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Peer groups --and their behaviors, and what they value -- are definitely a factor. Just look at the last few pages of this thread.
Eat fewer calories than you burn, and always use the word 'fewer', not 'less'.
Deets on Vitamin D and subjective weight loss experience? [[SPOILER]]
I wear a 33 in Uniqlo chinos now (32 in most other brands ) and both the M and L linen blend shorts are a good fit. (The large a bit longer and roomier, but nothing extreme). I've worn the mediums for a day and the waist has already stretched out a tad. At $15, I liked them so much I sent back all their chino shorts I ordered.
How was this?The older I get, the more pressing it seems to rid my shelves of extraneous bullshit -- and in this regard, two books will gleefully remain: Nathalie Sarraute's Portrait of a Man Unknown and J. Robert Lennon's Pieces For the Left Hand.
Texas y'all...
Asked and answered.
Reposting to note that these are actually 30 years old, and to request appropriate thumbs.
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