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Hmmm, I don't remember how it ends (I've seen it lots of times), but the part with that chubby kid vanishing the pastry bit by bit is one of my all-time favorite scenes. (I must have been like five when I first saw it, too, because I remember Jennifer Connely as that beautiful older woman )
lol, that saki would be expensive where I live, much like Lone Star Light is a *luxury import brand* in select other states. Numerous studies have shown that people's rating of wine is dependent on how expensive they're told it is. I try to avoid the racket altogether, though I do like my Crown....
Damn, I was thinking Our Legacy unstructured as far as that pajama-like feeling goes, or EG if you could get away with it. I don't wear suits that often, and my attempts to achieve that comfort level with formal clothing has been a series of strikeouts with trusted and 'knowledgable' local tailors.
Good. They got rid of Blockbuster and their 600% late fees (imagine paying $300,000 for returning a rental car late!) -- I hope the competition is able to tighten focus and boost quality as well. (Sometimes these shake-ups can be a good thing, as when the writers strike showed how a 12 episode season was preferable to 24, and that became the norm). The only thing that worries me is the inclusion of reality shows.
Thanks. Hadn't heard of the kinori, will definitely check it out.(Visiting Boston recently, I saw a Harvard lady-student exiting Uniqlo in one of those voluminous Hilfiger reissue sweatshirts from end clothing; was glorious).
Thanks. And clothes -- clothes until I fit in my old ones. I look like a gd square. (The shape, though I suppose I also look like a normal).
So I got married, got happy, gained 25 lbs. I'm 5'9. What the eff do I even wear? Is there a thread for this?
I don't know much about them, either, but I have seen large patches for sale. A Metallica patch strikes me as pretty odd, though, given the decade and age group.
So does that one Metallica t-shirt have a patch? After no luck finding some vintage shirts I wanted to gift people, I discovered the old iron-on market on eBay; they're cheap compared to the price of a vintage shirt, yet still bright and new, and you can just apply them to a cheap NOS t-shirt in the size and era of your choosing. Even found the same Star Wars iron-on I had as a kindergartner. Might be worth checking out if you're having trouble finding something, or...
Isn't that what ruined Burberry for awhile? They wanted to sell their crap to a certain type of people, then freaked out when they were seen wearing it?
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