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I grabbed some white fuzzy Marriott Cancun slippers on the off-chance Spoo or someone would want them for some ambiguous beach or bathroom-related purpose. It's not Ad Rock's VW necklace or anything, but we all have to make do.
You were in the life? Either way, that thing is boss! You should wall-mount it and keep it there until some lady-friend objects....
THIS is what it sounds like.......when doves cry.
OH SHIT!, that's awesome. Got the 5-song single with 1945 on it in my car right now... Sick findz.
PLaydice, you old son of a gun... I gotta possible PLaydice find: NIKE t-shirt advertising the Nike Cortez ("Nike Blue Ribbon Sports, featuring the Cortez"). Made in Mexico, but at least as far back as the 80s. Cool cheezy rubbery graphics. Can you confirm I've just won a million dollars? (Also a Super Bowl '86 shirt, original '98 Titanic movie tee [lol], a Pepsi Challenge shirt, and some other 80s shiz cause Beach City, USA knew I was coming). The convict who almost...
Best fit pic ever.
So I wore the beach jacket Spoo sent me, and got hit on by a dude. I wore the swimsuit Ace Face sent me, and was chased by a giant stingray. Then, just this morning as I was pulling on a shirt from Texas Jake, Cappy, the wizened old man who sets up our beach chairs, was accosted by this ruffian: http://www.wjhg.com/home/headlines/Multiple-Agencies-Search-for-Escaped-Inmate-in-Carillon-Beach-Area-326679461.html?device=phone&c=y Beach Police are still hilariously on the...
Kenneth P., Jesus H. Whiz, man!!
PSA: You guys have been killing it at a time when it takes me one hour to leave a thumb on mobile. I feel I've let you all down...please know I'm thumbing your awesome finds in my heart. PSA 2: How do you tell if a Dragon's Lair hat is vintage? PSA 3: Holy shit, Courtney Cox, Campbell Scott, and Alex P. Keaton all sharing the screen on Family Ties, I shit you not...
EDIT: How 'bout that local sports club?
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