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I'm seeing this on my phone, but I'm thinking the jeans(?) might be bringing this down? Maybe some slightly looser wool pants -- gray or charcoal -- and a sleeker white shirt with that sweater, a hidden placket maybe, would still gell with the sneakers?Wall talk: Purple Rain! How did you affix all those old records? (There is a book called Pad that shows how to make them into cool little Johnny Cash record boxes. I did that in college. I recommend it).Man of Kent collar...
Bayside '93 striped shirt, light wash jeans no viz
WHY IS HOLLYWOOD ATTACKING MODERNIST ARCHITECTURE?! LA Plays Itself -- the documentary that will have you...watching.
WHY IS HOLLYWOOD ATTACKING MODERNIST ARCHITECTURE?! LA Plays Itself -- a documentary that will have you...watching.
Frogger Pitfall Qbert Breakout Missile Command RC Pro-Am River City Ransom RBI Baseball Metroid Zelda Super Mario Bros Street Fighter II Parasite Eve II Mega-Man Legends Series The Misadventures of Tron Bonne Soul Caliber Fallout 3 /noob canon
You guys don't use Rotten Tomatoes (or a similar aggregate site)? Usually very reliable, discounting the excellent movies that will split critics down the middle and receive a low 50% rating.
*deep breaths*
Eh -- feel better Brad.
Not cool anymore? I know the starting retail is pretty ridiculous, but the stuff I've got from them -- thick sweatshirt blazer, many pants, couple of shirts -- are all slim and well-fitting, well made, even durable, fashionable without raising too many eyebrows. Just really, really fun and wearable. Overall, seems pretty basic to inspire much hate?
Updated with measurements!
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