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I got the feeling Chuck P____ was kind of using satire to circle around a bunch of nifty ideas about masculinity and capitalism, but ultimately just wrote something he thought was wicked cool. The movie is pretty much the same. Jameson would apply (to both this and American Psycho), but I find Jameson overblown and insensitive and fucking tacky to no end.
Sorry if it's common knowledge, but what are these fantastic suits combining the best of that1980s d__ swagger with the power of the now? F___ing fantastic, that is. I almost grailed my pants. Thanks, man. I was certain everyone would've hated this one.
Sometimes when reading the forums, a full-night's rest still has its advantages ...
Thanks, @Ace_Face! That is a bookmark for sure. Sounds like a fun trip, especially with everyone rocking the Jams.
Man, you guys blew it. And on the very day that StyFo-Robo decides to highlight this thread ... (I withhold, for the moment, my glorious jpegs, the Goonies tees, the Nike tees, the button-fronts all swimming in pastel. I withold from you my timeless films on VHS, Police Academy and Dream a Little Dream, sweet food that sustains us. Do you deserve them? Are you worthy of the Officer Mahoney? Of the Meredith Salenger, sheathed in latex, putting eyeballs at risk? No, sir!,...
God, VOLTRON! I had these things. We had these things. But where did they all go...!!!! That got to be the coolest haul in ages. (Would also like to know what happened when the Fat Boys met the phat pimp himself, Ice T). So much win .... @ChetB: What's that cool-looking drawing thingie? It's nice.
New Posts  All Forums: