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Who can tell me about CHAPS! This sweater is only piece I've liked...much cooler in person, and the heavy logo stitching reminds me of my favorite polo stuff from back in the day... anyone know how old it is?
snackbandit hair game on point.
Haha, those reprints suck (and are a bit different, I think?). I bought that one with my allowance money at the concert, so totally legit. (True story: My aunt got hit in the head with a beer bottle the first night, so they gave us all tenth row seats for the next. Also got offered a joint by a cute high school girl/older woman, which my dad promptly shooed away. Best concert ever...)
I think that's right. It's based on a short novel by...A. Schnitlzer(?) I think? -- and that was the deal with that one. Good book, too.
Sorry, bros...^^^trying to become a dad, working on my dad jokes.
Gritty Power Rangers short? Viewing the new Iron Fist trailer, I wonder if it, too, will come under fire for being a retrograde whitewashing/white savior piece. You might have read of similar unrest surrounding Dr Strange (and particularly Tinda Swinton) as well as the new Matt Damon movie where he fights among the Chinese.
Is this selvedge? Blood Sugar Sex etc. Can anyone date this? Whelp, that's the attic thrifting from yesterday -- think I've got most of it now (though there are still some dark, spidery corners left unturned). Real thrifting will have to wait as this took about an hour on my phone...
Passes for who? That's an awesome jacket, Frenchy!Coming soon: Attic excavation updates: Denim Tommy crest hat + Rolling Stones Steel Wheels tour shirt recovered ❤
#93 Road House (1989) A reasonable land owner, played by Ben Gazarra, sees his life's work undone when a violent, mulleted roustabout blows through town. A -
J Mascis has sponsors?
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