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On eBay would be my guess...
Dairy does go bad very quickly.
What is the function of wheat jeans?
I dunno, I prefer that guy's other video where he proves how Star Wars sucks because some of its fans are total nerds.
Also, when did this happen!
That could be a mistake, as nicer, European-sized pants may slip through your grasp. (Like I'm an EU 48, so will at least check the 48-ish area. In my experience, these pants stick around longer, too, as people think they're mis-sized or just don't check).That said, I've moved, and have found exactly nothing out here. NOTHING!
I heard that outside the occasional pond excursion, Thoreau's life was actually a lot like Jeff Who Lives At Home.
Great pics, but who is this woman, and what has she done with Mrs. Karen Van Buren?
Whelp, it looks like I might be selling my size 48 jackets for really reals...: 1) ToJ1 all-black varsity, size '48'. Length from back of collar is like 23". I'm 5'9, 38 chest, and it's a good fit -- though I've seen taller people rock the same measurements, so who knows. 2) Also an anniversary varsity (ToJ0?) -- black body with the coveted whiskey leather sleeves.
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