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Wasn't Hecules Lou Ferigno? That shit was terrible. But the Conan movies were solid. If we could just get them to make the Wonder Woman movie in the 80s, I'm confident it could do well.
So i'm on a tiny island and can't properly respond, but I wanted to say thanks to all of you who took the time to answer my question -- that was very helpful and I appreciate it!
May I present to you the Arnold Schwarzenegger Conan films....
Oh, sup. We thrifted a wedding in Saint Lucia...! More when the data rates are less rape-y. Thumbs to everyone.
Noob question, if you will: I'm just getting back into lifting after about a decade of aerobic stuff plus occasional body weight exercises for health/maintenance -- and I'm finding myself too sore to hit any muscle group more than once per week. Historically, I've seemed to respond best to once a week -type stuff -- but of course I'd like to exercise in the most efficient way possible. Considering this recent talk on the science behind volume, do you think noobs should...
Damns...I was just reading a study linked on Lifehacker about how shorter rest periods are ideal for hypertrophy.
Agreed -- I think in general, this is true. I just haven't experienced this among friends or the people I interact with online.The trailer -- which to me, looked entirely unfunny, and a waste of proven talent -- does make it ripe for backlash. It's just unfortunate that people have chosen to focus what I would consider superficial elements.Given the cast and creative team behind it, I would have preferred to have seen something more in line with what they do best -- maybe...
There is a difference in muscle size vs. strength; for instance, you'll often see very fit power lifter types, stronger, but tiny in comparison to their bodybuilder bro counterparts...
This fall, Bendis/Gaydos return for a brand new Jessica Jones series, imaginatively titled Jessica Jones. Alias (the original) was of course the best thing ever. Super-stoked.
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