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Also my shout-out has been foiled by my camera cord
This may be true (our mouths might coat differently based on shape) but wine is like 99% in the mind. You'll pretty much experience what you, or a companion, or the price -- or even the words on the label -- have prepared you for. The scientific literature is very clear on this. Same with a lot of sodas, especially when it comes to flavor. They use the same chemical for cherry and grape (I think it is), and our experience of them is 100% influenced by the color of the...
That's not funny, and if I hear too much more of this I will be forced, by Korean custom, to either kill myself or open up a chicken wing stand.
I think the best strategy would be to Google around for general recommendations based on your face shape, then head down to the store to try on as many pairs as you can. The sales person should also be able to tell you what looks best.
Can't say whether they're the best shape for your face, or even the best size, but they don't look too big or out of place.
Hmm, this one makes me think you should investigate those Thai fisherman pants (or the EG version, if you must pay more).... [[SPOILER]] Hello, welcome, and keep coming back...
Hello and I've got some Murray's Nantucket Reds/Whatevers patchwork pants -- quite possibly the same model worn by Bill Murray in Moonrise Kingdom. Fits about a 32-33, maybe 34, pending strict measurement. Also those pristine brown Oakleys, other stuffs. Need cash, cash, CASH! Wooing women is quite expensive, I tell you.
Just catching up... Thanks, guys! I appreciate your comments.Whoa, I love this one, actually. I suck at clothes, but this will surely help in other areas. (It also makes me want to take a closer look at Warhol).Nice. I've been going back and forth, back and forth, on finally grabbing an old Gator deck. It's something I've always wanted, but at the same time, feel might be more powerful left turning the halls of memory. If you've got one, though, I'd love to see it... Surf...
Hahahaha, don't know what's more awesome -- those glasses, or the fact you knew his last name.Tomorrow: More deets on why Spoo's the bestest dude ever, pls stay tuned.
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