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lol, bro, of course fashion gave a shit about the masses -- well, the cool ones, anyway. Where do you think the majority of high fashion comes from? Soldiers and the underclass, sold back to the middle class with th veneer of the upper class I assume you've seen Hype, one of the neatest documentaries ever? Remember that scene where the grunge dude was recounting his fashunz shoot? Changing out of his $10 K-Mart flannels into the $300 'designer' flannels that were exactly...
Whaaaaat....c'mon, broski, everyone knows Armani was still killing it in the 90s, and lets not forget Hugo Boss with his pump-action double-breasted awesomeness. Really, though, high fashion seemed irrelevant after the Seattle music scene hit full stride.Spoo will have to let us know whether anything Versace was wearable by regular dude standards.
Son, I am disappoint...I unspoilered, fully expecting a volley of reprimands vis a vis the tackiness of a Native American mascot, only to find this tepid Matrix-style freak out. Sir, you owe me four thrifties for my time!
ONE STOP!DREAM ON!. Seasons 1-2. =-mIndSpl0d3-=See you in three days....Also: [[SPOILER]]
Gah, those lapels! So jelly, so nice... You look like you might have to return some video tapes...I love it. It's like CM....but not(?). Teach me your ways.
I forget -- did the bold text drive the stick further up your ass, or were you just allergic to KILLER FUCKING DEALS?
Looks to be from a live event/HBO special I missed last year.
The shirt, bro, the shirt! It's just a bunch a slightly different-looking Mickeys, tagged with your run of the mill, ambiguous-looking made in the USA tag. Current Mickey appears to be wearing a shapeless green sweater-blob and some big-ass shoes. Pics are such a hassle! I scored a Large Brioni shirt, too. Also embalmed in the penumbra of haze left by the sriracha trails across my iPhone lens. Already I feel the wintry sting of another thrift hibernation approaching...
New Posts  All Forums: