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[[SPOILER]] Crying over this Belvest. Looks like 80s maybe? $50, and a small hole on the sleeve -- had to leave it. Tell me this was wise. This been had is worth something, right?A been had for me (long sleeve), a been had for you (Boy's XL. Fits 36-38 chest or human female). Actually, if they're worth anything, they're all for you. I want to learn more about vintage-ish Polo, but fear I'll end up with a ton moar shits.... [[SPOILER]] A vintage Hilfiger. Cool, but...
Dude, really? I was scoping out that exact towel for my glorious return to the Beach City in a couple months. About $40-60 on etsy, IIRC. It's disappeared, but this one's up for $125! Anyway, sorry to hear about the recent commotion. Hang in there, keep poppin' tags.
Dat He-Man beach towel, though.
Is it just my imagination, or have some of your posts tipped us off that you're fan of both Jay McInerney and David Foster Wallace?
Dude... Size 46 camo / wool and cashmere TOJ1 varsity, $125: http://www.styleforum.net/t/500392/toj1-reversible-navy-white-digital-camo-varsity-jacket-size-46/0_20
I'm sure they'd look good in more wintery, Man of Kent context.
Holy shit did I just spot a He-Man beach towel?
Damn, Nat. You got any OMNI magazines in that box? I'm looking for the issue on lucid dreams that was old even when I was a kid.That Radio Shack haul is A+, btw. And my friend's had an echo for at least two months -- no connections to speak of. what's all this about it not being released yet? [[SPOILER]] Moving on, the beach is no joke, people. Vintage Tommy brings me closer, but I'm going to need something super- awesome-r if I continue to battle the space-time...
St. John's's bound to give any island a run for its money when it comes to blue water and white sand, just sayin'. If Barbados could top that, it would surely be too disconcerting for the eyeballs to handle, like living through the end of Altered States, or finding the fabric of the universe sewn of Versace. What I mean to say is: Nataku, be careful with that Echo, man! My friend's got one. It freaks me the eff out. Can you imagine (other than cell phones) a device that's...
NOOB: Master Po, I don't understand. I vanquished my enemies, defeated my demons. My prize is claimed. The Nagel prints -- why does the interwebs ignore them?MASTER PO: If a man dwells on the past, noob, then he robs the present. But if a man ignores the past, he may rob the future. The seeds of our destiny are nurtured by the roots of our past. They are young. They need time. [[SPOILER]]
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