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Isn't that what ruined Burberry for awhile? They wanted to sell their crap to a certain type of people, then freaked out when they were seen wearing it?
If Spoo were a superhero, his nemesis would be Mothman.
It does seem to make asses ripen into taut, glowing orbs, though. What's up with that? If I try yoga, will it balance out the dreaded ape-legged physique?
Well, when you put it in that context, it sounds more fun. It would be great if they could do it with some amount of care: fresh scenarios, the right ensemble cast, instead of just whose popular at the moment, etc. I guess those are more general worries, but I'd pretty much given up hope after the Joss Whedon shenanigans (from memory, they get a talented guy because he has vision, then they completely rewrite his vision).In comic book reading news (please skip if already...
Apparently, the killer and a lesser journalist, I suppose, wrote their own book, which Capote tried to suppress:
Now, before I submit my sartorial sestina cycle to the new print mag -- are sestinas allowed?
So much this...Destro could be a real asshole when someone's dad let them pull over at one of the many firecracker booths lining the highway next to the burnt-out meth shacks on road trips. He and the Baronness must have dismembered countless treasures; even their friend, the Chameleon, met his unlikely doom in their bloodlust. But they too ultimately suffered in the flame pit, along with perhaps some Muscle Men.When my great grandmother passed away, all we could unearth...
Once, after a friend claimed he was given tickets (lol), I saw Vanilla Ice open for MC Hammer. We told no one. We bought no t-shirts. Now I would kill for one!
I dunno, after the first two films (claustrophobic suspense vs. funnier balls-out action) I don't really see the point. He tried to give us a more philosophical film (within the oh-noes-scary-monsters! framework, lol) and failed; what's left, other than essentially genre porn -- hitting the same notes?Seems like it's best left to other directors on a straight to video format.(I never saw it working outside that claustrophobic context anyway. The aliens are smart, but more...
I watched some yoga for beginners videos and didn't see the difference between that and...stretching.
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