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I mean, I loves me some EG, but now, suddenly, it feels like I'm screaming, Hello, and won't you please peep these tiny shoulders and HUGE GIANT MIDSECTION!. It's not like my politics preclude me dressing for attraction, but that's the way it's worked out. And now there is a sudden biologic factuality to contend with. So...brb, going to consult The Singles Project and see what that Carson Street Clothiers guy is wearing.
That feeling when you must assemble a first date fit, only to find your clothes are interesting, but not necessarily flattering. .
Thx, Nat [[SPOILER]] Here it is tried on....I wore with slim gray pants, white sneaks.
I just put on the black, many-zippered moto bequeathed me by Nataku and felt like I was wearing a cool-person costume. This week-ish: Cotton khaki-ish Corneliani pants, 32. Flat front. Yes. Yes. Zanella unicorns, brown, wooly, and flat front. My size. Yes. Yes. (N/A) Land's End knit ties. For the synergy.
Finally caught the sequel: equally grand and surprising, and completely inspirational from a Malcolm Gladwell/10,000 hours POV.
This sorta looks like Creep and Norse Projects had a baby...
Yes, my tea leaves said the same thing...
^Says US 10, dude. That's a lady size.
That looks amazing -- now please to sell me your canvas one.
It's their answer to the Japanese character tattoo.
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