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The black camo with its solid placket and shoulders looks better than the one last year, too -- also gone.
wtf, I carry my high-end laptop bag right into the movie theaters, stuffed with candy. It's already paid for itself several times over.
HBO's How to Make It in America isn't a documentary, but it's slightly full of knowledge. (And Gina Gershon).
BEWARE, at Man of Kent! -- that patchwork jacket fits slim, despite reports. Otherwise, at Jet will be happy to know I've landed my grail blazer, that this navy blazer, like Cezanne's hasty apples, could not exist without all the other navy blazers leading up to it, that we are together, we are one, I am out of this ... adieu.
I like it, though in this one you look like a pissed-off kgfan....
Damn, MoK busy snatching up all my -- what do you call the tier just below the grail? -- snatching up all of those.
Is it me, or the T-shirt aisle the saddest place on earth? I did manage to find a few of those JCrew broken-in tees, which are pretty OK. Grabbed one in yellow, which means I can rock it under a blue oxford in homage to the Peter Berg protagonist of 1989's Shocker.
So where are you guys wearing your casual blazers, anyway? I must admit, I felt a little out of place at the local Best Buy today. And I keep seeing these documentaries set in London, these guys and their friends all walking around in tight casual blazers, and I think: Yes, now there is exactly what I need: friends.
I hadn't heard of Niche before, but every time one of their things pops up in a fit pic, it looks amazing. Awesome curating, is I guess what I am saying....
Looks like they still have the Oliver Spencer Alpha Jacket in small (tagged medium): http://unionmadegoods.com/product/oliver-spencer-alpha-jacket-in-navy/ If it's really 40% of final sale price, that's a good deal, IMO. Those stripe-y French t-shirts are pretty cool, too, but that's coming from someone who would like to reenact Miami Vice.
New Posts  All Forums: