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So are the sweatshirt-ish balzers ever coming back?, because I'd really love to grab myself a charcoal-marbled sweat-balzer.
B!CD informed me when I joined that the casual black blazer is the cornerstone of any gentleman's sw&d wardrobe. He referenced a blog post somewhere. Have things changed?(!)Recently purchased: double-viking sapien bookshelves, a la recherché du steveoffice perdu....
No, they sell other stuff.
Thanks...this is news I can use.
I own the most photographed watch in America.
Accordion: are you a Walkabout fan? I'm pegging you for a Walkabout fan.
I find this 80s-tastic and therefore abundantly awesome?
Bro, do you even own at least one summer home without a mortgage?
After several awkward attempts, I've found the best answer is either a curt "Uniqlo" or "I'll never know it was a gift from my ex who bought it online then died unexpectedly." Anything else, and it just spirals unto layer upon layer of confusion and disbelief. (Season?, No longer available?, How much and why!)I once asked a dude at Sonic where he got that awesome quilted bomber and he had no idea what I was saying. Now I just don't ask.
Can we get some example pics of grainy vs. veiny? I began to describe the supple arms of my varsities, but found I lack the terminology. [[SPOILER]] EDIT: Here's a huge-ass pic of one of my hot pieces of leather. Veiny? Grainy? I can't tell....EDIT 2: Not ToJ..
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