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Delany fans: what is the ultimate Delany: Dhalgren or Hogg? (Or is it even, mercifully, something shorter?) .
I am maybe another victim of hyper-reality syndrome.
Are you guys adjusting your color settings or something? I swear, I buy these clothes, I wear these colors, and still, it all comes out a bit more...normal-looking...than what I glimpse online. Any case, that looks really swell. Jelly- RAAAGE.
Ben didn't mind, was glad Sigmund-Rudolf found it in his heart to be playful, for Sigmund-Rudolf's disease, his bad seed, was perhaps the most humiliating. He had been saddled not with homosexuality - at nineteen he was one of the more virile boys and had as hearty a heterosexual appetite as any Finsberg - but with the symptoms of effeminacy; its starchless wrists and mincing tiptoe, its Cockney lisps, and something in the muscles of his face which widened his eyes and...
A Pavement reference is never superfluous.
Eh, poll results suggest another popularity contest.
IMHO, it is also to be enjoyed as fine, truly artisanal product. (I understand those are popular around here). Google around for reports of the extreme care Flaubert put into every sentence; sometimes, he would sit in front of his blank page and just weep over how difficult it all was, even for him. He's also credited with coining the phrase *le mot juste* (I probably misspelled it).Why, though. Why is this so? I did notice it is like the go-to book for women's reading...
Ah, I getcha... I thought you were just damning that story due to inconsistency. It can be a tough business, finding new collections that blow your dress 100% up. I'm a big fan of Diaz as well; I'll have to check out this Birch fellow, for sure... @ clockwise, ten books in two weeks still = . You should investigate this newfangled 'television', I hear it's good! I guess I've resolved to hit a meager (by this thread's emerging standards) 50 this year, as a lot of what I...
Haha, Finn...I meant Dr. Dre, renowned misogynist and homophobe, might not make the best face of Apple. I have no opinion on their cold shimmering wares.
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