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Don't worry, that's just the normal reaction to Harry Potter.
This is probably true of most people; go back far enough and you'll see people telling the supremely non-contentious snowman how he should just throw in the towel because he would never get it.
Sweet...will be staying there in 2 weeks -- at least I could afford to try something on.
Both of your examples apply, though. In the first, the peer group will likely have a positive influence in terms of attitudes conducive to weight loss, and a negative impact on the second.Also, no matter how hard I try to act like it online, I'm not 18.
Peer groups --and their behaviors, and what they value -- are definitely a factor. Just look at the last few pages of this thread.
Eat fewer calories than you burn, and always use the word 'fewer', not 'less'.
Deets on Vitamin D and subjective weight loss experience? [[SPOILER]]
I wear a 33 in Uniqlo chinos now (32 in most other brands ) and both the M and L linen blend shorts are a good fit. (The large a bit longer and roomier, but nothing extreme). I've worn the mediums for a day and the waist has already stretched out a tad. At $15, I liked them so much I sent back all their chino shorts I ordered.
How was this?The older I get, the more pressing it seems to rid my shelves of extraneous bullshit -- and in this regard, two books will gleefully remain: Nathalie Sarraute's Portrait of a Man Unknown and J. Robert Lennon's Pieces For the Left Hand.
Texas y'all...
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