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Screw it, I just want to know if that one guy ever found love?
Man, I've had both Shame and Hunger right here for at least three years, and they both seem so depressing, I've never found the right time to watch them. I did catch Heathers again. The verdict? It holds up. Of course it does.
Is returning for an item the same thing as being a rack vulture? I found this in LARGE. Available. Otherwise, I'll be forced to wear a baggy preppy t-shirt, which might be unacceptable under current trad laws.
I'm still looking for beach/hot weather jackets, any season or condition, to buy or trade. 'Knit' jackets or a pale chambrays would be great. I've got an Edward jacket (tweed with old school brown velvet collar) I might trade (it's just so hot here), and also some non-EG stuff: slinky gray Club Monaco pants that are kind of an EG copy (size 31), and a Nehru-style jacket, navy, thick cotton, from Fabindia (large) that is pretty much the style EG worked into some recent...
Classic. [[SPOILER]] NP, that cross is pretty, uhm...dope.
80's JAMS World made in some place called 'Hawaii'. Super-amazing shout-outs to Ace Face and Spoo Poker. EG Beach Jacket -- thanks, Hello Fello! Random 80s surf/skate shirts, thrift.
Evil Eazy? Eazy After Dark?Pair with, style, gesticulate like this.
I guess I just don't get it. What did people bumping threads with comments have to do with dealz? I like the new system a lot more because you can actually see what's for sale, and you can search for what you want, or more generally, by category. And you don't have to look at everything if you just want a pair of shoes. And everyone gets one bump per week.And that jrd guy no longer makes inane posts to every single on of my sales threads, hoping someone will click on the...
On the flip side, not all items are created equal. I hate it when I list a NWT shirt or something for a stupidly low price and get a bunch of messages like, But I saw a stained thirty year-old shirt from the same brand on the eBays for FIVE DOLLARS LESS! (Also, I have no posts or feedback and could you ship that to Singapore? For free?)
New Posts  All Forums: