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Bro, you should be watching The Killing season 4 -- still much better than that other stuff. Came across another round of shiny Talbott Estate Bespokes, contemplated the endless b&s woes and the time I wouldn't be paid for that, walked out with a vintage cotton 80s sweater, Gleaming the Cube style, entirely happy. Fit pics to come.
I agree with eluther (though I probably couldn't have said it as well), but I think there is also a political dimension to consider. First and foremost, Borges is popular among English speakers because his work was available in English. Other -- I would say equally gifted writers -- were not. It also helps that most of his work is not expressly political and, as eluther elucidates, likes to tickle the balls of the kind of ideas and abstractions still en vogue in the...
eluther is back.
{ I will keep your secret }
Zorlac double cut, the original one with the shut up and skate guy on the front -- yellow with pink lemonade and lime green grip tape. It seems logical there would still be skateboard shops, though in my zip code it's been years, maybe decades.I agree, all the Gator decks are like the best things ever! I managed to own a great blue and white one for like ten minutes as a kid, then I had to settle for the T-shirts (none of which I can find anymore)..
I'd always check the measurement listings just in case; I've got some pants that were an actual painful 16" for size 32 instead of the more usual 16.5-ish.
^I would trust Man of Kent. All I'm familiar with is a pair of their sunglasses, and those were pretty solid and made me want to find out more.
Did I just see a football made out of an armadillo?
God, today some college bro was asking about my skateboard, which he kept referring to as "vintage". He asked where I found it and seemed genuinely perplexed when I told him "the skateboard store". I feel like it must be time to head over to MC and start learning to dress in plaid suits or something.
Position phone or camera on a flat surface slightly above waist level, set timer, multiple takes if that's an option, crop or black-out face in Microsoft Paint. Easiest method I've found. (Tough love is tough, but helpful).Looking good, G! And I'm glad to see you're still chairing the Sculpted Beard Team '14. Beard bros represent.
New Posts  All Forums: