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Seriously -- holy shit! -- I needed that.
I love you.
Pretty sad, really. In a recent interview, he said he's been taking every piece of crap movie offered to him since the death of his wife, just to stay busy.
Cool sunglasses, click for hot deetz [[SPOILER]] (@Denton, the Hilfiger may be wack, but that Dick Tracy shirt is tops! )
Did you just set an eBay alert for SASHIKO!, or is there a larger story about how all those decades came together? [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]]
OH DAMNS! Great scrore (+ inevitable THRIFT RAGE).
Too late. Every time I hit up a Goodwill now, I'm going to rub my hands and be all like, TIME TO FRUIT THE SWOLLEN TREE.... [[SPOILER]]
AT SPOO:Two grammar questions:Did you mean to type that that way? I.e., 'Fruit' as a verb, is that a thing? Like, I'm going to go outside, tan some hides, and fruit the swollen trees. If so, that rocks, and I want to steal that, ASAP. If not, still awesome, and I will enjoy getting all neologism-istic on peeps Number two: Is that a question or a statement? And holy wow, is that vintage Jams world? Like even before they went all wild and crazy?I have your deets, will send...
New Posts  All Forums: