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@woofa: Maybe PLaydice knows. I think 99% of it is worthless, and I can't find info on this exact one, but even the 90's big logo stuff goes for (or is listed) up to $200 on the places I look. I'm pretty sure this is 80's based on my other garments, but I'm trying to find out for sure. Anyway, I'd grab anything older with a HUGE logo: t-shirts, jackets, windbreakers with the big-ass flag. Older button-up shirts, probably not so much. I posted a mid-80s chambray with MOP...
What is the critique here? The solution?I like this one, and I like Hendrix's overall vibe, his comfiness factor, the experiments with color that usually pay off. The fact he can focus on texture without dressing in all-black (a quality that eludes many, by their own self-reporting).
Thanks, and forgive me -- I've been looking for either this or the similar flag logo long-sleeved shirt for the five-plus years I've been thrifting.
[[SPOILER]] If you don't know, you betta ast somebody.
Captain Wes, no secret, bro. People will argue the details, but what's known for sure is that I have time-traveled to the year 1989 and am searching for a way back. Or maybe not.First, some lesser items for the trade-hungry:A size Medium POP! POP! for summer. AVAILABLE. [[SPOILER]] '87 style, that's how I like it. Cartoon hot roddin' art at its peak. If anyone recognizes the artist or the event or whatnot, let me know so I can geek out on it, pls. LARGE and MAYBE...
A striped shirt, common to my era? Nothing unusual here.... Oh, wait a second... Vintage GAP, the kind of shirt worn by this man? WHOLE STORE ON BLAST! Stay tuned for part II...
Luxury T-shirt, though. Whole different kettle of ballgame.
*luxury polos* Found a *luxury* T-shirt yesterday with the chest logo to prove it: BB Golden Fleece. Supima. Blue-quoise. Medium. Available. (As a modern fashion devotee, I am already up to my ears in bluish:turquoise tees)
What! Forget everything else, tell me more about this 'Style School'. Jacket class? Sounds both unreal and awesome - maybe a bit like...Rock School?
You mean season 3? Is that going to happen? I thought David Lynch was still demanding too much money... No? Pls be real, pls be real In other news, in crazy random happenstance, the interwebs just unleashed two -- TWO -- of the recommended 80s beach-ish movies, both previously unavailable, except for VHS -- including Screwball Academy. Makes me wonder how many people read this forum. I imagine it would hold no value to 99% of thread readers, but I am stoked. Thanks...
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