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Ah, cool. I'm glad you mentioned this. I didn't know that merchandise with a line through it would be sold at a discount store. I've seen so many items sold as "NWOT" -- some arriving with ticket stubs and Kleenex in the pocket -- that I try to be extra careful in this regard. Good to know.Any case, nice suits!
[[SPOILER]] An unexceptional polo...that is....GANT RUGGER? I dunno. Cool, but I left it.OH SHIT TONKA TRUCKS! The big crane still had all the dirt inside. Left it, pending some crazy Noooooooooo!!!! shout from PLaydice, cause I just don't sell on the 'bay.Nice. But the line through the name, meant to prevent returns, means it was never worn at all, right?
Eytys makes a very pleasing version, if you don't mind something whimsical. (Or really, an exaggerated sole. I guess the plain white is mostly straightforward, but the prints are pretty cool).
Please turn to minute 20:50 to learn the impetus behind today's shopping experience. [[SPOILER]]
Yes. Yes. YES! Thanks for taking the time to list these, that's awesome. Some of these look very promising, especially Screwball Academy (Beach? Canux-ploitation? Colleen Camp!) and Pacific Banana (Australian 80s beach movie?). I also love the fact that Summer Job sounds so generic you can almost picture it in a white tin on the bottom row of the grocery store next to all of the other featureless products: BEANS, KETCHUP, PETROLEUM JELLY. SUMMER JOB. Excellent find there....
WTF is this guy doing on a Grateful Dead shirt!More heartbreak today as I walk in and find this vintage HAND FRAMED Ralph Lauren sweater with a huge, huge, HUGE garish center logo, 90s hip hop -style. Hurray!And then I see it: CHAPS.
Bumping this thread with nothing earth-shattering as I begin to apply THE KNOWLEDGE to the racks. [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] If I put in the hours, will I find my great white whale? [[SPOILER]]
Love Audiard. Have you seen Fingers, the original? IIRC, this was a rare remake of a shitty or under-performing film.Also, where we at at finding me some 80's beach movies?
Menswear dog weighing-in on how Spoo should style that crazy Panama suit he found.
New Posts  All Forums: