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[[SPOILER]] - SWEATER FROM THE PAST - [[SPOILER]] ...yes, yes, yes, yes, yes...RAD BATH ROBE
[[SPOILER]] Somewhere in this town is my doppleganger. He travels a path parallel to my own, and bestows upon me his lost t-shirts. Our lost t-shirts. I thank you, my brother. I lift my glass to you. To all we have lost. And to all we may find again..
[[SPOILER]] Summer awaits.
Thanks, at thatoneguy! That is news I can use, from a source I can trust. Check out the official thrift/discount store bragging thread. It's the most highly-trafficked, and has sort of become a forum unto itself. It's also a better fit for you questions, and you'll receive more helpful replies.
[[SPOILER]] Should I or shouldn't I keep, if no one minds...Coat is meant to fit slouchy, but I'm between sizes, and I rarely layer.Like most things, it looks better from a high angle, so who knows....
A wise choice, but I'm dead set on those MMMs from B&S awhile back. It's like finding exactly what you want, then seeing something a little better.
Thanks, Eddie. These are leather high tops, already touted as distressed/with irregularities, etc. So I figured it was worth a shot -- though soaking sounds ruinous. Maybe a heavily-diluted white paint, unevenly applied, would be better? (Actually, a time machine and million dollars would probably be the ideal approach).
Would a solution of water, bleach and hope sprayed upon a pair of royal blue sneakers result in dreamy sky blue sneakers, or ruined dreams?
Uh-huh.PSA: To all my windy bros: Do NOT take any chances with that torñado, yo. I got stuck in it (or really, overrolled by it) coming back last night, on the highway, trapped between towns. I'd heard of the heavy winds. They were supposed to be far away, but lo. And it happened so fast, everything black, like the hand of Jebus reached up and drew his shade over the sky. The next thing I knew, I was shiting my pants. But after that, I was somehow hunkered down with a...
I got the feeling Chuck P____ was kind of using satire to circle around a bunch of nifty ideas about masculinity and capitalism, but ultimately just wrote something he thought was wicked cool. The movie is pretty much the same. Jameson would apply (to both this and American Psycho), but I find Jameson overblown and insensitive and fucking tacky to no end.
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