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Fun fact: Pulitzer Prize-winner Art Spiegelman worked on the Garbage Pail Kids. :mindsplode: These must be making a comeback or something; I noticed both Walgreens and Think Geek were selling Garbage Pail figurines while out shopping for stocking stuffers. Makes me want to raid the attic for my old sticker books....
I've got a couple new medium uniqlo flannels I could trade for old uniqlo flannels, because these are slimmer than the old ones. Also maybe looking for an old broken-in sweatshirt to test the waters
Dammit, man. Is it me, or are the flannels trimmer in the waist this year? I got a bunch, thinking they were the one thing I could rely on
It looks like you could see nips through that thing.
I was going to ask if that would still work with fashunz labels, where design can trump quality...
I lost too much muscle trying to obliterate my love handles, which diminish, but always exist in the same proportion to my shoulders no matter my weight. My new year's goal is to follow the same calorie restrictions I followed in the past, but to eat better foods that actually do things for you (ie, 500 calories of avocados as opposed to 500 calories of diet ice cream bars). That, and to just be happier in general I'm not completely out of shape.
I think you and Spoo have logged the requisite 10,000 hours, though, where you can thumb through the racks with great expediency categorizing items with the eye of the fabled Japanese chicken sexers... It might take the rest of us awhile, but it sure is fun to watch.
Whoah, nice score!I've got a couple gray ones if you wear a larger size, and one that is more of a trim-ish Medium -- may be up for a trade if interested, just to have something different.ChetB also posted an amazing link to new/retro logo sweatshirts if you're looking for something in your size. I could try to dig that up.
^Dye the shoes black.
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