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Whaaaaaaaaat...c'mon, man, are you unaware that's the same jacket favored by Mozzie of White Collar fame? I've been jonesing for one of those for awhile now.In other news, thumbs to everyone! (Can't do this on my phone anymore). Especially My Man -- holy shit, that was funny.
I need an app or an add-on or something that lets me save all of Man of Kent's photos as something other than 'LL'.
You know you're my bro and all, but you and this guy have a lot in common.
I can't find out anything on how to see this or buy this and it's driving me nuts.(Next to David Berman's Actual Air, this is still the most stolen book from my apartment).
Don't try to rank them. It's impossible. (P.S. I just read Ben Stein's Hollywood Days, Hollywood Nights, and it's got some great behind the scenes moments from the Hughes films).
I gave my thumb based on the poster alone, but now that I've immersed myself in this nonsense, would like that thumb back. Post haste!
Holy shit! Congratulations, man! Holy shit!Holy shit!
Area woman afraid to let husband leave the house ...
New Posts  All Forums: