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Can we see pics of the first?
Have you seen any true repros from Hilfiger, though? The ones posted here look kind of retro, but fit slimmer, and are new designs, as far as I can tell.Polo has continued to put out garish, overblown logo items, and a lot of faux-nautical doo-dads and crazy script snaking up the arms. True repros are kind of exciting -- though I doubt most will even know what they are.
It's also weird the fakes from back in the day still command a high-ish price. What will this do to the vintage "inspired by" market?
The Moms did the same thing with all the new Star Wars figures that came out in the -- when -- early 90s? (I think she felt bad we lost so many to the great salt mound battles of '83). I see them high on the closet shelves sometimes, looking sad...So where do you buy these Polo repros, anyway?
Seriously, who searches eBay for "gay interest"? I see this in titles all the time, as if someone is sitting around saying, Whelp, I'm gay -- wonder what would be of interest to me? Oh yes, this Versace shirt. Thank god for accurate titles!
Whoah, thanks... (For some reason videos don't work on my phone)
# 93 Platoon (1989) Tom Berenger plays a mild-mannered staff sargent whose world is thrown in disarray with the arrival of some pacifists and goddamned panty-waists ill-equipped for the realities of a protracted land war. Character is fate, and the initial mercies he bestows upon them ultimately lead to tragedy. Nice scenery, realistic violence, and a star-making turn by Johnny Depp. B-.
I lol'd, but I actually thought that was one of the best things about The Avengers. Whedon did a great job of humanizing that guy in just a few lines, and they were funny, to boot. ( some slight foxing around the edges... )
Wait, avengers will die in the new films? I wonder if the guardians will make an appearance in these infinity shenanigans...
Yeah, people mention going easy on the weights all the time, here. And the general impetus to stay in shape is certainly greater when you've dropped a bunch of dough on rare blazers and so forth...
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