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That's funny, and I agree this describes some of his later work. His earlier stuff I find hilarious (or at least more balanced). I think you said you read End Zone -- that, for me, is perfection -- so funny and re-readable, but also backed by the full weight of his literariness. Have you read Underworld? Still got that and plenty of of his longer work to read, so I'm hoping those are also less bleak.Steve B., congrats on 100, and please teach me how to read one big meaty...
Weekly reminder: I'm looking to trade a black/black/camo t0j1, stated size 50, for th same jacket in some combination of navy, gray, or black. (As my tan fades, I find all black more and more untenable). The coat is in excellent/supremely babied/barely worn condition. Also: for the love of &$'€@%, no, I'm not selling, please quit asking multiple, multiple times, thanks.
Have you seen Sexy Beast? This is making me want to watch Sexy Beast.
Thanks -- current season stuff sounds like a must-wait. (Will PM to enumerate embarrassing watchables )
Someone explain things to a noob -- is it foolish to buy winter things now, as opposed to on cyber Monday? Or are those sales generally limited to older items, things that may already be slightly discounted?
QUICK SALE! TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MY LAZINESS AND RECEIVE THIS BRIONI TIE FOR ONLY $60! THAT'S RIGHT! $60! $39.99! STRAP IT ON AND AND TRANSFORM YOURSELF INTO HARVEY SPECTER! DON'T BE A MIKE ROSS! THE TIME TO HESITATE IS THROUGH! WHY WAIT? GRAB IT NOW, OR FOREVER BE A LEWIS. What about those other ties, you ask? THEY ARE ALSO FOR SALE! (All except for the b/w Hermes, because you were a chump and slept on that). Ties measure 3.5" or a hair over 3.5" at bottom...
I'm reading DeLillo's Point Omega, and listening to Campbell Scott read it back to me, his voice inflecting in that particular Campbellian Scott way. This is a real treat, and the actual recording sounds much better than the above. I move that from now on, my life be scripted by Don DeLillo and narrated by Campbell Scott.
Awaiting BamChair's Joseph A. Banksy post...
This, this is a blucher, and that -- that is a BAL-MORAL, you BAL-MORON! Aficionados may be too kind. We might be obsessives. I notice even when I do go into a nicer store, I feel like an idiot asking for things like hem sizes and so on, because they never know what I'm talking about. Such is the danger of the internets.
# Making her think it was her idea Watch it as a prequel to Rick's walkabout through post-apocalyptic Georgia, if you must -- but do watch it. It is one of the best movies of all time.
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