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^El Norte. Good film.
No fair, because this last one is more like a polo dress; I have a vintage Lacoste one exactly like it, 'cept is has this cool French alligator up top.
I am strangely drawn to those. Fit pic pls.
Safe to Google?
I have a size 50 TOJ1 in black/digi-camo! Just a reminder: you might catch me at a week moment and throw me some EG blazers (medium? large?) in exchange. Or you might not.
One step closer to subsidized time.
He meant he was looking for suits with no shoulder padding, as opposed to light shoulder padding, which is how I would classify it on the suit above. (It's there, but thin). Or did you mean that one^ looks like a suit from the 90s? I'm no expert, but it seems like most people I see walking around in a business setting aren't going completely unstructured like some straggle-bearded pitti-man. (Even my dressier sw&d blazers have it).
I dunno, man, this subforum hates polos, so you're unlikely to receive any solid advice, short of burning it. I'd say if you're unwilling to go all-in on an 80s teen villain look, at least throw on a casual blazer -- that, with the jeans and shoes, would look pretty good.
I have no idea, actually. It's obviously quite fresh and -- ahem -- 'crispy' to the touch, but beyond that, I was contacted by a Serious Business Belvest customer, someone who called it 'pretty recent', though he didn't specify anything beyond that. (The deal-breaker for him was the light shoulder padding, which is apparently standard issue for all their suits made for Stanley Korshack in Dallas).
BELVESTTagged 44RecentTwo ButtonDouble VentedWorking CuffsFlat front80% Wool, 20% MohairHand Made in ItalyThis has been lingering on b&s for awhile at a reasonable (criminal) price ....Said I'd alert various bros when I'd consider less $$$, though now, of course, I can't remember who they were. [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: