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Well, I dunno if it would hold the same charge today, but it if you were a 15 year old Twin Peaks fan, it might have made your year.
This -- or more specifically, the bathroom/locker room issue -- is still the most problematic "feminist" issue for me, the one I can't get behind, the one that nets me the most criticism. Believing yourself to be something you're objectively not is a legitimate mental illness. It should always classified and treated as such, and still is (in these cases, because there's no danger posed to others, the accepted treatment is gender reassignment surgery). There is zero...
Oh, man, you're right. I don't know how I could have confused the two, especially since Two Moon Junction was the lone R-rated film to survive hidden on my Batman VHS -- all the way up to my little brother's birthday party, when a group of second graders sat wide-eyed in a circle.RIP, secret VHS.
Guys, my Google-Fu is weak. I see the new iwatch comes in a variety of price points; I don't need the most outrageous, but see the best buy version, at $370-ish, seems to be the cheapest. If someone wants one for Xmas, which version do they want -- and where do you buy it? Thanks.
At three o'clock, a bully must confront a hapless nerd who unwittingly commits a minor, but very public, offense against him. At three-fifteen, a former bully must confront his old friends who, in prime 80s style, violate his girlfriend. One will go on to seduce the inviolable Sherrilyn Fenn in Wild Orchid, the other will taste victory, then fade sweetly into oblivion. This pair is one shower scene short of hitting every delicious 80s stereotype. Good times...
I was waaaay surprised to see they framed the question of robot consciousness around Julian Jaynes's The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. Earlier, a friend had joked that the book seemed to fit Willem Defoe's Green Goblin character, but it makes perfect sense when considering an android breaking fee of the voices/commands heard from its masters....If no one's read the book, it's really fascinating. Huge explanatory power, and a very...
I don't, but suddenly want one.
Looking for cheap-ass uniqlo chinos (size 34 or 35) or oxfords, sweaters, and flannels (medium, regular cut if specified) given my totally unexpected surge of post-marital weight gain (who knew sausages could do that?). Also looking for APC petit standards tagged 33-35 (waist measurement required). I have dollars, trades, or undending tales of gastroenterological horror. .
Great challenge. (I know Richard Gere's playing a whore, but is that really a sleezy look?)
Anyone know if there's a uniqlo chino that has fabric to be let out or taken in at the waist? (Or if you even need extra fabric to make the waist smaller?). I hate returning things by mail. Thanks!
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