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Shortly. They will follow.... Oh whatever. Just buy this thing.
Bros. Bros. Can you hear me, come in bros. It's me, noob. I have made it to the American 1980s. It's dark here. I can't see much. I'm phasing in and out. I can bring back only one thing, one thing, but what? Please, someone fetch Nataku -- ask him about this special Sheena Easton album, sent out to radio "dee jays", along with, presumably, cocaine. Marked *not for sale* Replete with arcane industry markings. Inside: a gyrating Sheena Easton. Head bands, leg warmers. Guys....
Hahaha....Honestly, though, it seems like any cartoon would crumble under that kind of scrutiny. Why did Voltron never learn to start out wholly-assembled, even though that's the only way they ever beat anyone? Why did GI Joe only have one guy for each unit? Why were they such poor marksmen?
On the contrary, I find Gachaman to be a solid nine on the Proustian Recovery Scale, and viewing that image^ alone just knocked loose whole chunks of my Sunday school experience, time spent behind the see-saws arguing with girls in flowery dresses the merits of heroes with non-laser-based weapons. Maybe it wasn't so technically advanced, I dunno. But it feels right.
Everyone cool knows anime begins and ends with Star Blazers and Battle of the Planets. [[SPOILER]]
For my fellow OCD sufferers (surely a small percentage of a persnickety clothing forum, right?). This is awesome, Ken P! Could you guys maybe battle the west coast bros, Anchorman-style?
Some of their button-downs are really nice, but more MC-ish. Overpriced, but not more than other brands. I like that they're so, so wacky, they make things in colors other than black -- the gall, the outrage! I still want this navy bomber. And the pants.
All of it.
IRKSM reminds me -- I need some 80s stuff suitable for time travel -- not lumpen crusty suits, the refuse of any old era -- but shirts, ties, hats, & pantaloons rich with the patterns of the day, suffused possibly with neon, and with love. Also T-shirts: oversized Depeche Mode, rad Vision Skateboards offerings. Michael Jackson: BAD. Will pay cash money or space credits or even trade for them. (If you're super-nice, I'll even let you borrow my new yellow Sony Sports Walkman).
New Posts  All Forums: