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Hallmark movies. So many Hallmark movies...
He's a transsexual porn star/civil rights advocate(?). Did google earlier in the thread. Now somebody explain *the humbler*.
Tarfu? (This reminds me it's probably time to rewatch Baxter again).
Honestly thought it was an Old Navy argyle + thrift before I scrolled down.
Books I sought: Maurice Blanchot's Thomas the Obscure, Eric Puchner's second short story collection. Books I found: Hart Crane's The Bridge (on my list forever), Stanley Elkin's short stories (on my list even longer) These do not disappoint. (Elkin seems way underread).
Same. Love Actually and really bad Hallmark Channel movies. (Though this is a fairly new tradition as we just got hitched).I also lobby hard for Rushmore, and if I'm lucky, some unlikely 80s Xmas films like Die Hard during the week.
In Iraq, do they have brown privilege?
[[SPOILER]] Thanks so much for this bright assembly of holiday cheer! (Also the hot tip on this "mini disc"). This is epic. I couldn't find these in my searching. My heart overflows...
You had me at this.I used to love Once Upon a Time in America -- but seen as an adult, it seems like a few great scenes without quite the epic grandeur I remembered. James Woods playing himself was at least a nice touch. (Still probably worth the effort for the cupcake bit alone).Probably like many, I caught that blizzard of Rocky movies on cable again, and after the first one, they just seemed so problematic in some ways. It was either the absurdity and exclusion of...
New Posts  All Forums: