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Whew, thank God. At first I saw that and thought the Oxford English Dictionary had been compromised.
I can't even tell if that is in earnest or parody.He has taken hundreds of thousands (whether he spent it wisely or not), and $900 is a lot of money to over 99% of the globe.
It's all fun and games when you're sitting on everyone's money, I guess. Who needs a middleman to deliver an email? Give out the email address, and people can email him. THERE'S A SUGGESTION!
I'm sorry, but what. in the actual. fucking. fuck.
JABONATOR!!!! Thanks, enjoyed this one quite a bit...
FUCKING L O L!Whatever. I'm done. Charlie, I don't know your part in this, but if you have no control over anything, and you don't realize how awful it is to use new 'customers' money to refund the old ones, it might be time for you to jump ship?
I disagree. In fact, they were taken in by the classic scammer's MO.-- Buy an affiliate thread on a fashion forum -- instant lemmings, the appearance of legitimacy.-- Concoct a semi-romantic story, share tales of personal life -- humanize yourself to the audience.-- Identify a few influential posters. Be really nice to them.- nicelynice, let's hang out in Korea, here's a jacket at top speed!- BradT, here's a custom leather! Tell everyone how special ToJ is!- Synthese --...
Take a look at look at the 'Buying and Selling on eBay' thread. This happens all the time, and like it or not, this behavior is very problematic, to say the least. They are literally making new customers pay the old customers. That is a pyramid. And yes, upon request, up to many months from now, paypal will refund these new side-payments, leaving the original dupe with no jacket, and no money.EDIT:FWIW, that was just a regular listing to trade my jacket. I guess the title...
Why are you you not refunding people, but instead selling selling air to newer victims?Those receiving these pyramid-scam 'refunds' (some of which will surely be taken back by paypal dispute) should return the grift money and open a dispute through all avenues available.
People can get a shirt anywhere, okay? They come to Uniqlo for the atmosphere and the attitude. Okay? That's what the flare's about. It's about fun.
New Posts  All Forums: