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POLO SPORT clothes hanger. Pop. Pics in two days' time.
Preliminary shout-out to Spoo Poker -- just got word of a mysterious package at my permanent address. All they'll say is that it's from 1988 and that I'll shit egg rolls (my translation) when I see it.
No worries, I was commenting on the Lambada t-shirt.
^^^^^ The forbidden dance.
ATTIC SHAZAAM! ATTIC THRIFTING PART TROIS [[SPOILER]] From the American Psycho age comes this mint, mint, minty (so effing minty this hot-ass woman even stopped me at 7-11 to comment) pair of sunglasses worn by the moms for a brief spell in the year of our lord 19_ _. But eventually, fashions and prescriptions changed, and these were lost to the ages -- lost, that is, until I was able to pull them, Krull-style, from the lava. (Lava in this case being the torn underside of...
The force is strong with this one...
To be fair, I think most web sites read this way. Everything's click bait now, everything's the Huffington Post. After a couple years away, I just checked out CNN and a few random newspapers, and nearly lost it.
Nice find. Little man in the striped shirt is on pointAlso, that Canali is some srs Buzz Bissinger ish
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