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#93 Road House (1989) A reasonable land owner, played by Ben Gazarra, sees his life's work undone when a violent, mulleted roustabout blows through town. A -
J Mascis has sponsors?
Hmm, that's some fancy editing going on in that video... *added to playlist.
Unlikely. Those panties are adult-sized.
Sure, the Mystery Method may read like technical writing (it was in the $1 bin, sue me), but I thought The Game was a very light and entertaining read. (As someone on MTV once said, the *something* may be a waste, but the *study of something* can be profound).Also, wait -- Frenchy was in The Game? Also, pick-up lines can be fun if you're in your twenties. My favorite:"Hey, see my friend over there?"*Guy waves*"He wants to know if you think I'm cute..."
#94 Moving straight ahead you knew it all... My parents had The Big Chill, we had this. And I wouldn't trade it. My secret style inspiration, and the apotheosis of Judd Nelson's hair. Rob Lowe is perfection, and the title song renders listeners invincible for a full ten minutes... Use them wisely. .
All the waitresses in Austin have phds, why you hatin'?
Haha, if I wasn't lazy I would find that Eddie Izzard clip where he's talking about visiting Texas and the subset of people (at Billy Bob's, I think) dressed-up like historical figures.(San Antonio can be nice to visit with the river walk and the female Texican punk bands).
I dunno why naked and famous gets flak for their novelty items when *traditional* jeans are a pretty weird novelty to begin with (i.e. white suburbia reappropriating an Asian obsession with unwashed cowboy costume jeans changing colors over time). All boats rise together, is I guess what I'm saying... Also, my white-waxed reverse fade jeans are the absolute shit.
Yeah. Hopefully, it's just out of ignorance...
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