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Is this the leather one? Thirty bucks? RAGE. EPIC. Thumbs up. Hot, hot, holy civil war general and a HALF, man! Impressive beard skillz..
Whoa, wait, are those 80s? Pretty sweet. But I must say I don't remember them from the original timeline; like if poet Bruce Bond describes resonance as the depth charge of meaning, then the blast cap is faulty; they have no resonance; they ring no bells. The fake Guccis, one the other hand, not only ring the bell, but I believe have broken it from their massive swingings; you might say the bell lies at my feet, dirty, shattered, and far above it, still swinging its arms...
I mean, I know I'll never tire of spending countless hours I could have been working in pursuit of that one elusive POLO SPORT grail, the one the internets will tell you is actually worthless, you dumb n00b, after you've spent another hour just trying to upload the damn thing, and crap, now it's too late to call your lady-friend back, that's two days in a row, and you've somehow missed Ray Donovan again, what is happening! But that's just me. It's just who I am. It's in...
Yeah, a little pop of black really would send it over the top.
No way, dude. LA Confidential. Do you make the negroes for the Night Owl killing?Come to think of it, he's been in some good ones lately: Animal Kingdom, The Rover. He was really good in that one with Kristen Wiig, too, though I forget what that was called...
Man, I've been looking for something new, and these two fit the bill, just really fresh and unpredictable and alive, especially for a comedy. Don't be fooled by the trailer -- Results has unexpected depth and solid character development. I don't think I've seen anything quite like it, and that is a big plus. The Overnight probably has some career best performances, too. Everyone firing on all comic cylinders. Worth a look.
Woo!, super-dope shout-out to @Cj52racers for the awesome trade. Look at these dope-ass Armani frames! I'm thinking I'm going to have some green lenses put in -- I'm thinking that will look good with the tortoise and the gold -- so if anyone knows better, please speak up, k, thx bros. PS: Woo!
Either that's Peter Stormare's band, or I'm just grumpy 'cause The Replacements deserve mad thumbs.
This was great, and he could have had an entirely different career.
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