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People can get a shirt anywhere, okay? They come to Uniqlo for the atmosphere and the attitude. Okay? That's what the flare's about. It's about fun.
Me, I guess. My mediums arrived slim, but not tight, soft, but un-dissolving, and full of that standard bargain flair. I really like these things.
...at a hobbit's house? [[SPOILER]]
Please don't let this be ebola.
Olivia Wilde's ass!
I feel that actor Billy Crudup and I are locked in a terrible reverse Dorian Gray deal, where I continue to age -- and poorly -- while he appears younger with each subsequent role.
Jason Bateman needs to focus on making one good movie, rather than several bad ones, per year.
Long shot, but I am looking for a set of vintage Hüsker Dü tee-shirts.
I did, as part of the final preparations for time travel to the year 1989. I asked the colorist if she could transform me into Zack Morris, fully expecting a chuckle or a blank stare; but, without missing a beat, she says a full-on bleach-job would allow me an initial early seasons look, while a few months of neglect would take things into the more blended realm of The College Years. After which I fell immediately in love.
New Posts  All Forums: