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Did you mean Instagram?
Something called Redd's Wicked Apple Cider. Just showed up in my fridge somehow -- 8% abv and pretty tasty, I guess...
Time to put on our thinking caps.
Maybe you could just embroider over it, turning the initials into a finely-wrought square, or perhaps new initials entirely, in the mode of Johnny Depp's ill-conceived Winona Forever tattoo.
*See La BĂȘte.
Could you not just remove the lining, and with it, all those fluorescing B vitamins?
I put a fiver in a homeless woman's coffee cup, and it turned out she was just a ratty-looking NYU student.
Probably someone from The Walking Dead cast. Does it say Rick Grimes inside?
It could be understood in a number of ways, and you have high standards. I just wanted to meet them.
It is tough. I wanted to nail that poorly-worded sentence first before I extrapolated.
New Posts  All Forums: