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They seem to have tripled in price with no rise in quality. Pass.
Oh shit, Spooooooooooooope! and everything, but it so reminds me of this....
Wait, those are nice, why don't you just be thin and rock the cool coats if they fit?!
*laughs* *drives away in BMW*
I'm sure those suggestions are great if you're more into MC, but to me, the sweatshirt with the little panels looks great -- it's the humdrum khakis that really bring it down. Try it the same way with some burgundy or deep purple pants or something (photoshoop if needed) then report back...
Any more than twice and you're just playing with it.
Agreed! Definitely one of the best movies of all time. I bought the script not too long ago, and it pretty much said McDowell owes his whole career to a mistake. Apparently, during his reading with the shopkeeper with whom he shares a rustic roll, instead of using a stage punch or whatever, he accidentally hit her in the face. Lindsay Anderson thought it was intentional, saw that he was crazy, and hired him on the spot..
(Double post... So who else is hoping in light of all this new awesomeness, they can just go ahead and rock that beach jacket they got year-round? )
Whoah, that looks great! I think it's your best. (Please disregard my earlier confusion -- I think the street blog I was looking at literally posted a picture of the wrong jacket )
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