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Hey is anybody selling a Santa Cruz hoodie or anything?
No, no, no... Eric Bana in Chopper, but with bawse yellow pants.
Haha, yeah, I know, I wasn't saying that. Just seems like you would be putting the person or company in a weird position is all.
How would that work, though? Like, Hey, I bought a used coat on the second-hand market, could you stop and give me some free advice? Feels a little weird.
I'm very curious to learn what you guys think. I was relieved to find it was an actual patchwork (not a print or glue-job or like I've seen on others) but a little bummed it fits so slim for being marked TTS. The pattern is intriguing, but does not raise the pitchforks of my local yokels -- always a plus. And the overdye is great -- indigo stains on the tags are oddly pleasing.I'll be forever grateful for the heads-up on this ... I had it saved at the top of my want pile...
Not a novel, but his Palm of the Hand Stories (100-ish page-long delectables) are very engrossing, and due to their length, really easy to get into. It includes a miniaturization of his novel Snow Country, which he might have considered the purest version. It was also the inspiration for William Vollmann's The Atlas, a book I try to make everyone read....... Is there a comics thread? Seems like there should be. (***GN, I was literally baking in the sun yesterday, so pls...
^whats the white one, what's the white one? I've got some BFNWT Hickey Freeman bawse pants. Color: pumpkin. Ridged, flat front, and made in all the right places (Italy). Possibly for sale or trade.
Eh, I mean yes and no. I dunno if you were even alive in the 80s, but the character was totally consistent with the zeitgeist of the time: 'dark' exploitation/revenge narratives that proliferated with the rise of home video, paired with a particular type of Cold War exhaustion where anything remotely nationalistic was a target for lampooning. True, Batman suffered from the comics code, the awful tv show, the blight of the sidekick, etc., but he went through a lot of...
I remember liking that one a lot as a kid, but I was slightly devastated to see what he did with Daredevil; as if everything in the 80s had to feature some kind of ninja storyline, or worse, a full-scale retcon where -- surprise! -- Daredevil and Wolverine are actually ninjas! Otherwise, his reading of of Superman seemed pretty spot-on.
Sherilyn Fenn. I think she ended up taking long stretches off to focus on her family. Anyway, after years of a few minor roles (or big roles in minor films), you might be happy to know she's been in a few episodes of Ray Donovan this season.Agreed on the awesomeness of FWWM; you remember that Rolling Stone cover with all the women of Twin Peaks? Really need to reclaim that one from the attic.
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