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No, he said ver-ry--SOON -- it's Korean for "never".
Well, hot holy hot damn the damns, man! That looks awesome. And -- reading every post every day -- I missed find as well? You guys ever get that thing where you have two hundred new posts (because it's been five minutes) and then you make a new post and then it marks everything as read and then you miss the coolest shit, like the W+H, and the Gucci?Anyways -- black jackets are tough, and that looks great. Will have to single white female this soon...Thx, bro.
Man, I like these guys. This is the best influx of noobs we've had since cap'n'wes stepped on the scene. Thrift Vader, Tim Horton's, Jompso with the glasses: (Sidestepping the vanity issue, I'd think the most coveted brands here are generally label-free and unrecognizable to just about anyone, though. Most sw/d brands, at least, you can wear without peeps feeling like you're brandishing a giant cock in their face, the way they possibly would with fine Italian tailoring...
Boy, you must be in the New York City. Never seen one worn or even for sale anywhere....but I did think the hat was funny the first time I saw it. (Now I suppose it's off to hunt for that kva jacket. How do I miss these things?!)
Dude, I would love to find a Commes des Fuck Down shirt or hat...
Aw yisss.... Are your days bland and colorless? Do you shuffle through them in unfulfilled stupor, vagrant and alone? Do women pass you by, unaware of the WADS OF DOUGH you dropped on that MILLION DOLLAR COAT? Are you tired of idiots unable to tell Britches from Brioni? Well no more! Show them how much you spent with these BRIONI SPORT COAT BUTTONS. No longer will anyone be left in doubt. No longer must you lean in to explain, in a voice you hope is nonchalant,...
~ [[SPOILER]] yo, yo, @barrelntrigger,what do you guys figurei really need to listbut my pricing lacks rigor
Drew Keith.
Whoah, whoah, WHOAH --So I just picked up Cormac McCarthy's Cities of the Plain -- and wow. Has anyone read this? I can't quite believe it -- I haven't even started, just flipped through the entire book, but it looks like the whole thing -- like the whole thing -- is just one long, excruciating exercise in parataxis. Or maybe that special kind of Hemingway-esque parataxis that defines his most beautiful work. Imagine the opening of a A Farewell to Arms... [[SPOILER]]...
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