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Someone just released a big doorstopper of a book called Clarice Lispector The Complete Stories and naturally I've bought the shit out of it...
"Sperm" and "purchase", respectively. You'll often see Robert Graham shirts referred to as "skeet blankets", hinting at their most useful purpose.
So what does everyone think of the latest Oscars hubbub?
What's up, looking to trade the Medium 'beach jacket' in my sig for a similar jacket more suitable for work. Got it from a nice gentleman in this very thread, wore it twice this summer, now facing the harsh realities of bi-cas.
Snagged another vintage Polo Sport coat hanger, this time in clear plastic. *Made in the USA*. Deets when I finish reading the last 2,000 posts.
Hey guys. Anyone have the lowdown on these current 'slim fit chino flat front pants'? I'm a size 32, in quick need of some cheap pants, hem 7-7.25", that would look sleek, but also suitable for teaching in a high school or college environment. Can anyone confirm that these would fit the bill, or fit TTS, etc? Also, 34 length seems to be the only option? Yes? No? What's happening,...
Oh shit, today? Congrats, Chet B! You rock!
Size 32 pants, 38/M tops guys: I'm looking to buy some clean but non-remarkable things suitable for teaching in a college environment (like Uniqlo shirts, linen sweaters, blazers up to something like Wings and Horns staples) and also to trade some sillier things (like Dockers Alpha Khaki Camo chinos, Urban Outfitters -level jogger pants, etc.) for some more conservative, but slightly cool items. Also have some baller sneakers, size 42, in my sig as well as a couple...
SpooLiveCrew [[SPOILER]]
Massive click bait fail.
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