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For the record, I too have always hated fun. Hate it, hate it, hate it. No, sir, no ma'am. No way, no how, okay, okey-dokey.
Great jacket. In my (inexpert) opinion, a different colored shirt and some white Vans slip-ons would push this toward the current ideal. Check out cotton dockers' tumblr if you haven't. It's basically a hi-res wellspring of ideas for this sort of thing.
Where to acquire literary training/hobbies?
Dude! Really? How! Thought that was killed years back, after endless trying. Figured Powers would have just replaced it, for some reason. This is excellent news.
Actually, that was one of Chris Claremont's original X-Men, along with Wolverine (a Canadian), Storm (an African), Colossus (a Russian), and Banshee (a redhead).* Yeah, I'm not sure how you can say they've made no female superhero movies except the ones they've made? They've been trying to make several for years, including Wonder Woman. There was also Buffy and Dark Angel on the small screen, and the two Kick-Ass movies were only nominally about that one guy...Seems like...
Yeah, but he needs to size up 1 on everything That's great, though, my favorite in awhile; should be pasted to the color challenge thread as well.
Whoah, thumbs up to this whole page, and the synchronicity continues as I've also just picked up that one, as well as everything by Dylan Horrocks. (Great reviews, btw). I think I found Horrocks through this Rolling Stone list -- about the best Google will deliver on the subject -- and spent a good deal of time hunting everything down, both digital and in print. So excited to see you you guys reviewing the comics. (Best Non-Superhero Graphic Novel List:...
Whenever I see this discussion about thumbs, and activity, and courting or keeping new members, it always seems the easiest thing to demand would just be a certain level of civility towards new posters -- even if you don't believe they have as much to contribute. The last post I remember from you was in the contentedness thread, a brief shitty reply towards someone with a low post count who had the audacity to express joy over some item or another that didn't quite live...
^ Had to double-check the user name on that one.
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New Posts  All Forums: