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Slatternly rubbish, the lot of them.
To the guy looking for the gray Porter jacket: There are two listed on Grailed right now, a Medium and a Small.
I thought the director's cut cleared up any ambiguity... Could be wrong.
Westworld: I read you sort of have to see it to fully grasp the new series (which was good). Not as good as the VHS cover, but the three leads are manifestly likeable and it has a cool concept, plus the Eight Is Enough dad with robot whores. I wonder if the theme park-obsessed Crighton was a stealth influence upon George Saunders. B+.
Stay dry, Regis.
Also, I just noticed that Michael Crichton wrote both Westworld and Jurassic Park -- making him an unlikely influence upon George Saunders? Still very excited to see where the new Westworld goes, what the exact deal is with Ed Harris, anyway.
Off-topic, maybe, but I'm in a bind and was hoping one of you could help me out... Does anyone know a couple titles that Brian Bendis is currently writing? Preferably good ones... This is tremendously hard to Google for some reason.
At the Texas Speech and Communication convention in San Antonio where.... Today's presentation was just on food deserts, real-life stories of students in turmoil.
I think it's trans-fats and sugar now (even saturated fat has some benefits, depending). The science keeps changing -- or clarifying -- which I suppose is a good thing. Can't believe I was behind on the sodium thing.
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