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Yo, that hat is doooooope!Too bad I've hopped the portal again. No way to receive packages here where there are no roads, we don't need roads.That reminds me, special thanks again to all my homies who sent big boxes of awesome: Ace Face, My Main Man, the aforementioned Spoo and Tex Jake...will try to honor with fit pics if the bros can be obliged. Please refer to this video for more de-tails:
lols, dude tried that on me once. Just said, Cool, thanks for donating them!, threw 'em in my cart, hurried away.@PLaydice ?
FWIW, I paid my cobbler $12 for boots and dress shoes, and it's worked out well. Never tried a spray, through.
I've gotten my shoes stretched for cheaper, and know that works.
Two shirts I liked. Not expensive. Vintage 'special' police / death squad shirt. Shadowchasers '91(?) Preview(?). Any nerds here? Is this Yugi-oh related? I dunno.... If I made a Knowledge Box, this would be in it. Witness this tradedy, also known as 'fools gold' in the made-up community: From the front, it looks like an amazing Big Dog shirt, but lo -- turn it around, and see what became of the company in the 90's. Losing money and desperate to...
. @jet @jet @jet @jet @jet @jet @jet @jet .
You got anything for trade?
Sorry, I'm not trying to be dense here, but I assumed it was a hipster thing -- basically, the cognoscenti trying to detourn the iconography of a blatant evil. Not frat bros engaging in a kind of un-ironic, rah-rah I'm rich, bitch!, rape culture bro fist! Surely that can't be right?*Still me, bro...I've just traveled to 1989. Had to alter my handle to explain various sartorial decisions *Note I was in a fraternity in Austin, and I wasn't bad, and realize not all bros are...
Are they? Stay tuned for Smokey the Bear shirt.
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