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Oh, look, it's a brand new Apple Ipad. You've always wanted to play around with one of these! Comes in original box, still encased in plastic. It came 'free' (not really free) with a car lease and has the name of a classic luxury car stenciled on the back, a custom hard/protective case you can totally discard if you want, and many awesome features, detailed below. These are selling for $200 *used and refurbished* on eBay, so I figured less than the same price for a new...
Thanks...It's the regular (non-Air or mini) iPad, 3rd generation:iPad (3rd generation)Year: Early 2012Capacity: 16 gigsModel number (on the back cover):A1416 on the iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi30-pin connectorThe micro-SIM tray is on the right side on iPad (3rd generation) Wi-Fi + CellularFaceTime and iSight cameras
Oh, thanks....! Just got engaged, with everything else on the close horizon.
So did you guys know that engagement rings and wedding rings are TWO SEPARATE ENTITIES? Each with their own distinctive cost? The mind reels... For sale: New in box IPad from 2013. 16gb. Crystal clear retina display, Wifi. All that stuff. Came 'free' (not really free) with a car lease, and has a luxury car name stenciled on the back. Looking for around $240 shipped, which seems pretty fair/the low end based on Google. Maybe a little less if I'm missing something. Bros:...
Hello, chaps! Somewhere out there, there is (I hear) a web site with a name that rhymes with 'hailed'. If there was such a thing -- and I'm not saying for certain there is -- is this a place we could discuss, safely, the trials and tribulations of that ignominious site? Asking for a friend.
Help out an old round of noobs and let us know where to thrift an at PLAYDICE...I mean: ?Dude's Etsy is gone, too.
OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 Sorry to hear that, CB! These new designs -- ugh.
These newer oxfords just aren't for me. Give me your older, your thicker, your solider, Medium Uniqlo oxfords in staple colors: white, blue, gray. Slim fit or regular fit: I want them. I need them. The future of the earth could depend upon it.
No way, dude. I learned my lesson with beanie babies and Episode I Star Wars figures.
Are you serious? Or do you know this for certain? I can't imagine why that'd be the case, as the new, one-fit option's already received a salvo of bad reviews splattered across the web site. No one seems to like anything, from the thinner fabric to the awkward cut. Truly bad news. It might finally be time to learn that Oxy Clean method, try to lengthen the life span of the old ones through some kind of vampire magic....
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