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Whoah, really? That's awesome. Did you find anything cool?The last time I checked, you could grab what I would consider really desirable or nostalgic things (for me, Vision Gator and Psycho Stick; or that one iconic Tony Hawk board) for about $200-$300. Wheels, trucks and everything. Unless my memory's totally faulty, that is less than what they cost new in 1980s dollars, so it didn't seem too bad. On the other hand, what got me looking again was some kid who approached me...
I recommended this (for b&s) It's pretty common for designer/sw&d items. For one thing, these kind of things have unusual or untraditional fits, something you really can't see unless the item is worn. (Buyers on b&s often request fit pics, which some sellers find annoying).From the seller's POV, it's also akin to writing "RUNWAY" or something like that in the title -- it emphasizes its desirability or first-rateness, I guess, that it was an item the designer chose to...
I like that, though I thought eluther made a good suggestion, as well. I just can't think of anything texture-y besides chambray that wouldn't be too weird for the office. Denim? Seersucker?
Buying and Selling on eBay: Tips, Tricks, Problems, and QuestionsI would try here -- even though eBay's in the title, the issues are the same. Brianpore posts there as well.
That is a shame, because did I ever tell you these here shoes represent a symbol of my individuality, and my belief in personal freedom?
[[SPOILER]] derp
Sounds like a front.
DUDE! I re-downloaded that just the other night (because I found it in super-HD). I agree -- one of the best movies ever. So cool to see it on widescreen, too.
Sup barrel, I found a vintage Levi's sta-pressed western shirt. Are these a thing? (A minor thing?)
Hello, gentlemen! I am looking for some vintage skateboarding shirts from the 1980s. I would prefer shirts made by Vision (repros will do as well), but will consider anything known to be cool or rad. No Nash. Thank you, gents.
New Posts  All Forums: