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Dammit. At least it's ironic though, right?
Whelp, I was so stoked to find this one, eager both to detourn a bit of the old evil iconography and to give a shout-out to Alex P. Keaton all in one go, but alas...it's already just a shitty mass-market hipster thing. Oh well. Still good for the beach.
Holy shit, man! Engineered Garments linen!And soz bro, I dunno. Unless it's something I wore when I was eight, all my t-shirt knowledge comes from Google and Playdice.
This must be what PRL's look like in Europe.
[[SPOILER]] You all look fantastic! Let me just hose things down a bit with some cotton dobby suit + rescue cat action...
. .
I'd prefer a fresh crop moving forward, and fear I've mined the past so hard its beams are collapsing, but I'm always open to suggestions. Crap, as long as I'm over-posting, I'm also going to need the literary equivalent of a 1980's teen beach/sex comedy, if there is such a thing. I'm talking sand and syntax. Maybe just something with a beach. I don't like McEwan and I've read the Bolano, but anything else -- preferably zany, but eloquent -- hit me up, Gs.
That has absolutely no sexual overtones whatsoever, whew!
Steve Harvey
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