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Yeah -- I think these questions of authenticity are nothing new. I seem to remember, from my zygote years, panting women in neon sweats debating the acceptability of prefab Flashdance-style garments vs. DIY.Anyway, awesome finds, Spoo!
Agreed. I also thought the way they did that one X-Men title wasn't too bad -- established characters, just with an all-female team.
Whoa, I'm like 80% sure I whacked it to that same poster in 1988. Available?
Oh shit... Well thanks, that's good to know. I'll probably just skip that entirely, then...
Yeah, for me (and maybe everyone), fish oil, Vitamin D and Magnesium are essential.I've taken fast-release Niacin to boost hdl, and overall circulatory health...And then there's a few things that boost nitric oxide I've really come to like: Citruline primarily, but then (in this order) cayenne pepper caps, Garden Veggies vegetable caps, and coq10. Found these looking for ways to keep blood pressure low, but found they're really good for enhancing sex, especially if you...
Here's a weird one you might know: I assume many of you take a lot of supplements -- fish oil, magnesium, CoQ10, etc. -- which can be quite bulky when traveling. Ziploc bags full of pills would make things a lot easier, but does anyone know if this would make things difficult or scary for international travel?
I guess I meant their regular boxer briefs -- sleek(ish), solid, and reliable. Though I don't pay attention to sizing very much as I prefer my waistbands loose.
Hmmm, I'm expecting a lot of white Vans slip-ons... Don't forget, there's already an official thrift/discount store fit bragging thread with some great ten dollar fits. It's a bit MC-oriented, but some people -- like eazye and Chet B -- have done some amazing sw/d-ish things as well.
Nice. Just walked by the BC store last night, saw the price tags dripping off those coats, took a deep swig of my cocktail, kept walking...
Sup Woofa?
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