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Hahahahaha, awesome!!!Reminds me of this (if impatient, skip to 1:20)(Just returned from my 1st trip to Boaston; no thriftenings, no time for meetups . Will answer backlog of PMs shortly....)
Sure, lets go with that...
Dunno about the belt, but based on your avatar, you might enjoy this recent pickup:
It's not, but still pretty cool, IMO. I kept finding and trying to squeeze into a kid's XL, TNWSS.
Nice. Those are the best finds... btw, what dad jeans are you rocking there?
Have you seen The Drop? He was outstanding in that, and very different than Bane or Bronson or whatever else you're thinking about.
If you're selling on eBay, conventional wisdom says yes. On sf, no, I found out
The thing that stuck out to me at the time was all the killer bullets zagging through the water, though apparently, that turned out to be a fiction as well. Still cool, though.
Can't. Tried. Now everything I touch on the racks screams, NOT VUARNET!.
I saw some grainy online footage, and it definitely seems different from the previous films. Officially stoked.
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