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Whoah, that looks great! I think it's your best. (Please disregard my earlier confusion -- I think the street blog I was looking at literally posted a picture of the wrong jacket )
So today I put my hand into the Goodwill and pulled out a set of blazer buttons. They say BRIONI ROMA at bottom and have this very PRL-ish emblem of a man playing polo. Look to be made of brass overlaid with some kind of enamel. Is that something you anyone might be interested in? EDIT: Chet B, get a shot, man. I'm pretty sure you got tetanus just looking at that thing.
BRO!, come on, now...I want everyone to put down the remote and go out and vote for or download or do whatever you have to do to get Amazon's Red Oaks pilot to get picked up and stay in the game. Shit's hilarious. You will thank me.Now go....GO!!!!!11
Who invented spray cheese, and why?
What expensive out of reach designer doesn't rip off other expensive out of reach designers? At the snooty out of reach web store, which designers move unique conceptual products more than the ones that are just iterations of what's popular at the moment, looking over their shoulders? If Robert Geller makes a $100 scoop-necked t-shirt that looks like everyone else's, why is he so different from Zara? Does quality and place of manufacture not differ within every brand?
Is Money his best, then? I've pretty much only read that and The Rachel Papers, I think (due to the awesome movie). But I enjoyed it a great deal. (I'm also obsessed with Will Self, who is probably Amis's biggest fan).
Are we talking more mc or sw&d? If the latter, you can find solid introductory pairs from anyone from Zara to Cheap Monday (have two of their pants -- really solid for the $$$). Mid-range, w+h anti-fit are my favorite pants (have turned into the less drop-y Tokyo model, but pop-up on b&s), and higher up, snow pants by Peir Wu?
I will send you an assortment of odds and ends for a copy of your book. :P
lol, I was thinking more of the ringleader -- Mail-outs? Updates? Refunds? -- and the hilarious excuses.
Yes, but London has a surfeit of highly-skilled workers, people who know how to "mail" and "ee-mail". Not so in other parts of the world.
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