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Is this the MRL I'm looking for? 3-4 days off -- brb, off to read 4K posts and PMs...
Holy crap, YES. That watch. I like your moves, Ace Face. Guess I should I probably get a new ebay account.Thanks, that's a great site!
[[SPOILER]] Eh, one more... Love this one.
[[SPOILER]] pop [[SPOILER]] pop
[[SPOILER]] http://www.ebay.com/itm/VINTAGE-POLO-RALPH-LAUREN-RED-MADRAS-COTTON-PLAID-BLAZER-SPORT-COAT-JACKET-38-40-/230840730368?hash=item35bf2e0300:m:mfdLOJo1dfI-_q5uB4bn8nQSeriously, though. $1200? Ten people actually watching? What gives?
Pardon the request, but I'm looking for vintage Swatch bands in black and white. Like you know, the watch band to a vintage Swatch, that was made back in the day, not recently. Anyone's got one, please hit me up!
Let the bidding wars commence....
Today was an eazye kinda day... [[SPOILER]] I didn't have to use my j/kmint and available.
http://lifehacker.com/money-saving-phone-calls-how-to-negotiate-out-of-bank-1435848512#_ga=1.144676469.1132973242.1412273304Applicable. Feels a bit cheesy, but it's worked for me in the past.
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