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Haha, if I wasn't lazy I would find that Eddie Izzard clip where he's talking about visiting Texas and the subset of people (at Billy Bob's, I think) dressed-up like historical figures.(San Antonio can be nice to visit with the river walk and the female Texican punk bands).
I dunno why naked and famous gets flak for their novelty items when *traditional* jeans are a pretty weird novelty to begin with (i.e. white suburbia reappropriating an Asian obsession with unwashed cowboy costume jeans changing colors over time). All boats rise together, is I guess what I'm saying... Also, my white-waxed reverse fade jeans are the absolute shit.
Yeah. Hopefully, it's just out of ignorance...
My APCs ripped straight down the leg seam in front of Ulta beauty the other day, causing great spectacle. I'm not so sure what quality construction means anymore... Also: sellers: it's not NOS vintage polo 92 93 P Wing ski slope if I can clearly see the Ralph Lauren URL on the fucking tag
I kept thinking of Drax from the new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer:YOU MUST BE SOOOOO EMBARRASSED!DO ME! DO ME!!!!
I've had a slew of rare EG blazers mouldering on grailed for over a year, question after question, drop after drop... I list a vintage Nickelodeon t-shirt (several of which are still on the 'bay) and it sells in two days for 30 times what I paid.
I don't have the links anymore, but there's a lot of tumblrs out there with pics of meals and ingredients, usually all just listed on the picture. Used to have a folder full of things like avocado toast.
I was not too impressed by Prometheus, and if there has to be another Alien film, I'm glad if they're returning to the action or suspense of the second. Otherwise, it will probably be another waste of talent. (Seriously, could we get like Daniel Craig and Fassbender back into some acting roles again?). At this point, though, I'm not sure what a good Alien movie would do that's not been done to death.
Thanks, this might be the tipping point for me -- time to finally get the blender in action and find out how to wash vegetables.I was curious because (as I've mentioned -- and I think mocked by Hendrix before, lol) my parents greatly improved their cholesterol profile and blood pressure by drinking green juice once or twice a day. (Kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, and ginger for sure, plus random other things). Those just seem to handle so many areas you don't tend to...
It looks like someone took a bedazzler to those shoes...
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