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More from the closet: TWO PAIRS OF BALLER TRACK/TECHNICAL/NINJA PANTS -- ISAORA, black, NWT (maybe NWOT -- definitely bought by me and unworn), fits around a 32 waist. (Might be tagged 'Large', I forget -- but I wear a tagged 32, and these are track pants made to fit around that size). Sleek, cotton, made in New York. UNDERCOVER -- insane ninja tech pants, thick, black, with lots of cool details. Same size (Fits 32-ish), with a SUPER-EXORBITANT RETAIL. Only tried...
SOLD (FOR BEST OFFER OF $160 SHIPPED) Pretty simple, really: Up for grabs here is the Style Forum staple everyone hopes will become available at such a great price. Forget the $600-ish retail (or has it gone up again?) and enjoy this gently used pair with a clear conscience (and heavier wallet!). Maybe the best part about these shoes is that the tag says they're made "100% in Italy" -- a special jab at those guys who make 99% of their shoe in China, yet...
[[SPOILER]] Apprx measurements (check photos to see how I measured):22" p2p25.5-ish sleeve17.6-ish shoulder31.5-ish length (hanging -- maybe 31 and 6/8 increments stretched tight)Potato pics mean you save big, big, big!The holidays approach, and you need some fervor.Get on this before someone else sees it!$79 $69 $59 FINAL DROP!
Both fit the same for me at 42.
Ugh, tell me about it! I was about to say the same thing -- I fell in love with the First Wave station when I had to rent a car this summer; apparently my car was bought just before they began sticking that greatness into every radio.(You're a long way from Long Island, btw. Your 80s must have been awesome )
lols, I made it through my entire adolescence without realizing the Yaz singer was a woman and not the lead singer of Erasure. Barrel, everyone -- read ALIAS (the Bendis comic/Jessica Jones source material) if you haven't. Like a fucking master class in writing; still my favorite graphic work ever.
Guys, I'm afraid I must stand with Jompso on this one; despite the fact that it's a compilation, and a live album to boot, 101 is the definitive Depeche Mode album.
His book is good too, don't be hatin'.
When you become old, as old as I am, there is no future. There is barely any present. There is only the past. [[SPOILER]]
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