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No worries, that is a "sick find" in the parlance of the streets.
Did Wes receive his polish of a lifetime?
Can't wait for more of my beard to go gray so I can kick it Rick Grimes style....
Hey, sipang -- the damn Walkman ate my Po├ęsie Noir tape again. Are there any other cool Belgian darkwave bands I should be checking out?
I gave up on AoS somewhere in season two, I think. I thought the pilot episode, then maybe the last couple were well done, with everything in-between feeling too monster of the week, or mindless filler.
The hosts experience memory differently than humans: very vivid, as if actually reliving events. Dolores is most likely wandering the countryside solo, reflecting upon her life's greatest hits, the way they bear upon her present. Her different outfits or changes in appearance signal a kind of strobing in and out of these memories.
The Prisoner was amazing... It occurs to me that the pilot of Twin Peaks was also reworked into a movie of sorts for the European market. Everything was hastily wrapped up, resulting in some unspectacularly non- Mulholland Drive--ish outcomes, and causing major spoiler havoc for Americans who watched the show on VHS.
Didn't they say the bots are all flesh now? If so, Dolores's memory of being gutted to her whirring gear-y bits should date William to about 30 years ago. Also, I think she was clutching that pic of William's wife in episode one.
Yeah, she was pretty quippy from the get go (a tendency that diminished, understandably, during times like when her sister died or the gubner was poking stakes through ppl'z heads).
Each new satellite location has received its own episode; I was thinking (hoping) this new isle of lesbos would become critical at some juncture, and they're just laying the groundwork so it won't seem totally out of place, or sprung on us like some cheap deus ex machina. Also (unless it's the new agrarian utopia), it hasn't been featured in the comics, so it could bring some welcome novelty.
New Posts  All Forums: