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Easy question.
Man, what do you guys think? This excites me on multiple levels -- first, the casting, which IMHO, is spot-on. (I used to watch The Good Wife and say, Whoa, that guy would make an excellent Luke Cage -- too bad *that* would never happen). Then the fact that his narrative seems pretty encapsulated, and not too gimmicky or tie-in based; the high production values and solid supporting cast; and finally, it's great to see a largely black cast without being the focus of the...
The 'Fud returns!
Wes Anderson is my favorite director, but he really needs to get Owen Wilson back on his writing team. Left unchecked (or surrounded by yes men) his films just seem to feel more weighted and Byzantine without the right counterbalance of heart or whatever that made his earlier films so special.
Have you tried dry shampoo (spray), or the little buckets of hardcore styling powder you shake over your head? I did recently, became an instant evangel.
Blank stares, stylized violence. Keanu in a suit.
Yeah, that Ben Mendelson guy is amazing (even if I do misspell his name). I watched Netflix's Bloodline because he was in it, and I enjoyed the first season very much.
We still have the Pavement reunion tours, and Guided By Voices...
Sure, laugh it up -- I can't wait to be 130 years old with amazing blood pressure. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go shed tears over my improbably-large member...
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