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Whaaaat.... Now what is this tomfuckery? I was checking-in on another poster's auction (sup), and saw this. Isn't there some rule against such wild speculation, or is somebody going to get duped into buying this totally standard...
Seriously, APC? I've had my petit standards for months, and.... THERE ARE NO FADES! Not one. My first pair were quick to fade in the knees, I guess because I had carpet back then, and they'd fade when I played with my pets. The lap and wallet area came later, and they looked amazing. These I've worn for months, and they look brand new. So frustrating. Even the heavily rolled cuffs are a deep blue. Did they change the recipe or something?
I mean, I think that's a pretty narrow view of things. All movies, outside of the most experimental or avant-garde, follow a formula. (And if you look closely, most 'experimental' narrative art has predictable conventions as well). It all comes down to execution, and of course, the many other details that make up a film besides plot. Case in point: compare that recent George Clooney movie -- I think it was called The American -- to any spy or action movie you disliked, and...
Haha, if you don't like superhero movies, fine, but they're actually an example of something Hollywood's done well lately. Whedon did an amazing job of turning the Avengers into something coherent (and human); that Captain America movie with Redford was better than it had any right to be; those two X-Men films set in the past were ace; and Logan, by all accounts, is outstanding. The revenue from these films (and the Bond movies people love to whack-off to) is what...
Is that like a real show? I always thought it was just titties. (Could be because it's on Skinemax, and every time I'm flipping through, it's just titties after titties). 🤔
Caught most of X-Men Apocalypse again last night -- yup, still sucked. All the good bits were taken from its predecessors. Such a shame as the previous two were so good. Anyway, Bendis's recent All-New X-Men comic (where the classic X-Men travel to the future to talk some sense into their present-day counterparts) is still my favorite X-Men joint.
I've got a new, tagged size 40 Our Legacy blazer, British 'Donegal silk' fabric (50 wool, 50 silk), gray with white constellated dots, 21.5-ish p2p, 17.1-ish shoulders. A bit big for me as a 38. Looking for dollars!
Hmm, looks like the kind of gay moment that Joss Whedon has described as the Party of Five effect -- exploitation dressed as social conscience. 👍
I just used the white brush in Microsoft Paint?
Whoah, that is magical! Too many great ones passed away this year... Bill Paxton, George Michael
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