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I don't disagree with this. I was speaking very broadly. You *can* analyze Christians as a group -- and note various advantages over other religious groups, just as you can view white people as a group and note certain advantages over non-whites. I don't believe all white men are fungible or equally advantaged. And this doesn't ignore or invalidate the rich analysis to be applied at smaller levels, whether that's the still not-so-tiny group aching for a 'small' government...
My interest in the Bible is primarily literary (it's fascinating to read different versions of each book, and what they promote and disavow, and how everything changes over time). What's 'traditional' is always changing, either too fast or too slow, depending on your beliefs.Sure, everyone's views are subject to ridicule, but it's one broad group (however many factions exist or like to bicker with each other) catered to politically, and largely free of something like...
Thanks. I was going by a much older Pew, from memory, to boot. And the number did include a percentage of vaguely 'spiritual' people somehow aligned with Christianity.I still marvel at how a religious majority, bullies catered to at every level, can believe themselves a noble quasi-minority constantly under attack.
Oh, I get the hatred now -- sort of.
I've been talking exclusively about the clothing web site you linked to. I've never seen that one until now, but it would be an example of the harmful extremism I've referenced. It's too bad she tries to hitch her wagon to the larger 'acceptance' movement, which really is a different thing....or were you just trolling me
Why would acceptance be a misnomer? I was specifically talking about the page you linked, so I guess I don't get your opposition to my focus on that. We both agree that the fringe people are nuts.
It's your (apparent) belief that 'acceptance', attempting to combat workplace discrimination or under-representation in various media, etc. = the fringe idea that fat is healthy that trips me up. I just don't see any of that in the Lane Bryant page you posted. Most of the high-profile people (Melissa McCarthy [lane bryant designer/spokesperson], that actress from Precious, etc) calling for 'acceptance' or whatever know that obesity is unhealthy, urge overweight women to...
I was just pointing out the (often observed) irony that most people who scream about the 'liberal media' -- as if it's one giant thing -- get that opinion from Fox News -- the biggest cable news network, and the most gleefully biased. It's usually the same folks who believe -- again from Fox News -- that they are persecuted for their religion when upwards of 90 % of the country belongs to that religion.I have no ideas what bills you're referencing. I know the last few...
That makes it even worse.
I don't believe for a second you're concerned about anyone's health.
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