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Is this made by New England Shirt Company? Looks identical to one I sold awhile back. (It was a great shirt).
I assumed season two was bad because I've been consuming a healthy glass of wine then watching it in bed on an iPhone 6. Is this not the case?
Probably an easy one: What does it mean when you lower the weight for an exercise, but your reps don't go up significantly? Poor muscle endurance? I notice for some things, like dumbbell curls, I lower the weight from like 50 to 25 or 30 and by the second set, I still reach failure at about 8 reps. I only have smaller dumbells at home, so I wonder if it's a waste of time, not engaging all the muscle fibers, etc. -- or , since I'm essentially a beginner again, this will do...
God, last post -- I desperately need some navy Uniqlo twill shorts with the elastic waist in M or L. Apparently these shrink. Hard. Also any work-appropriate Uniqlo pants in 34 would be amazing...
WANT! APC Petit Standards, tagged size 32 or 33. New or used -- just a crappy pair until I can fit back into my 31's. Thx, bros!
Looking to buy a new or used pair of APC Petit Standard in tagged size 32 or 33. They can be pretty crappy -- not dirty or anything, just, you know...something intact until I can fit back into my Size 31's. Dammit.
I reached my fitness goals eight months ago -- then got married a few weeks ago and force-fed rum and sausages by our personal butler on honeymoon. Now I'm up a whole pants size, am afraid to take off my shirt, and desperately looking for a way to lose fat in a hurry, which usually takes me awhile. Hence the reading of this thread.
I've got some great new sunglasses I could part with: Rayban New Wayfarers, unworn with lifetime warranty. You can actually exchange them for a new pair of any brand of sunglasses at Sunglasses Hut, and only pay the additional cost, if there is any -- a special experimental promotion they had when I bought them. Looking for like $80. Also some special edition Warby Parker Buckwheat Honey sunglasses (Google them). Maybe $50 or trade for a shirt or some Uniqlo size 34...
Well, it had its bumbling heart in the right place, but eve as critics at the time noted, was pretty tacky, and full of all the zaniness you'd expect: What's with his average-sized penis? Why can't he dance? Definitely wouldn't be made today, which makes it an automatic gem. Now on to the pressing issues of this week: What are we going to read now that Gawker's been shut down? (No, really... )
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