for the sake of the thrift, and for the love of Spoo, I'll grab some hash browns sometime....In other news, I've moved and the stores here are even crappier than before. Not even a purple Sean John label to get my blood up.
Also, wth, man! I talked a big game about Waffle House... And then we went there. So confused -- the axis of my world set aspin. I wanted to love those microwave waffles. I really did. :-/
Congrats, Josh! Congrats, 2ndhandman!
*Search Stanley Van Buren*
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