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J Mascis has sponsors?
Hmm, that's some fancy editing going on in that video... *added to playlist.
Unlikely. Those panties are adult-sized.
Sure, the Mystery Method may read like technical writing (it was in the $1 bin, sue me), but I thought The Game was a very light and entertaining read. (As someone on MTV once said, the *something* may be a waste, but the *study of something* can be profound).Also, wait -- Frenchy was in The Game? Also, pick-up lines can be fun if you're in your twenties. My favorite:"Hey, see my friend over there?"*Guy waves*"He wants to know if you think I'm cute..."
#94 Moving straight ahead you knew it all... My parents had The Big Chill, we had this. And I wouldn't trade it. My secret style inspiration, and the apotheosis of Judd Nelson's hair. Rob Lowe is perfection, and the title song renders listeners invincible for a full ten minutes... Use them wisely. .
All the waitresses in Austin have phds, why you hatin'?
Haha, if I wasn't lazy I would find that Eddie Izzard clip where he's talking about visiting Texas and the subset of people (at Billy Bob's, I think) dressed-up like historical figures.(San Antonio can be nice to visit with the river walk and the female Texican punk bands).
I dunno why naked and famous gets flak for their novelty items when *traditional* jeans are a pretty weird novelty to begin with (i.e. white suburbia reappropriating an Asian obsession with unwashed cowboy costume jeans changing colors over time). All boats rise together, is I guess what I'm saying... Also, my white-waxed reverse fade jeans are the absolute shit.
Yeah. Hopefully, it's just out of ignorance...
My APCs ripped straight down the leg seam in front of Ulta beauty the other day, causing great spectacle. I'm not so sure what quality construction means anymore... Also: sellers: it's not NOS vintage polo 92 93 P Wing ski slope if I can clearly see the Ralph Lauren URL on the fucking tag
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