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Wrong! Simple Men is clearly a 10/5. The only thing it lacks is one false note...
As promised: MAD PROPS! Will wear to the beach. In light of new developments, I hereby declare these finds...worthy of the trip.Get the poster too, that thing is cool!
Just tell me the Maui Nix Spring Break shirt is vintage, and I'll be OK.
^I gave you thumb, bro -- I know what vintage Clash is worth. Gold, pure gold.Sculpted Beard Team '15, New Business: Captain Wes's Membership: REVOKED!THIS WEEKI:For the first time in history, I'm contemplating a return on .... everything. It's possible I wasn't listening when @PLaydice was explaining Polo Sport. At first I was just happy to've checked the kids' section and outsmarted those damned vigilant Sonic employees. But at what cost?Polo Sport: [[SPOILER]] Some...
I wouldn't worry too much about it. I had the same thing happen to me twice last month, once with some crappy, but ambiguous, hip-hop t-shirt. I lost my shit for about five minutes, then I discreetly Googled the hell out of it. Turns out it was worthless.Skip, this is the point: Your fellow thrifters aren't aren't always the best judge of quality when it comes to what will light-up the 'bay.
A few more, then I'm done. [[SPOILER]] EDIT -- It's not Bones Brigade, but this same shirt was bought out from under me at Etsy, so I was pretty stoked. I love, love, love these shirts. Mid 80's Bear Whiz Beer, which was apparently sold at touristy -type places, especially in Colorado. Finally looked it up and it was from some sort of comedy troupe slash radio act that had been around since the 70s.Also have a few of those Velva Sheen summer camp shirts.My favorite Polo...
Damns. I just can't imagine finding a cool-looking Bones Brigade shirt. Just unreal. I keep hoping they'll make a reprint of that sign language shirt you can see Hawk wearing in the documentary. It just doesn't make sense -- they've had so many great shirts, and the only one they still sell that's any good is just the classic skeleton guy. So you think that Hilfiger is, as I suspect, 80s? I didn't know they sold 'em at Bloomingdales. I don't know if you saw it, but I...
. [[SPOILER]] I was so happy to find this one...so...so happy......and now that happiness has been taken from me! Universe: I demand an explanation! [[SPOILER]] Hopefully this meets the subculture criteria -- I just grabbed it because I like the hot rod art from the 80's, plus its soft and minty.
OH GOD NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I was supposed to find this. Somebody stop me from putting my head in the oven.
Finally figured out why there's never any Polo brands at one of the few stores I hit. Turns out there's a Sonic nearby. That Sonic has employees, and those employees have lunch and smoke breaks. And then, when this happens, the employees enter in pairs, chanting, Po-lo, Po-lo, where you at, Po-lo.... .
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