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Huh, I never would have thought to connect Rohmer and Stillmam, but that's an interesting point. I must investigate. (Despite even owning it at one point, I still haven't managed to see My Night at Maud's)..... (I remember now, if ever there was a legit argument against Baumbach/Stillman, it was that they were mere fluff, yet swung a heavy boot to the throat of the working man). (Sipang, I know I'm being selfish, but you should write more words about Stillman -- they...
FML, I just realized the way I roll in EG has a long way to go... So what's the material like on those "knit" jackets, anyway? Sweater? Sweatshirt? Thick? Thin? I've wondered about this too long; I must know! (Also, if someone could kindly shout or PM the cheapest place to find one today [Wed] that would be amazing, thnk you, thnk you...)
What's wrong with Ralph Lauren? I've got a Michael Bastian (maybe?) for Uniqlo polo, size Medium, that unfortunately runs small, if anyone wants it.
Well, honestly, whatever I would have chosen instead would probably not be up to snuff either. Still, I am stricken with the belief that Augusta sneaks are an ugly afterthought, objectively hideous, a severe misstep, if not an outright joke. I suspect they are merely re-branded vintage boxing shoes, the same kind you'll find on eBay for ~ $30. Of course, that's just my opinion. If you truly love them, please disregard. I can relate. I am a lover of ridiculous Margiela...
A, I absolutely love what you are doing, and your commitment to the fashunz, and getting back in shape, but please -- sell those dirty shoes to some fanboy. Use the profits to fund a new wardrobe, or at least a small retirement villa. I am begging you!
I still can't access from phone browsers or regular internet. Tried two web proxies -- one of them connects me.
Awaiting the Baller Chino Thread.
Dude. I mean, not only was Metropolitan our second most quoted movie (next to Caddyshack), I also dated Polly Perkins in college... Stillman! Of course I'm a fan. Through and through. (At one point I even slogged through a third of his novel adaptation)... But for me his films pretty much exist in that golden nostalgia zone safe from objectivity. I'd say your assessment is pretty spot-on. Maybe some mention of early Noah Baumbach is in order, and the amazing Chris...
So... I've been thinking about trading this denim/leather jacket as it's just a little snug. Sewn on the pale thighs of virgins among the rolling hills of Italy (some say by Neil Barrett himself), this black denim jacket with supple leather sleeves is super-exorbitantly expensive, and therefore beyond your petty reach. Or...is it? For I am -- for a limited time only -- considering trades. For what?, you ask. Well, for whatever might tickle my particular fancy....
Yeah, thrift stores and JC Penney have all the technical fabric you could ever want, and for much less. [[SPOILER]]
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