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Is that something you might be interested in?
I remember this guy was rumored to be sipang at one point.
^^Nah, people objected to that, too. And I hope those comments didn't deer eazy from continuing to post his creations.... O_O
^^ great finds. .
Will trade size 50 black/black/camo toj1 for an aeglis moto. I know someone out there wants one bad enough. (Will add cash if necessary. Short-ish arms or alterable sleeves a must).
Reverse print? Looks awesome... [[SPOILER]] A non-cothing purchase making me unaccountably happy
Not a world, maybe a small town, or province.
I would be proud to be an honorary azn bro.
I found my first error card today -- a Sulka polka dot tie, "Made in Frince." Anyone know how much I could be looking at here?
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