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A few years after Plath's death, Ted Hughes began work on Crow, his slimmest book, his darkest character, and my personal favorite (probably because it was my introduction to his work). A crow is born, wanders around, and does things. (Or doesn't). Simple. Magnificent. [[SPOILER]] #2
Might have a rare, dark blue, dobby cotton diamond pattern Andover for sale. Tagged size Medium. Perfect condition... Unfortunately I don't think it'll work with my new workout regimen.
Sup KoalaT... I've got some black, tagged 32 Helmut Lang overdye jeans (so kind of an interesting color) and some unworn black Levis slim jeans (511,I think) I'd trade for something banal like some slim size 34 Uniqlo work-appropriate chinos or thin medium sweaters... Also maybe some wings and horns brown-ish overdye camo chinos, tagged 32, a rare navy engineered garments do by cotton diamond pattern Andover, Medium, a navy-ish patchwork Japanese denim blazer by Indigo...
Whoah, that sounds like quite a departure for David Means... I really enjoyed his (three?) books of short stories, all very naturalistic, but with elegant, crackling prose.
Guys, spoiler tags...
The American version of the Killing? I thought the whole first story arc (two seasons?) was really excellent; the rest wasn't bad as well. I remember at 14 getting a lecture from my neighbor's father on the vast irresponsibility of Hollywood after he walked in catching the end of Thelma and Louise, much to her continued mortification.
Oh, nice. Yeah, those don't look too big at all...
All these songs without words are making me feel old.
Hello, thread... So I just got married, and subsequently, lost all interest in activities that can't be shared. I have managed to re-read Ted Hughes's Birthday Letters, which, from my new perspective, is not only technically dazzling, but entirely heartbreaking. There's this one poem -- where he recounts an early meeting with his late wife, then years later, comes across her own retelling from an unearthed journal -- where I just lost it. And then there's all the...
New Posts  All Forums: