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Found one of those Disney 'Mickey through the years" t-shirts, and the last Mickey before 'current' is 1955. Anyone know how old this would be? (I know, for instance, the 90s one had a Mickey from the 90s in the current slot). Also, if anyone's interested in a signed John Leguizamo Ghetto Klown tee...
Dammit, Firmin! I picked the wrong day for this. I've had no sleep.Although I am very, very interested in/suspicious of our need to categorize, I think I both agree and disagree with you. All I meant up there, though, was that you could take any concrete technique associated with postmodernism and find numerous examples in other works going back to the first novel -- and maybe the most postmodern of all -- Don Quixote. So that makes everything seem to hinge on authorial...
Wait a minute, what are you planning on doing with all these videos of Greg and Synthese? .
I am a fan of cola's DIY efforts, and of his general overall vibe, and when forced to think about it, I think he adds something that would be missed.
I dunno, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on Remainder. I guess you could solidly argue its postmodernism, what with all its unfixities and recursions and whatnot -- and you might be right -- but all that would be true of the various modernisms as well, and of any bold work from a fixed time period. To me Remainder felt older, or at least something all its own. Really loved that one. (I read C!)
Visvim sucks. All of their stuff is made in China.
lols, I watched that one the other night, just because. First time I've ever seen it from start to finish -- terrible.
OH SHIT DUDE HOW WAS THAT? Remainder is like in my top 5 of the last fifteen years (if I was nerdy enough to rank such things )
Well hold onto your fucking hats, internets, BECAUSE I FOUND THIS TODAY. Out of area, never out of style.(They dated it one year in the future, though. Don't know what that's all about. )Also a signed John Leguizamo tour shirt. (*Not pictured*)
New Posts  All Forums: