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I need to buy trade APC tagged size 32, so right thread, get in here...
I liked it -- and it seems like the movie had a good influence on a few recent efforts, like Birdman and that one True Detective episode.
I guess I just had way different expectations based upon the tone of the first nine tenths of the movie -- plus the fact it was introduced to me as a family film. :P
Haha...Just watched Into the Woods, a musical which on the surface appears to be a sweet amalgam of traditional fairy tales, but which completely sucks and goes off the rocker at the end because... [[SPOILER]]
I feel I'm locked into some terrible reverse- Dorian Gray scenario where I get older, but Synthese's hair never ages.
I remember reading in some Criterion liner note or another how ironic it is that he's the go-to Japanese filmmaker, as all his efforts are distinctly American in nature...In other news, we caught The Golden Child the other day while too lazy to move from the couch -- am happy to report it really holds up.
Trying to keep topical.
I felt it was pretty involving, with solid characters, and definitely the most mature effort from that particular network -- however, for me, the big reveal at season's end was just too close to an uber-popular dude movie, and kind of disappointing.I've liked the first few season two eps ok, but haven't finished and understand it's left many feeling cold.
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