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. COLLEEN CAMP! I reject you all. Your tastes are mainstream, they affront my eyes, they lack charm, they lack history. I call upon all of us to revisit the Clues, The Apocalypse Nows, The Police Academys of this world. Fie! Fie!,,,upon this whole damn thread. Jpompso and his fern-like encroachments, jdrizz throwing the water on it, and no one quoting my delicious, probably fake BAPE fit, Carrie Underwood, A POX UPON YOU ALL! You lose, good day, sir!
You bought a Peir Wu T-shirt?
Uhm...I'm looking to trade one for the right jacket. Do you have the right jacket for trade?
Pop? EDIT: Got some pics if anyone can help me authenticate. Available to resellers and bold individuals.
Oh, man. Poetry has a nice back story, and you're glad it exists, but yeah, it's the worst. Middling poems by great writers. I don't know any actual poets or serious poetry readers who don't recommend you spend your dollars elsewhere. I would also like to find something (else) contemporary! Any leads appreciated. (Will investigate LRB) FENCE and McSweeney's are my longstanding subscriptions. Story is unfortunately gone; I'll always remember their knack for discovery--...
Really? That's surprising, especially because -- like you said -- they're publishing the same writers as everyone else. What I mostly dislike is their tendency to publish the same people over and over and over (TC Boyle, Roddy Doyle -- EVERYONE FROM FUCKING SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA). I liked the early days, back when they published stories rejected from everywhere else, or with the intent of breaking new writers, new ground. But I can remember several great pieces over the...
Thanks for the tip. I'll have to put it on my (looong ) list. Sometimes I wish I could mainline books.I want to know what this said! A fiery defense of McCarthy's wild extravagance?Agreed, this is a very interesting statement. Contradiction seems woven into the prose. It's obviously intentional -- I don't think he's a bad or lazy writer, or even a pompously self-important writer, as some claim, in thrall with the squeak of his pen -- I just find him very interesting. And...
Who would do that to a peak lapel? @volt -- those fake shoes are still pretty cool. @barrel - hope you're enjoying you travels...
Hm, maybe you could force them to change their name to Improper Cloth. It happened to a local attorney here, one who billed himself as the "tough, smart lawyer" when his behavior proved otherwise. Get on the case, Van Buren!
Oliver Spencer?EDIT: Wolf v. Goat monkey arms model.
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