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ALSO YEAH!!!!!!!1
[[SPOILER]] YEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Whoah, synchronicity: I started James Dickey's Collected today (an impulse buy; I had never even heard of him), and his poetry is really fantastic. Then Amazon blew my mind just now with the revelation that its that James Dickey, the Deliverance guy. I still can't quite see it...but it sounds like I should check out the novel as well. @xander-horst: Sorry for the late reply, but as others have said, I definitely feel you'd get something out of the Jaynes book. He's a...
Ah. That's probably it. Unfortunately, I just know him (against my will) from the Divergent series, and yikes.
The UserName84 Rule -- If he thumbs your post, you know it's unreasonably cruel.
By 90s standards, yes -- though today it's maybe a bit more complicated.
Oh, gd, man!... So I just caught the first full-length Terminator trailer, and it appears they decided to replace John Connor with a block of wood. I don't get it. Is the no one with muscles who can act? Does John Connor even have to have muscles? Its not the 1980s anymore. They should have just dried out Michael Biehn and recast him.Otherwise, the whole simultaneous remake/sequel thing looks promising (though odds are it will suck).Moving on, do we ever discuss comics...
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