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They insist on fancy-pants, but tennis shoes are OK? This sounds like an odd work environment.@renalan, that is my current dream jacket, but It feels like you just unboxed it and threw it on over another fit. Since that is like my default look, I feel I can point this out without worry. I'd love to see that with a tee and some boots or sneakers....
I'm the only one who thought this was swagtastic, then? It seems to fit right into your aesthetic (experimenting, on the EQ, with 50s nerd and coke dealer in various shades).Those phone fades! They're jeans, then?I dig the loafers, too. Just dab a little white paint on 'em and tell the internets they're ss margiela.
[[SPOILER]] Anyways, I liked Enemy a ton, can't wait to see his others (Inendies and Pyrotechnique, I think they're called).
@sipang (big Prisoners spoilers) [[SPOILER]]
No, bene! These coats are like the Infinity Gems; no mortal should possess them all. I fear this will only hasten kg's god-like reign -- and we don't yet know what that could look like. It's too powerful to even contemplate. It could destroy us all.
I thought it was well-acted and pretty involving at the end, but it kind if had a bullshit morality about some minor things, like torture.I couldn't believe it when [[SPOILER]] Until that point, the movie seemed like a strident, even cartoonish, indictment of US attitudes.
Yeah, I wanted to try it like this guy: [[SPOILER]] I'll never reach 7', so this is probably the best it's going to get.Thanks for the comments, reeg! I always appreciate suggestions. I'll try it out this summer (and try not to spill anything).My phone reversed the pic for some reason.
Alright KJ, I've taken your advice. The comfort is there, but is this louche or douche?
Bro, bro....bro. Wait.I did not even mention House of Cards. Watched ten minutes, felt skippable, turned it off. (We will all of us die someday, let us not watch in vain). It may well be good, I don't know -- I enjoyed SF'er Dig Me Now's work as an extra, which you can see in scree caps on this very site.Homeland had as good a first season as you could expect from just about anything, I thought. Maybe you could pick apart its politics or whatever, but I have chosen not to,...
^start using thuuuuuuuuuummbbsss!!!!!! [[SPOILER]]
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