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That could be a mistake, as nicer, European-sized pants may slip through your grasp. (Like I'm an EU 48, so will at least check the 48-ish area. In my experience, these pants stick around longer, too, as people think they're mis-sized or just don't check).That said, I've moved, and have found exactly nothing out here. NOTHING!
I heard that outside the occasional pond excursion, Thoreau's life was actually a lot like Jeff Who Lives At Home.
Great pics, but who is this woman, and what has she done with Mrs. Karen Van Buren?
Whelp, it looks like I might be selling my size 48 jackets for really reals...: 1) ToJ1 all-black varsity, size '48'. Length from back of collar is like 23". I'm 5'9, 38 chest, and it's a good fit -- though I've seen taller people rock the same measurements, so who knows. 2) Also an anniversary varsity (ToJ0?) -- black body with the coveted whiskey leather sleeves.
Oh, hey guys... I've got some new Uniqlo slim fit khakis, size 32, I just bought. Will trade for size 33 or something, as they're just not as vanity sized as some of their other pants.
That's going to be quite a slog -- but a good, and probably expensive, one. Grabbing CDisplay and finding a good comic download site will allow you to read them all on your laptop for free.
Where do you see the old fit on the site? Are they the ones with or without the red collar stripe by the tag?
Oh, look, it's a brand new Apple Ipad. You've always wanted to play around with one of these! Comes in original box, still encased in plastic. It came 'free' (not really free) with a car lease and has the name of a classic luxury car stenciled on the back, a custom hard/protective case you can totally discard if you want, and many awesome features, detailed below. These are selling for $200 *used and refurbished* on eBay, so I figured less than the same price for a new...
New Posts  All Forums: