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Me too. But is that a He-Man or a Thomas Wolfe reference.
I like this one a lot -- especially the DIY aspect. But I think like a pastel yellow or turquoise shirt and some cheap white sunglasses would really help things along.I could probably lend you a Swatch, too, I dunno.
Uniqlo? I don't think I've ever found a short sleeve chambray-ish shirt either.
So I just found this curio from the noob archives, what appears to be Stephan Schneider '87? [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]] PINK - ICEBERG HISTORY - HIDDITCH & KEY^Found the pattern I was looking for. Someone tell me I can rock a women's double-breasted coat, because it's vintage and no one will know, right? Right?MINT CURRENT LABEL HICKEY FREEMAN LINEN SPORT COAT -- LINED SLEEVES -- 40 S -- SHOULD HAVE BEEN A 38 S( SWATCH )( SPOO SYNERGY )^ That Missoni Sport shirt is pretty rad!
Does @Mrs. Spoo Poker wear a 46? Inquiring minds want to know.
Jompso, wtf, man, please don't stop commenting here just because some people hate TWO PARAGRAPHS* more than a page-full of the same Allen Edmonds shoes we've seen many times. Honestly, guys, learn to scroll past two weighty paragraphs. It's not hard, I swear. tl:dr (I'm scared I've hit my word limit now): Keep thrift thread weird. *Oh noes!!!1
Jompso, my night's rest is looking much more like a nap. Do NOT make me bust out my bullet points! Not now, not...just yet. You've given me much to contradict -- but it must wait. Maybe my small point -- that these elites, these so-called auteurs (lol), often just steal and repackage whatever is vital from any subculture -- was just that: too small. It was not meant to contradict or disprove anything. But now I am not so sure...
Eh, I dunno that^^^ is a pretty standard take, surely fetishized by entertainment like Devil Wears Prada or designer fashion's target audience, but I'd say there's not one pendulum, but many (even as far as celebrities are concerned). I'm sure you could think of many counter-examples. Punk, for instance, had a huge impact, and wasn't concocted by elitists to be sold to aspirationals. (Not at first anyway). Same with grunge. Hippies, skate, surf, ska, bleh.. All that was...
While we're here: what are these silky-like things in wild patterns apprx. 3" by 60"? I want to say scarves (and they get hung in the scarf rack) but I'm not sure. Possibly they are loose belts? Fabric belts, for the womenz wear? Or is there a kind of scarf in this dimension that you fold up and stuff under your button-down or drape chalantly from your neck?
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