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I like it, though I made it all the way through Kingsman thinking he was Oliver Reid. Speaking of Fantastic Four, it's weird to learn it's basically a flat movie with no acts. Weird because I downloaded the soundtrack awhile back, and that is exactly what the music suggests -- flat and boring. I kept trying to picture the movie, or at least determine where the big dramatic scenes were, and just couldn't.
Charlize appearing low-rent relaxed in Dark Places. (Nicholas Hoult, by contrast, looking very nerdy-scholarly [and definitely not like an actor playing nerdy-scholarly], signaled by a fastened top button and brushed-forward hair). Of course, I would never seek to limit anyone by defining them as a 'woman', or tell them how to dress -- I would only say, very tentatively, that I like this.
Man, watching Entourage just e-affirms and solidifies my belief that the oughts were a sartorial wasteland. Horrible, just horrible. And so vague. Like I can think of an 80s fit, a 90's fit, and then I try to remember what people wore in the 2000's, and I draw a blank. Was it so bad we blocked it out?
What does his beard tell us?
[[SPOILER]] BOOM!, MUTHA-TRUCKAZZZ! Seniors '91! sweatshirt told me it was time to hit the t-shirt racks again. No hem tag, so early 90's I'm guessing. Logo is more super-prominent IRL, so I'm a bit miffed about that.Either available to someone who'll wear, time for me to start an Etsy store, or if someone knows how I could graft the flag onto something else, that'd be cool, too.Size 2XL, comparable to today's XL or XXL. IMO, workable for a Large and up.THIS TOO,...
Awesome shoes, but please cover the metal so you don't fall backwards and die!
Replacing regular mousse with Rogaine mousse lets me feel like I'm killing two birds with one bush.
Nice! That would make a great candidate for the SW&D DIY thread...
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