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Happy birthday! [[SPOILER]]
Thx bros...I don't get it. I knew about the rugbies (some of which are awesome)...didn't see any t-shirts, though.
~ THRIFTWAYS ~ THE EXTRAORDINARY TRUE TALE OF TWO THINGS I COULDN'T PASS UP [[SPOILER]] Can someone tell me what I've got here, if anything? It looks like a cool vintage Coke shirt, worn tag, old tag -- but Google tells me nothing. The text ("Of course, people go to the movies for entertainment. But refreshment has its appeal...") is taken from a vintage ad, seen here in a magazine from 1951:https://www.yumpu.com/en/document/view/26759919/boxoffice-july071951/101Other...
Nothing here but an awesome Luciano Barbera cotton summer button-up.Tagged a standard Large / 16.5/42.Measurements and defects! [[SPOILER]] QUICKLY SOLD FOR TWENTY BUCKS.
Have you read his For a New Novel? It's pretty great, even if you don't like his fiction (I usually don't, though I admire his struggle to wrest the genre from its comfort).I've said it before, but I wish Nathalie Sarraute, rather than AR-G, was the face of the new novel. I notice her book of essays -- also excellent -- just dropped well below the $100 mark, where it stayed for a long time....
[[SPOILER]] So yesterday I was thinking, Man, I should really just go online and buy the summer stuff I want instead of dropping all my time and money at Goodwill...then of course I walked in and found three things on my list -- slim colored chinos, some white H&M jeans and a slim white Club Monaco summer oxford, all new. Nothing extraordinary, but it's what I wanted and it keeps me coming back. The PURPLE JCREW LIGHTWEIGHT URBAN SLIM FIT PANTS are size 30 and available...
Oh. Yes. I see...that is very cool! I like the cuffs a lot, too. I think the phone pics and the thrown over regular clothes thing is bringing it down, but I could see you rocking that in jeans and a white tee or something.If you could smoke a pipe or a hookah or something or whatever it is people are supposed to do in smoking jackets, I guess that would be ideal.
. [[SPOILER]] Agreed.Another day, another piece of the puzzle.Twenty more, and I can make my return...
No one has chimed in on this, but my gut reaction was that it looks a bit small and long in the sleeve -- though once enlarged, things appear better, and who knows, maybe the sleeves are meant to fit that way? (Those are huge douche-y cuffs, right? Not rolled-up?)Are you going to wear this? Sell this?Is the material amazing? (I didn't understand that random string of letters).
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