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IMHO, it is also to be enjoyed as fine, truly artisanal product. (I understand those are popular around here). Google around for reports of the extreme care Flaubert put into every sentence; sometimes, he would sit in front of his blank page and just weep over how difficult it all was, even for him. He's also credited with coining the phrase *le mot juste* (I probably misspelled it).Why, though. Why is this so? I did notice it is like the go-to book for women's reading...
Ah, I getcha... I thought you were just damning that story due to inconsistency. It can be a tough business, finding new collections that blow your dress 100% up. I'm a big fan of Diaz as well; I'll have to check out this Birch fellow, for sure... @ clockwise, ten books in two weeks still = . You should investigate this newfangled 'television', I hear it's good! I guess I've resolved to hit a meager (by this thread's emerging standards) 50 this year, as a lot of what I...
Haha, Finn...I meant Dr. Dre, renowned misogynist and homophobe, might not make the best face of Apple. I have no opinion on their cold shimmering wares.
YES. I read this recently. Loved it. Probably didn't write much of a review, but it stood out as one of the best collections of US short fiction of the last decade. More than the writing (quite deft and delicious), it had that certain bumblebee flies anyway kind of appeal, in which it hit all the same notes people like to demonize in snoozy contemporary fiction, but it performed them so well, it managed to be both absorbing and, frankly, laudable. (And it was lauded, too,...
Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks. Lick on these nuts and suck the dick. Seems like a no-brainer for Apple. Why would anyone fight this?
dat 4-02
I don't know if you're kidding, but I wasn't trying to imply that at all. They may have simply painted themselves into a corner; I just think people should be able to get their money back, and at the very least, receive meaningful info, not these obvious marketing ploys designed to allow them to keep your $$$ as long as possible, in a way that outlasts whatever protections you have with paypal, etc.
Lol, what half-assed marketing e-book do we blame for this new routine? Blacklisted from what? They're out of business. They're not taking new orders. They have several hundred thousand dollars of your money, and the coats, if they will ever get made, are conveniently scheduled to appear after it's possible to open a PayPal fraud case.... Now a refund takes months? No it doesn't. It's the click of a button. People realize this and are desperate and selling their spots,...
Last date to open a PayPal refund/fraud case: _____ Wait time for jackets has been pushed to : ______
Anyone want to trade spots?
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