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For me, it's not seeing the ads that's the problem, it's the unscrupulous forces that drive them, the way they collect you, profile you, store you, and sell you. Often hidden, and with no oversight. Not to mention the risk they pose to your digital property should you happen to click on the wrong ad (or, more likely, when it decides to click on itself for you).I don't know why seeing ads is being presented as the problem. It's not. If that were the case -- if it were a...
EDIT: unsure whether response is 'political'
Agreed on all counts. With his movies, it's like you can tell, objectively, that your body should reject them, but miraculously, they do not.
Loro Piana cashmere, I mean, Jesus H. WHIZ, man!...
Charlotte Perkins Gilman, that's my scene... [[SPOILER]] ^Blanket coat, dishy? Looks comfy.
Predestination was great, one of the few films I've liked this year. I really hope Sarah Snook becomes famous...
Wait, where are these hoards of plainly written, non-obscurantist humanities articles again? We must have different subscriptions. I'd like to check those out....
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