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I mean, they are actual designers, they are trained, they have pedigree, use quality materials and construction, and they work with the customer to create what they desire. They aren't a huckster dilettante.They provide what you pay for. I guess they didn't buy an affiliate thread though, so that's my bad.
Order a good quality knock-off (or inspired, or tweak your own design, whatever) from somewhere like Cloth Surgeon, an MTM outlet that has so far been able to deliver what you pay for..
No, it's been scientifically proven that more than 80% of readers don't finish. (I remember making almost to the end, then just not feeling the need. I still hope to get back to it someday).
GIFTYOURSELFIt pops up on the home page. You probably just need to allow its evil java in your Firefox or whatever.
Thanks, in light of previous comments, I suspect this is the case. I guess now the hunt begins for an exacting Czech woman.
The Hateful Eight, the wild and crazy tale of Chris Mannix, Daisy Domergue, Major Marquis Warren, and..... Bob. They also need someone older for Jessica Jones. ALIAS is the best thing in comics, please, please don't ruin it. Remember: even at the time of her introduction, she was an aging post-superheroic, still buxom and pretty, but also fading and older, harder and a bit wiser with a bit of an edge. I have more adjectives if you like. DON'T RUIN THIS.
Tailoring -- that's an exact science, right? Like: numbers. These are cold, objective, indisputable? You ask for a hem width, you specify a number, with the expectation that you can press the results to a ruler and see that number reflected back to you in its shiny wools, its waxed denims? Because for me, this is not the case, and I think my tailor thinks she knows better; I think she is soup nazi-ing me. Because not only did my pant legs return an inch wide (folded),...
Might I suggest the Norton Inroduction to The Short Novel for any combatant seeking a competitive edge...? Shoe stories by Will Self, Chris Adrian, Ethan Canin, Junot Diaz, Kevin Brockmeir; Judy Budnitz, Anthony Doerr Lydia Davis, Ron Currie, Jr., before I ship them off to a homie. (If someone could recommend additional essential recent-ish North American collections I already own, that would be very swell...)
A long bus ride sounds like the opportunity for Kenneth Lonnergan's Margaret -- but go for the extended version if you can find it. From the playwright/director of You Can Count on Me, it's a weighty and moving and piece featuring many familiar, though younger-looking faces, as its release was delayed by several years. It's a shame, too, because had things gone as planned, the film would have swept the floor during award season, and maybe we'd be seeing more from this...
New Posts  All Forums: