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Last year, I decided to wear my Visvim FBT sneakers home to Thanksgiving....What started as excitement to stunt on some country folk quickly became a barrage of inquiries I couldn't even begin to succinctly answer. Explaining niche fashion to a person who knows literally nothing on the subject is like being a senator and being asked to summarize how to pass a bill in one or two sentences....
I guess now's also the ideal time to hit up B&S -- when prices skew lower due to need, greed and sales desperation -- before that inevitable January glut, where we'll be seeing these same November sales items marked-up 1000, 2000, 3000 percent.
Ratings baffle me (see Vampire Diaries), but I feel like they almost ruin its cool elements (costume, familiar characters, original artwork) by imposing what they for some reason feel have to be a part of every show -- a tragic back story (doesn't feel true to the character), a bland female sidekick, a wacky best friend. Add in a monster of the week format and familiar special effects and it just feels like any old show. (Oh --and setting in America. I just...why!) Now...
Constantine wasn't picked-up for a full season run -- they've shut down production, but it's not yet canceled. [[SPOILER]]
No, no, no. Ted Hughes translation all day...
This holiday season, show them how you really feel with this modern twist on a timeless classic. Introducing the new sterling silver Always Down to Eff belt buckle, available exclusively at Tiffany's© .
Hanging it outside might do it, though I don't know if moths would be a concern. Putting it in the dryer with tennis balls is also supposed to make odors disappear, though you might want to research that as well.
Sorry you feel that way -- I just made a suggestion to someone who didn't get their jacket or their money back. I've been shitty here because I recommended toj to people who are now sort of angry. The whole thing is kind of shitty, tbh.
Whoah, Tom Stoppard...probably shouldn't have skipped that one, then.Rosencrantz and Guildenstern is one of the best films ever.... After this weekend, I can happily report Nightcrawler was very dark and absorbing (and would have even made a great Nicolas Winding Refn film, complete with the insistent pounding of those 80s-esque synthesizers) -- seriously, see it, it was good -- and Mocking Jay is unfortunately so forgettable, but probably necessary to understand Part II....
I mean, you can Google pics of the Biebs rockin' that varsity a year before ToJ invented it, the piece that was once called their signature jacket. That's why it's doubly confounding or shitty to hear these other people derided as rip-offs.
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