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Oh, wow. What brand? I tried Source Naturals citrulline caps, didn't feel any difference. Dosage is 2 grams three times a day, though I've read for exercise, 6 grams pre-exercise might be better.
He does have a slight history of different bat-fits, like his Hulk-busting Superman-busting suit. But more realistically, I think it's just a comic book movie and it's supposed to look cool.
Anagen Skywalker
Anyone have experience with boosting nitric oxide (either supplements or food) to shorten soreness or recovery time? I started reading about NO out of concern for my grandparents' high blood pressure, but found it is also supposedly dazzling in other areas, including flushing out lactic acid. I've basically reverted to beginner status, and figured this would be helpful after trying to follow the advice here and up my workout frequency -- which can feel very...
If this was to me, I haven't. Just followed helpful advice and managed to get the right ps the first time out.
I've got some new Uniqlo slim fit khakis and navy shorts, 32, I'd trade for some Uniqlo slim fit pants in 33 or 34. (Don't have to be new). Also some new 'new' raybans still for sale, as well as all the other things I've mentioned in this thread
Huh. Reminds me of the messages that YouTube vloggers used to get: I'm excellent at reading fortunes from the soles of people's feet. Could you make a video of *that*?
It seems like you have to size down, though, in order for the waist to fit. Further complicating things is the single, hemmable, leg length: it's smallest at the end, so for shorter people, the fit will not be so comically tight.
Thanks! I've read a few of his but was't aware of that one... It looks like a big challenge, but I think I'll try it out.
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