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Yeah. It was supposed to be like the next Twin Peaks (in terms of awesomeness, if not content) but they had to scrap it for some reason, shot some new material, and re-purposed it as a three hour film. Gotta say it turned out great; now that some time has passed, I think it's one of his best.
That was neat, but I wondered how much of it had to do with it being a TV project later turned into a film. Whatever the case, it worked out well.
When are we going to have the poorly-dressed challenge? I have so many great challenge ideas -- I just need to win one first.
Haha, the funniest thing about that Fuddrucker's shirt is the ™ right in the middle of the joke. Awesome, awesome stuff.
Seems like it'd be great if the pants were looser. Also, I know it's OH SHIT, KG!!!!!1 and all, but am I the only one freaked out by that vest? If I saw that walking into a movie theater or by a school, I'd drop this grape Slushee and run, no questions.
^Phat. Forgive me, the lady-friend is gone, Cannonball Run 2 has ended. I turn my eyes toward better things, the sun, the beach, coming August '89....
Awesome. That outlet sounds like they're run by the same people pricing these Old Navy polos at $20.
[[SPOILER]] Crying over this Belvest. Looks like 80s maybe? $50, and a small hole on the sleeve -- had to leave it. Tell me this was wise. This been had is worth something, right?A been had for me (long sleeve), a been had for you (Boy's XL. Fits 36-38 chest or human female). Actually, if they're worth anything, they're all for you. I want to learn more about vintage-ish Polo, but fear I'll end up with a ton moar shits.... [[SPOILER]] A vintage Hilfiger. Cool, but...
New Posts  All Forums: