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WHAT. I figured the Spoo was at least 42 (and could possibly even tag that on something -- ZIMMERMAN FLEW, TYLER KNEW! SPOO 42 -- Turk 182 -stye) and that this was the reason he was so well-dressed, and the rest of us could possibly catch up to him in a few years, but alas, on this too-hot for Christmas day, all my illusions have been shattered. Shattered!That's cause you're looking for IRKSM now.MERRY THRIFTMAS, everyone.
Parker with the ninth-inning homer! Thank you.
Sounds like Weezer, though.
That is the original Don't Tread on Me / 'muhrica! snake though, right?Pretty cool.
Texas y'all.
So much chaffing when you don't.
Thanks, Steve! I'd forgotten how great Tom Junod is.
Kennedy's rookie coin is of course worth big money, as well.
New Posts  All Forums: