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I found my first error card today -- a Sulka polka dot tie, "Made in Frince." Anyone know how much I could be looking at here?
How to fix a shirt with an awful collar, or a floppy collar, or a yellow one, or a collar that is too short, too long, or just too dated: Step 1: Cut off the fucking collar. Enjoy your new band-collar shirt.
@bros: So what is the exact deal with those old school ties that are like very thin and small, but not "skinny ties", exactly....anyone know what I mean? (I coulda been had a lot of tiny vintage Brooks and Zegna, but just didn't know the scoop). Found me some nice Hermes instead.
Second is better, but you might want to hold off for a leather-sleeved version, of which there are many, floating, numerous. Google should still bring up a good cross-section. (Now is unfortunately not the right time to grab one on sale -- that would be January, I'd think).
Wool flat front Lands End pants, size 34. Nice and mint. Straight leg/not skinny. Will trade for something, otherwise, will be forced to hack down to shorts. Billy Reid pants, wool, 34, predominately dark green-ish brown-ish, trad fit, mint and full of win. Same.
I'm thinking you should tell me how to wear an all-black sneaker in formidable ways, because so far, I haven't been able to master it. Also, maybe consider some $30 Vans before you get in too deep.
Where does one purchase the traffic jam leisure suit? That thing looks comfy.
Are these jackets actually 'rebuilt', or did someone just fray the edges? Some of these just look like they took a cheese grater to the thrift store.The military coats, by contrast, looked really good and Frankenstein-ish; you could see the separate pieces coming together to form a new whole...I'm just not seeing that here.
Sell your spot to 300 hopefuls. Move to the third world. Use the money to open a restaurant. Taunt the naive with infrequent 'updates'.Bonus points: invent an avuncular 'factory manager', then use him to obfuscate whatever needs obfuscating.
Dude, Mr. Tony is a great user name. It's both Lynchian and Tarrantino-esque.
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