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Major disappointment. It just went joylessly through the motions, and Jean Grey was a major letdown.
I return... And I found this again. N (old?) with tag, XL. Think I gave the last one to PLaydice. Anyone knows the age, please let me know...
The GBH and the one with the train are like the only Wes Anderson movies I don't rewatch incessantly; I've been meaning to begin explorations into why, it's just that his other movies are so good...
Eh, the best Ivy looks can still be found in 1984's Making the Grade.(PM for helpful screencaps).
Mighty Mouse was framed. He merely plucked a common flower from the ground, rubbed it with his super strength, and sniffed its vapors. It's not like it was a coca leaf or anything... I always thought it was weird, though, how the same people who wanted to ban a Willem Dafoe movie thought the Mooslems needed to lighten up over Salmon Rushdie. Also just realized the Internet killed interesting junk mail. Anyway, thanks for posting that Sing Street movie! Looks like it's...
I remember two pieces of outrage I received as junk mail as a kid: one was a letter telling me I'd burn if I didn't protest The Last Temptation, pronto, the other a pictorial argument that Mighty Mouse had, in a recent episode, snorted cocaine.
Is your Bedford olive or navy?
I stood next to a guy on the subway wearing the Ryan Gosling scorpion jacket from Drive. Dude was tall and in shape and still managed to look like a total bozo. PSA: If you're ever thinking about it, pls don't.
I always think of him as the guy from Misfits. Anyone seen that? It's technically a superhero origin story. In typical British fashion, the first couple seasons are brief and amazing -- then they change it up right when it hits peak velocity.The Ramsay guy is pretty amazing, too -- a quiet, insecure loner that is pretty much the opposite of his GoT role.
Hahahahaha, awesome!!!Reminds me of this (if impatient, skip to 1:20)(Just returned from my 1st trip to Boaston; no thriftenings, no time for meetups . Will answer backlog of PMs shortly....)
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