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That shade of gray is almost too fun for summer, impossible as it sounds.
Damn, I'd rather see a big intrigue-ful Spider-Woman/ Secret Invasion movie than Civil War. They could make it all tasteful, like Captain America dos.
^Should've gone MTM.
I don't know, I think this is possibly the most self-congratulating stab you could take at why someone else wouldn't like a movie. I will put in my own guess that stitches enjoyed Pulp Fiction, Traffic, Mulholland Drive, City of God, or any other demanding disjunction, and that he and others possibly just feel that Syriana couldn't even identify its own aims, much less succeed at them. Critics agreed, IIRC.I thought it was an OK mess, but suffered too many problems
Yeah, that's too young. I thought Dr. Strange was already a washed-up surgeon before he even embarked on his mystical journey; in his recent-ish outings with the New Avengers and so forth, he was also more like a father figure, like Nick Fury. I was thinking someone at least in their well-preserved early fifties.
I mean, ToJ was like Black Scissors with marketing, Black Scissors with better English. He should just outsource the orders to the leathermaker down the street.
Drew just needs to suck it up, grab his backlog of orders, and give it to fucking Black Scissors.
Sherlock is too young, and too British to be Doc Strange.
Non-sensical corruption soliloquy out of nowhere, like Spike Lee on drugs.
Man, I finally watched Constantine last night, and I'm torn. On the one hand, they got most of the look right, and the actor, while not perfect, is a decent enough fit; but on the other hand, they stripped the franchise of like 80% of its color, grittiness, and charm by dumping it in America and imposing upon it what have become the standard bullshit requirements for network TV: 'witty' dialogue, a blandly hot girl, a 'quirky' best friend. Also, someone needs to check...
New Posts  All Forums: