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Me too. They're versatile, they look good, and will outlast even your passion for them. Welcome to the WAYWT gauntlet. Another mark in favor of khakis.
I thrifted this one yesterday -- highly recommended, along with the pocket Revelations, introduced by Will Self, I got years ago. Also the two baller Hermes you can see in my sig (sorry -- only pics I have at the moment )
You are a disgusting slob. Stand up straight. Tuck in that shirt. Adjust that belt buckle, tie those shoes. WIPE THAT SMILE OFF YOUR FACE. DO YOU UNDER-STAAAAAAND? I carried an M16, and you -- you carry that -- that -- that -- GUITAR...
So...what is the next challenge, and when, and where!
Dude, Snuffles are the shit. Don't tell me they all sell for that much?
Well, I see that the evil North Korea, in retaliation for the new Seth Rogen movie, has apparently invaded Sony and leaked a few movies not even in theaters yet One of them, Still Alice, has some hot Oscar buzz going for it, and Kim Jong rounds out the set with Fury and the new Mike Leigh movie, so there's plenty to choose from.
Last time, they sent out loads of confirmations with no jackets delivered, so maybe just ask for the jackets instead.
Haha, well, I don't eBay, so maybe I might the right play. Thanks for confirming it's not just me.
[[SPOILER]] Celebrating my first hot soak like it's 2009.
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New Posts  All Forums: