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deets on ninja turtles?
Was this like a thrift store or a grocery store encounter? You may have just reached ultimate baller status.
TRAILER NSFW -- But holy crap, Noah Taylor rocks, and this is why.Also this.
WHAT. I figured the Spoo was at least 42 (and could possibly even tag that on something -- ZIMMERMAN FLEW, TYLER KNEW! SPOO 42 -- Turk 182 -stye) and that this was the reason he was so well-dressed, and the rest of us could possibly catch up to him in a few years, but alas, on this too-hot for Christmas day, all my illusions have been shattered. Shattered!That's cause you're looking for IRKSM now.MERRY THRIFTMAS, everyone.
Parker with the ninth-inning homer! Thank you.
Sounds like Weezer, though.
That is the original Don't Tread on Me / 'muhrica! snake though, right?Pretty cool.
Texas y'all.
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