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I'm uncomfortable with this idea that everything "manufactured" lacks distinction.
So the grandfather just bequeathed me his set of first-run Ian Fleming books, the hardbacks and the paperbacks. The covers are mostly amazing, but does anyone know where to start with these?
Now I know the difference between a sorcerer and an academic. (In my discipline, it's sometimes hard to tell).
Any of you Malick fans check out David Gordon Green's first few films? Heavily-inspired-by, but great all the same. Pay attention, and you will even get to see a pre-fame Zooey Deschanel act.
Sup Namor: they are actually pretty big glasses -- I forget the exact 4_ digit, but it's the big one -- and will work on fat faces, as well as attractive ones (note Sophia Bush, above). The trick is to make sure the color will jibe with your complexion.
Good morning, thrifters! Scorpion: No. The Flash: You burned me with Arrow Season 2. Never again. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: I can't stay mad at you. Assorted peeps: expect goodies in the mail this Thursday. Ken P: sell me dat blazer. Ogretorix: Fueco: you auto-correct to Fuck-O
Yeah, there's always a trade off, food-wise. I feel bad for my peeps in Oregon when they talk about 'Mexican food', though I suppose in LA, that too is probably the real deal.The only thing that's ever made me want to move are pancakes. Real pancakes. From the Netherlands. Pannekoeken! I was kidding, but if you'd like to vent, PM me with your analysis.
I would like to hear more about this Coco-Puffs oligarchy...
I still don't get this idea that donuts in different shapes deserve new names or are somehow different from each other. They are not! They are not, man! It's the same stuff, rebranded. Just like we call Taco Bell different things when we mash it into various shapes -- taco, burrito, fiesta bowl -- when really, deep down, we know it's the same three ingredients. Donuts are donuts, man. It's mystifying.
Yo, DONUT, you ever find something to watch? It occurs to me (though I'll let the trailers do the talking) that within conventional genre frameworks, Brit Marling's been busy crowbarring in some really, really good small-scale human dramas. Hers are films that have stayed with me more or less. I bet you might like them, too.
New Posts  All Forums: