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^Says US 10, dude. That's a lady size.
That looks amazing -- now please to sell me your canvas one.
It's their answer to the Japanese character tattoo.
The gray leggings jeans were well-received. Somewhere in the last few months is a highly-thumbed pic of KJ rocking them with a black blazer; he reports that, at least in cut, they are very similar to the coveted Dior whatever-centimeter model.And though I can't speak to Uniqlo quality overall, their shirts -- particularly the oxfords -- have been very reliable.
WILL SELF! Are you a huge fan? I'm a huge fan. Let's be huge Will Self fans!I didn't even know there was a new one out (possibly not in the US just yet) but wow -- glorious day!In personal reading news, William Gass's The Tunnel has knocked me way, way, WAY off course. I've all but given up, two hundred pages from the end. Short stories have rushed to filled the void, sad little numbers, uncounted toward any goal: Egan, Nabokov, Lagerkvist, and a few from the massive...
Thanks, MoK! This is very helpful, and I was able to pick up a couple of these for the pile.On top of the pile: DeLillo's Running Dog. The length? Manageable. The verdict? Awesome, totally awesome. You know what I love about DeLillo, aside from his paranoia, his bumblebee-flies-anyway plots, and his general greatness? It's the near-singular prose style, the supple acrobatics, the mix of cultures, high and low, but most of all it might be the way he's able to vary the tone...
Ha, I see. IMHO, you should ditch the DC stuff and get on board with Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.! ...though a lagg-y phone precludes me from saying just why... ((Pls keep me in the loop)) (((Watch Red Oaks, I've got high hopes!)))
Pssst, yo, barrel, deets on Lost Girl while everyone's still asleep? (I had high hopes for Honourable Woman, but the first episode is a complete narcotic).
Oh, awesome. Thanks, I'll definitely add this to my list. (Even if it's bad, I'm sure it will be instructive to compare it to what -- IMHO -- the original film got right). Just started DeLillo's Running Dog, an earlier effort that, just going by the plot, might resemble my ideal bespoke DeLillo piece.
New Posts  All Forums: