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So much chaffing when you don't.
Thanks, Steve! I'd forgotten how great Tom Junod is.
Kennedy's rookie coin is of course worth big money, as well.
Episode aired in early '91, according to the car.
Through the portal: I believe this might be Chet B's Sulka tie featured on LA Law. (Looks exactly like one I found, though a different color). Attic thrifting: A rayon Girbaud shirt Parker Lewis wore on Parker Lewis Can't Lose. More to come...
OH SHIT nearly fell out my chair.I thought this was going to be the Rolex.I was all like: Then:
Nice. Getting some definite Starsky and Hutch vibes here. [[SPOILER]]
*Googles order of magnitude*
^pernicious rape culture (neckbeard rejects lash out by secretly filming women) culminates in act of rape (head nerd disguises himself as Darth Vader; rapes head cheerleader) that is played for laughs for male target demographic.
Revenge of the Nerds.
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