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No way, dude -- we must combine our powers to weather this storm.I've got a nice, unworn, slim black linen coat by Theory. It's really nice, but the shoulders have passants or epaulets, depending on your level of nerdery, lending it a slight militar-ish feel. Been meaning to have those removed, but haven't gotten around to it, as I already have a go-to in that area. Just sayin'.Anyway, this is doubly bad because my fiance loves the look of a man in a black suit and wants...
Also need a cheap black suit in 38 short/ 32 or 33 waist. What is it with black suits? Where are you supposed to wear them, other than funerals?
Check the first post....
Funded in part by some ridiculous sneakers I never wore.
On eBay would be my guess...
Dairy does go bad very quickly.
What is the function of wheat jeans?
I dunno, I prefer that guy's other video where he proves how Star Wars sucks because some of its fans are total nerds.
Also, when did this happen!
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