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The UserName84 Rule -- If he thumbs your post, you know it's unreasonably cruel.
By 90s standards, yes -- though today it's maybe a bit more complicated.
Oh, gd, man!... So I just caught the first full-length Terminator trailer, and it appears they decided to replace John Connor with a block of wood. I don't get it. Is the no one with muscles who can act? Does John Connor even have to have muscles? Its not the 1980s anymore. They should have just dried out Michael Biehn and recast him.Otherwise, the whole simultaneous remake/sequel thing looks promising (though odds are it will suck).Moving on, do we ever discuss comics...
Ten minutes into Blackhat: Some evil genius, using a "compute-or", decides to spike soy futures in China (oh noes!), expertly dramatized by following a jolt of electricity as it coils through a pretend cgi microchip (why is there so much sunlight in there?). Cut to the Exposition Room, a secret underground facility where chatty men love to tell the camera exactly what just happened. Followed by the crazy idea that it will it take a hacker to beat a hacker, and then the...
Keep hanging out in coffee shops, seeldoger, your tip on James Agee's film book was the greatest thing to happen in months. Other guy: shut up.
Greetings, brothers!, I shout across the stiff winds of time. I am phasing in and out; please take advantage of these deals while the continuum holds.... Everything in my FS threads now available for immediate trade! Seek and you shall find.
Definitely your best to date, and in such short time, as well. Thumbs-up.
So what did you think? This one actually scared me off the internet (or at least caused me to change some of my habits). Have you unplugged at all? Nice. It was on my shelf for ten, before I finally dove in.(Also, a few months back, I lost a PM from one of you. I think it was you -- if so, that was unintentional, and I apologize).Are you telling me you've hit twenty so far, in eight weeks, including the Bible? (I haven't read through the back-pages yet -- that's next)....
FEBRUARY I. BOOKS Memory Wall, Anthony Doerr: A collection from my favorite contemporary writer at the moment. The worst thing about this book is that it ends. About Grace, Anthony Doerr I could probably count this one three times for all the re-reading and annotating I did - his first full-length novel, about a possibly psychic man who abruptly leaves his family after a vision of his daughter's death. Kind of an odd mix of Stephen King and nature writing, brimming with...
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