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Thanks for the tip. I'll have to put it on my (looong ) list. Sometimes I wish I could mainline books.I want to know what this said! A fiery defense of McCarthy's wild extravagance?Agreed, this is a very interesting statement. Contradiction seems woven into the prose. It's obviously intentional -- I don't think he's a bad or lazy writer, or even a pompously self-important writer, as some claim, in thrall with the squeak of his pen -- I just find him very interesting. And...
Who would do that to a peak lapel? @volt -- those fake shoes are still pretty cool. @barrel - hope you're enjoying you travels...
Hm, maybe you could force them to change their name to Improper Cloth. It happened to a local attorney here, one who billed himself as the "tough, smart lawyer" when his behavior proved otherwise. Get on the case, Van Buren!
Oliver Spencer?EDIT: Wolf v. Goat monkey arms model.
Ugh, too many bad actor names at once! I watched Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer again after so many years, and in light of the newer movies, found it even more bland and terrible and non-sensical than I remembered. Putting aside the fact that the team itself seemed like an afterthought, I thought it was really, really unlikely that... [[SPOILER]] Also Johnny Storm is Captain America. Ugh.If you guys could recommend some good background comics on the Silver...
I kid you, but the man holds a special place in my heart. (I realize this is somewhat common). Anyway, someone remind me to post Anderson's short story I found not too long ago in an old UT student journal in the bargain bin at Half-Price books. It's brief, terrible, Anderson-y, and its protagonist is Max Fischer.
Goddammit, man, what does this even mean? Have you seen Rushmore? Have you seen Tenenbaums? I think I need to sit down; I feel suddenly faint....(Lars von Trier has a bunch that would qualify, but maybe not all in the same movie, I dunno.)
Fellini post 81/2 and Queen Margot immediately spring to mind.Maybe Titus.(Is Wes Anderson too obvious? He checks off all the boxes, though I sense it's not what you're looking for....)
If the little trademarks could just blizzard at the tongue, but not the heel, well, then...that would be cool.
Khakis made of unobtainium, wrapping its torsion of sculpted leg.
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