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Dude, Mr. Tony is a great user name. It's both Lynchian and Tarrantino-esque.
Graves' Goodbye to All That is really, really good, if you haven't read that one yet.
I read about a quarter of Umberto's book on semiotics at roughly the same time I was discovering the whole discipline is either vastly overstated or completely dependent on fashion or @ 99% full of shit. Later, I read the author's admission it was 'out of date' and had a low-grade chuckle. Name of the Rose, though -- that was a good one.
RFT now as impenetrable to n00bs as WAYWT.
I have 250k worth, but it's all Uniqlo.
I've really enjoyed this MoK summer edition. It's like getting a new type of Skittles -- bold new flavor, same sugary goodness.
No, I am saying you should try wearing it with all those things. Also: Dude. Relax. It's a black jacket. Wear it however you want, it won't look bad.
Wear it open over one of those nautical Picasso shirts... Then try it over a loud yellow plaid button down... Then over a classic white tee... Then over your bare chest smeared with the blood of your enemies... Then over a crisp and elegant timeless white oxford.
"Don't post opinions on things I don't sell" is certainty not an informative or helpful response, and neither is uniform praise from a vendor looking to move units at any cost. Its not a difference of opinion, it's just spam, more filler we all have to wade through. Your comments are more applicable to a true discussion -- of which this thread is in dire need. Otherwise, as someone above said, we could all just re-read the promotional materials.
C'mon, man, this isn't an affiliate thread designed for you to hawk your wares. I appreciate these kind of opinions, and already have to wade through all kinds of promotional bullshit and constant sales and stock updates across three or four threads just to get to it. Please try to keep that in mind.
New Posts  All Forums: