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Vampires. Ghosts of Mars
That's true -- I totally forgot about his funny ones as well. I think it's Prince of Darkness and all subsequent awfulness that's wiped them from my memory.
Woah, is it really? I'm glad you said that, because I'll definitely have to give it another look. I think what put me off initially was that it seemed to be geared towards a younger audience and might not contain the emotional depth or verbal fireworks found in his best work. That, and the realization that he is often way overworked, and the fear some parts felt rushed. (I read this late at night and rushed myself, eager to find his best material, so I realize I could be...
I never understood the allure of John Carpenter.
Hmmm...everything looks a bit tactical. So with the new Spider-Man movie coming out, I'm looking to read some recent-ish comics. I like Bendis, but his Ultimate Spider-Man series (or the first two trades) wasn't as impressive as some of his other stuff. Is the Miles Morales (old ultimate plus regular spider-man team-up mini-series, plus ongoing title) worth reading? It's either that or the new Bendis Iron Man, unless some kind soul can recommend another recent superhero...
Yeah, that was pretty disappointing after Days of Future Past. I hope they made enough money to lure the old creative team for the next one.
I'm inebriated, but I think I get it -- some works are so iconic, have permeated the national psyche so much, have been purchased, and sat on our shelves for so long, that we *think* we've experienced them -- Lolita comes to mind. I'd read the first chapter numerous times -- and enjoyed it immensely -- but so felt I'd read the entire book that I ended up reading all his lesser works before finally, properly digging in. And then I enjoyed that so much more than his tinier...
I...don't understand.Could you elaborate?
I liked Thief, but mostly because that one scene was so much like Rififi... This thread is making me wish those Criterion DVDs were still a thing. Up next: Desperately Seeking Susan. Some sound sartorial choices in that one.
Ha, I finally saw the rest of The Keep, a movie I wasn't allowed to finish as a kid. I really enjoyed the overbearing score, as well as Scott Glenn, the scary uniforms, and Jurgen Whatnow in his magical role similar to that one Demi Moore film. Still a pretty good bit of 80s cheese, if you're into that sort of thing. Also, did you notice all of the German haircuts that are back in fashion now?
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