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Whenever I see this discussion about thumbs, and activity, and courting or keeping new members, it always seems the easiest thing to demand would just be a certain level of civility towards new posters -- even if you don't believe they have as much to contribute. The last post I remember from you was in the contentedness thread, a brief shitty reply towards someone with a low post count who had the audacity to express joy over some item or another that didn't quite live...
^ Had to double-check the user name on that one.
. .
Pardon the outburst. I mean: Affleck. As Batman. It feels as though they are taking a shit on our youths. I'm going to try and keep it positive. I hear Azzarello, a magician, was able to do okay-ish things with both Superman and Wonder Woman.
God, this comment just killed any remaining enthusiasm I could try to muster for the film, or the characters, or the inevitable franchise. It's like they took the shittiest of characters -- each a dead weight -- and put them in squarely in the hands of the hackiest writers, to be sold to an audience who's long outgrown the purpose of each. (Remember Superman? The *edgy* *angsty* Superman? Who was also the 'muhrican Jesus? You would have thought be was plastic man, the way...
meh, dunk talk removed.
Gentlemen -- the elusive, the reclusive EDWARD JACKET in size Medium, brought to you by the letter TWEED. Fits about a medium/38. Decidedly awesome, but unfortunately the least to jive with the whole neo-80s thing I've got going on. I might be willing to trade it for something a bit more...wild? Sporty? Bros, we cordially invite you to come at us. Jackets only, size M to L preferred.
They don't strike you as a bit incongruous? As if a prep kid lounging on his dad's boat suddenly had to work on one, below deck?
What? Why!
[[SPOILER]] Whelp, this one was supposed to be a brag, but I didn't have time to try it on, so....AVAILABLE. PRL awesomeness, 80 cotton/20 wool. Color: everyone says brown -- but the truth is more complex .(The full pic is regrettably crap).Measurements inside spoiler.I was to rock-out all brown, Man of Kent -style. Damn my misfortunes!
New Posts  All Forums: