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I just got the black watch flannel, which as far as I can tell, fits exactly the same as my green frankenstein from last year. (I literally just changed out one for the other). I guess I could get some measurements later. (IIRC, the fit last year might have even varied by color. )
Without looking: check out Uniqlo's web site for their +J re-enactment? Maybe Engineered Garments, something in the flannel Andover + corresponding pants range?
Yes -- anything sw&d. I'd say trying to thrift some would be a total bust, but who knows, you're in the Canada, so go for it.
Thanks, ghost. I guess that would explain the better-fitting sleeves. Hopefully, the shirt will be enough to imbue me with the power of The Shah, though with my luck, I'll probably just end up in the colder vicinities of Miran.
[[SPOILER]] Hey, can you guys tell me anything about this Comme des Garcons Homme piece I received from a most excellent thrift bro? (PS: Thanks, thrift bro )I've tried Google and wikipedia, tried to locate a main CDG thread here, etc. Nothing. I can't even tell if the line is still active. Anyway, the tags are faded, scrawled in Japanese. The material feels like a slubby linen blend. Cut-out elbows, flat MOPs. Ominousness, billowed. Fits oversized, but the sleeves are...
Yo, can I just give a tiny super-shout out to SPARROW and Mr. SCHMIDTD for SUPER-AWESOME trades? Because these guys are also SUPER-AWESOME, and they like to BRING IT, and in SPADES. For reals: both gents had stuff at my door before I even knew what to send in return. And because of these SELFLESS HEROES of THRIFTING, the swag of yrs trly lives to fight another day. Thank you, thrift bros! [Pics in due time].
It's polyester, so probably not. That's Zara, right? If you're looking to stay in that price range, they have much better options for the money (I really like my knit blazer, for instance -- natural fibers, and made in Italy[!]). But for that kind of jacket, you'll probably want to stick with real leather.
I would not have guessed that from your avatar! ( I've heard there are people who hate Moby Dick; I just don't believe it ).Is Proust too recent to be a classic? It's Proust, it's got to be. It all begins and ends right there.
Seems as good a time as any to recommend this: The Dalkey Archive's Steven Moore's attempt to sketch what he calls an alternative history of the novel. The whole introduction is available online, and if you haven't seen it, you probably want to. (I haven't finished even half of the volumes yet, but his book lists alone are very eye-opening).
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