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Completed my Growing Pains DVD library. Grail achieved.
What? Why would they get rid of Thor's defining characteristic? Does no one remember what happened to Felicity?!! In personal comic book news, I've made it up to issue 130 of Ultimate Spider Man, which is now 100% amazing. I found the first few trades decent, but underwhelming in some respects, but it was a pleasure to see the creative team improving over time: at some point, the high school sophomores started looking their age (no more wrinkles and inexplicable receding...
They love to play with the Freudian signifiers. Keeps it interesting.
For fat loss, where do you guys stand on exercise vs. diet? (Or the relative importance of exercise vs diet, I guess...) Most of the articles I read nowadays flat-out state that while obviously good for health, exercise of any kind should be a distant consideration when looking to lose weight. They reason that exercise burns far fewer calories than dieting (or restricting calories), that the calories burned are made up for, and more often over-compensated for, by...
They got rid of the discussion boards for nefarious, hotly-contested reasons.
Related: Who misses IMDB? Even if you had no time for an immersive discussion, it was so nice just to be able to drop in and find a minor question answered, see what others were thinking, find connections to other films, or just get a simple confirmation that others had (or hadn't) noticed something you did...
Maybe look for a blue members only jacket on eBay or Etsy? Striped shirt shouldn't be too hard to find, provided it doesn't have to be vintage. (I've seen some things like that from old navy, jcrew, and similar).And OMG, that Tron toy! I forgot I even had one of those until just now. That's so awesome.
Hold up -- Casey Riebek's on that sub?
Classic Synthese riding horse with unfathomable wind-blown hair and black face bar.
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