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There is also a Buying and Selling on eBay thread here filled with very experienced and helpful people:http://www.styleforum.net/t/309281/buying-and-selling-on-ebay-tips-tricks-problems-questions/29540_20
Hmmm...sounds a lot like Primer.
Roberto Bolaños The Secret of Evil. Never has a book with such an eye-catching design had the quality to match. This one, a collection of all the random, half-finished shit found on his computer when he died, is way more entrancing than all the mountainous polishments of turds heaped upon us by the MFA factories year after year after year. His stories and regular-length novels are so engrossing, I still haven't dove-in to his door-stoppers. I feel that if I did, my soul...
Marvel would fall under the category of 'whoever', so yeah...on the whole, DC movies would work better if the could import that sensibility.
Thanks. I'll definitely try that one out for pre-workouts some days. I did read that citrulline + a little bit of arginine is best, as straight arginine can quickly dissipate and even spark a reaction where your body makes anti-arginine (in extremely base and unscientific terms, I know). But it's good to hear that it's giving someone super-pumps.@ridethecliche: I've read that the citrulline effect is supposed to be acute, though a lot of people on the interwebs...
I think it was the $20 curling off the Samuelsohn pants that really sent my noobrage over the top...
I'm guessing something hideous made by Zili.
Anyone have success on the Letgo app? It seems difficult to find anything, given its post-literate, often photo-only nature -- though some of the ads are amusing. ('Mens's suit jacket. Fits like an 8/10' ) Best thing I found in five minutes of browsing was a Gucci toiletries bag that 'can be used as a clutch', titled only as 'vintage'.
They should just let Sony or whoever do the DC movies, too... Or have like a Wonder Woman script by Brian Azzarello, at least...
Two pairs of Creep pants, both 32, true to size: Olive military-ish adventure chino pants with the triangular, button-down hip pockets... Tweed expedition pants (google them). Perfect for winter -- get them before they're on Grailed!
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