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Are these jackets actually 'rebuilt', or did someone just fray the edges? Some of these just look like they took a cheese grater to the thrift store.The military coats, by contrast, looked really good and Frankenstein-ish; you could see the separate pieces coming together to form a new whole...I'm just not seeing that here.
Sell your spot to 300 hopefuls. Move to the third world. Use the money to open a restaurant. Taunt the naive with infrequent 'updates'.Bonus points: invent an avuncular 'factory manager', then use him to obfuscate whatever needs obfuscating.
Dude, Mr. Tony is a great user name. It's both Lynchian and Tarrantino-esque.
Graves' Goodbye to All That is really, really good, if you haven't read that one yet.
I read about a quarter of Umberto's book on semiotics at roughly the same time I was discovering the whole discipline is either vastly overstated or completely dependent on fashion or @ 99% full of shit. Later, I read the author's admission it was 'out of date' and had a low-grade chuckle. Name of the Rose, though -- that was a good one.
RFT now as impenetrable to n00bs as WAYWT.
I have 250k worth, but it's all Uniqlo.
I've really enjoyed this MoK summer edition. It's like getting a new type of Skittles -- bold new flavor, same sugary goodness.
No, I am saying you should try wearing it with all those things. Also: Dude. Relax. It's a black jacket. Wear it however you want, it won't look bad.
Wear it open over one of those nautical Picasso shirts... Then try it over a loud yellow plaid button down... Then over a classic white tee... Then over your bare chest smeared with the blood of your enemies... Then over a crisp and elegant timeless white oxford.
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