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Like a blow-up circus tent, but in a good way.
Classic Thrifter, are you a young or young-ish dude? (Like, under 45?) Have you ventured far outside this thread to explore the fora's broader delights? If not, please do. It's not the only way to maximize your thrift finds, but it's probably the quickest.So I am not a MC or CM kind of guy, but I can tell you (and why am I the first!) that to button the bottom button is heresy -- even within SW&D. Don't do it. If it's cold, if your fly's unzipped, if some bizarre satanic...
Do you listen to a lot of talk radio, by any chance?
Oh, hello, and what is the do, gentlemen? Foolishly, I made a list of books I've read, then split that list into three or four separate categories: fiction, poetry, essays, practical (diet books, brain health books). Then promptly lost it. Later I tried reading William Gass's The Tunnel, which broke me. I return to you a new reader, humbled and befuddled. I know, since November, I've hit fifty, better than the year before. Beyond this, it gets hazy. Consequently, I've...
. COLLEEN CAMP! I reject you all. Your tastes are mainstream, they affront my eyes, they lack charm, they lack history. I call upon all of us to revisit the Clues, The Apocalypse Nows, The Police Academys of this world. Fie! Fie!,,,upon this whole damn thread. Jpompso and his fern-like encroachments, jdrizz throwing the water on it, and no one quoting my delicious, probably fake BAPE fit, Carrie Underwood, A POX UPON YOU ALL! You lose, good day, sir!
You bought a Peir Wu T-shirt?
Uhm...I'm looking to trade one for the right jacket. Do you have the right jacket for trade?
Pop? EDIT: Got some pics if anyone can help me authenticate. Available to resellers and bold individuals.
Oh, man. Poetry has a nice back story, and you're glad it exists, but yeah, it's the worst. Middling poems by great writers. I don't know any actual poets or serious poetry readers who don't recommend you spend your dollars elsewhere. I would also like to find something (else) contemporary! Any leads appreciated. (Will investigate LRB) FENCE and McSweeney's are my longstanding subscriptions. Story is unfortunately gone; I'll always remember their knack for discovery--...
New Posts  All Forums: