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Dammit, man. You miss five days, you've got like another Russian novel to contend with. I'm trying to keep up, but feel I'm drowning. Can someone just tell me if: - Takai posted the Rolex - Jompso posted the Vicuna - Anyone killed or quit over these dust-ups? Where's BP with his Thrift Minutes when you need him? Hello. Batman sheets to follow. PMs to be answered soon.
Official Slim Straight Thread
Recent and exciting - huge shout-out to SpooPoker, Cj52racers, and Steve Kane for these. Love you guys.
Hey guys. I'm maybe looking to sell this superior BEACH JACKET in size Medium. Or maybe Smedium -- [[SPOILER]] purchased from a nice gentleman in this very thread. (Thanks, nice gentleman! Thanks, thread!)I wore it to the beach -- (I should say around the beach -- no sand touched it) -- then promptly went broke. JUST LOOKING TO GET BACK WHAT I PAID (or maybe a smidgen less).Underworn, underpriced, hot, wet (not wet), and ready for action.PM for hot deets..
John Waite - Change
Yes! Those will eventually surface either here (converted to a group thread) or in separate threads. Please stay tuned for details.
PM'd, but forgot to update the thread. Anyone needs additional specs, let me know.
Wait, do people still say this un-ironically? Seems like every time I here it now it's just implicit that you're mocking the bro or bro types who would actually mean it in the original sense. (If not, then sorry I thumbed )Any case, anyone who hasn't watched the hilarious YouTube rap on the subject, pls do so now.
Oh, Billy!
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