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Weird. Dr. Strange wasn't very quippy in the books.
Would he get to use the jail he most identifies with?
Yes, speaking of a religious view of sexuality, where all (lack of) evidence must fit a wishful mold... I still don't understand how the thinking behind that abstract (that orientation is fluid, and somewhat under our control) differs from the thinking of say, Newt Gingrich, for whom being gay is considered a choice. This always lead to my professors calling me vile things in class, words like heretic, and *Republican*
Hmm, considering it may be time to invest while the stock is low, we caught the remake of the Brady Bunch movie(s) -- and can happily confirm they still hold up. Gary Cole is amazing, as always. No depth here, just great performances, and there's something to be said for juvenile humor when done right. (Sam the butcher, after an overnight stay with Alice: "Just delivering some meat, Mr. Brady!"). The present-day setting is a good foil for the Brady family values, and...
Yes -- don't see the remake.
Wikipedia says he identifies that way, so yes.
I've read so many posts in comment sections this week where people typing statements about 'men' are being corrected with "I think you mean 'men with penises'".
This Claremont thing is puzzling, especially as comics seem to have grown up around him, while his writing stayed pretty flat. I wonder why they'd have any objection to him working on other projects.
I read somewhere that the sun's getting hotter every year. It seems that pretty soon the earth's going to fall into the sun -- or wait a minute -- it's just the opposite -- the sun's getting colder every year.
It's the autism settling in...
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