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^ Haha, thanks. Love that movie, love early Spader.... [[SPOILER]] Also, Arrggghhhhh. I am ETRO (Linen. Large. Frayed collar. Fated to become a mandarin collared beach shirt. Tentatively available). [[SPOILER]] NOT MY SIZE AND AVAILABLE! I KEEP BUYING THESE! BECAUSE I FEEL I MUST! [[SPOILER]] DITTO. XL. SO MINT! I DON'T THINK THEY MAKE THEM IN MY SIZE! WHERE ARE THE JAWNZ IN MY SIZE?
These are great and you should make this a routine gig and become an affiliate vendor and sell them so I can buy them. Cool find. Are you going to rock these? You should rock these. Seems like another brand that goes in and out of being 'cool' depending on where they're sold and who you ask -- but some of their drawstring pants are really great. I've got a pair of their thick shiny blue 'velvet' jogging pants -- 100% polyester, just like the $800 Lanvin jogging pants....
Can't I look at them here?
The New Mutants, as an X-men spin-off, would seem to make more sense than the Fantastic Four, a combination that barely works in the comics. (i.e. even forgetting why the world needs multiple teams, or where they all disappear to when a threat pops up, they seem to inhabit different earths -- one where humans are afraid of superpower (The X-Men, Spider-Man), and one where they champion it (FF, everything else).Plus, keeping the crossovers mutants-only could open the door...
Cool, will there also be something to eat?
More of an RP, but I was super-stoked to finally get this CdGH+ coat in the mail, I had to snap a pic on the way out. [[SPOILER]] lol breezy.
A fair contest? [[SPOILER]]
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