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At the Texas Speech and Communication convention in San Antonio where.... Today's presentation was just on food deserts, real-life stories of students in turmoil.
I think it's trans-fats and sugar now (even saturated fat has some benefits, depending). The science keeps changing -- or clarifying -- which I suppose is a good thing. Can't believe I was behind on the sodium thing.
Wait, you are the last person I thought would believe science is a social construct or patriarchal myth. I thought we were Popper bros! Maybe that was someone else.
"Science" would have you believe there is a relationship between salt and blood pressure, anyway. (I haven't investigated it myself). (Would like to know it's OK to cross salt off the worry list).
I guess I filled in the blanks on that one. If it's not time, money, inconvenience, etc. stopping everyone from eating right if they want to, wouldn't it be laziness?
I was just trying to elaborate. I don't have a major stake in the laziness vs. sometimes it's really hard to eat right all the time game. Working with obese kids (in a capacity unrelated to their obesity) I am interested in changing some factors that would help them live longer than fifty, but it's a lot harder than telling them not to be lazy. In my subjective experience, a lot of things do come into play, so it's difficult. (And depressing).
Eh, OK. Again, I'm not arguing with you, not trying to be right -- nor was my original post meant to be anything near comprehensive. It is my habit to elaborate, but that's meant to be informative, not combative.What did I mean by lack of time, if not "hours spent working?". Holy shit, man. I meant a lack of time. For whatever reason. I'll let you fill in the blanks on that one, maybe with some examples from your own life. I fear that if I list my own, you'd just see it as...
Well, maybe we could both take that advice. I wasn't trying to argue with you, or dismiss your claims -- I do agree that more time, for whatever reason, should make it easier to eat 'healthy', however you define it. I agree there are better options than junk food at the regular supermarket, and that should make it easier to lose weight, no matter your circumstance, if that's your goal. I said there are are a number of factors that make healthy eating more difficult for...
Oh, wow. I guess I'm a little behind. Is that new Logan movie just a standard Wolverine entry, or does it relate somehow to Marvel's big middle-finger Old Man Logan comic, ie, Wolverine, but not called Wolverine, for copyrite and licensing issues...
You told us that people who work less earn less money. Let's not get too snarky, now.
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