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Woo!, super-dope shout-out to @Cj52racers for the awesome trade. Look at these dope-ass Armani frames! I'm thinking I'm going to have some green lenses put in -- I'm thinking that will look good with the tortoise and the gold -- so if anyone knows better, please speak up, k, thx bros. PS: Woo!
Either that's Peter Stormare's band, or I'm just grumpy 'cause The Replacements deserve mad thumbs.
This was great, and he could have had an entirely different career.
What is the concept, though? Many times, 'fluidity', as described by say, a liberal arts teacher as opposed to a scientist, is just as willful and fairy tale -ish as the belief that sexuality is a choice. Unfortunately, I think both sides (all sides?) obfuscate the issue, even when they have the best of intentions.And I don't mean to say that anyone is selling hate -- rather, it's weird what happens when students start trying to pin down what exactly a teacher means by...
Come to a red state, sit-in on one of our fine university classes.
I mean, I believe that logic, reason -- "science" -- has things pretty much covered as far as sexual orientation goes. And that it's already in our favor. And I know it's more complex than I could ever treat it here. Unfortunately, the liberal arts take, that sexuality is 'fluid', that it even falls under our conscious control, and is therefore shape-able, is tantamount to the belief that sexuality is a choice.At least that's how the Cliff's Notes version reads -- but...
This is just one of the many built-in contradictions that would actually seem to reinforce the essentialness of what academics post Judith Butler have decided to call 'gender'. It's not as bad as the idea -- shared by violent Republicans -- that sexuality is "fluid", but it's still annoying.
(I think) I remember Spoo finding Polo alligator belts just labeled as leather....are you saying the one I posted was just a cow stamped to look like some rougher beast? (Total belt noob, sorry).Never has hate been so white, rhyming, or boring!
Man, I read that whole post looking for the joke like the toy in the cereal box, and didn't find it.
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