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I'm also looking for Vision Gator t-shirts, Vuarnet logo t-shirts (white), and Vuarnet sunglasses (also white).
Oh sup. I am possibly in need of some vintage 1980s attire -- patterned shirts, skinny ties -- blazers that vomit color from within -- in short, anything that would not look out of place on the Robert Downey Junior of 1985's Weird Science.For reference (be ashamed if you need it): [[SPOILER]] The 80s-esque will also do (Our Legacy, Opening Ceremony, etc. -- but only if offensive).Thx bros
Thanks, 4est. Soon I will be traveling to the 1980s, and those new Eytys will be a good step toward blending in.
Anyone know of Eytys retailers in the US (either online or brick and mortar)?
Do you have a chest measurement? I read the Brooklines might fit a tad larger than the others...
Well that just completely ruined a user name for me...
Are you sure those aren't the leather Vans slip-ons?
As feared, The Tunnel is breaking me. It's long and it's dense and though it carries in its book-y winds some of the finest (and most labored) prose ever written, it is, alas, quite plot-less, and sometimes a slog, and not something to be taken in lightly after a few hours of gardening in the sun. I'm pretty sure I haven't read it in at least five days.
The thing is, this is a discussion forum, and Teger's discussing has value even to readers beyond sunny Florida.
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