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I hadn't heard of Niche before, but every time one of their things pops up in a fit pic, it looks amazing. Awesome curating, is I guess what I am saying....
Looks like they still have the Oliver Spencer Alpha Jacket in small (tagged medium): http://unionmadegoods.com/product/oliver-spencer-alpha-jacket-in-navy/ If it's really 40% of final sale price, that's a good deal, IMO. Those stripe-y French t-shirts are pretty cool, too, but that's coming from someone who would like to reenact Miami Vice.
Bene, after you hit up the record store, you should get drunk and go to the race track. Nothing like betting on horses to bring out the wild outfits and the fisticuffs. (I once ran into Bob Nastonovich there -- super guy). Just don't go to the shopping malls; you might get caught in the crossfire.
Those are great, but watch out for the heat, man!@hirsh, I actually really like those jeans. I need me some pale vintage wash.
It's unfortunately one of those books that's put me off reading for a couple weeks. You know the kind: you promised you'd finish it, you just can't get into it after a long day, you make forays into short stories, but nothing longer (that would be cheating).... I've watched a lot of TV this past month. I'm watching Re-animator right now (also not as good as they say!). Anyway, The Tunnel is all those things you said, that's true....but I think it's the *way* that it is...
No worries, you read eleven books in a month, you probably win something bigger than a contest. (Unless there were dollars involved. Always reap the dollars). A thumbs-up for Whjte Noise reminds me that DeLillo's collection is one of the best things I read the last year. A mishmash of sorts, spanning decades of magazine publications, I was hesitant, I feared underwhelment, I sensed non-commitment from the author, greed from his publisher -- but, well, no. Not at all....
Not knowing the shoulder make-up of potential buyers, what reason would anyone have for flat-out lying about almost an inch of shoulder width? Are there really people out there twisting their mustaches and evil-laughing over this shit?
http://www.pacsun.com/vans/slip-on-white-perforated-shoes-0542037910056.html I think these are pretty representative. Only caveat is that the saleslady said the slip-ons tend to stretch up to a half size (cannot confirm). They sell them at that one Journey's store in the mall, though we're coming off tax free weekend, so they might be low.
Argh, yeah, I thought the special navy 80s print was really good, but my size sold out everywhere local or on sale. The official site still had some, but the prospect of three times more plus duties wasn't very appealing.Perforated vans it is!
White Vans slip-ons: canvas or perforated leather? To be worn with EG-type stuffs. My shoes are like Rodney Dangerfield: they can't get no respect. I feel it's time.
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