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I meant the cut -- it's very 80's, and heavy flannel to boot. (Like the winter version of what Don Johnson wore on Miami Vice).
Classic Fox News move; tell any lie as long as you preface it with, "Some people say..."
I've got a big-ass, Don Johnson-ish Armani suit, I guess. 42-ish, I think, flannel, peak lapeled (hugely so), vintage and minty. Would sell or trade to the right party. (The space -- I needs it).
Cool find. Can't believe the amount of vintage Polo awesomeness posted here lately. The tree is truly swollen... O_O
One happy Christmas, I was gifted the singles box set, which should be close to 100 CDs right there. I still find them sometimes, sitting slim and pretty atop some wild detritus gusting from our attic. Turns out all you really need is 101, a couple bootlegs, and the concert films piratable from the YouTubes. Hope you have fun at the concerts! That sounds amazing. I finally saw arrival last night. Agree with the earlier reviews -- time well-spent.
I'm a school teacher, and honestly, I could teach you to spell if you'd like.
I won $80 on the Clue slot machine last night. I was hoping the bonus would just be Colleen Camp jumping up and down, but no dice... Anyway, 'tis the season for Hallmark films, movies that feature a bizarre medley of naked actors (the chick from Snow Bride) and prudish hyper-religious ones (Candace Cameron). Some feature Willie Aames, who fits both categories. The stories, with their imminently shuffle-able tropes, are like Russian fairy tales shorn of all the juicy...
lol, iroh's not drew -- he's just very accomplished at longform trolling. I don't think he ever breaks character, either. (He once PM'd me in response to a comment on David Foster Wallace to say, several times, that he was very good, and ask if he ever wrote any *short* pieces I could find and pass along). His blog was pretty hilarious.
Negan was the longest-running villain in the comics (and is still alive, last time I checked), and there's no comic story arc beyond him, so I doubt they'll be sweeping him aside any time soon. I'm enjoying the current season, but it it's hard for me to see some of the criticisms, as reading the comics fills in a lot of gaps and really fleshes things out to an enjoyable extent. I recommend it. It's also very interesting to see Kirkman's writing skills improve over a...
New Posts  All Forums: