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SC SOLD! Make me some offers on the ties before the hit eBay...
SC now $35....the thing is absolutely mint!
Driggity drop....
Price drop.
These shoes are in fantastic shape...unfortunately only about 3 1/2 sizes too small for me! Pictures tell the story....SOLD....come and get 'em!
Thanks Beav! All ties now $15!!!!
All prices shipped CONUS. Zegna now only $15!!
Bunch of ties for sale...ALL TIES NOW $15 or $20 for two!! Even the NWT $95 BB tie First off, a NWT Brooks Brothers ($95) SOLD and an excellent Zegna... Next up..a couple perfect for spring prep style... SOLD Next a great Givenchy and sweet Gucci.... Next....Perfect not-too-loud ETRO and a RT Best of Class with a nice subtle back pattern... Finally...two great preppy emblematics... Not sure why the back pictures didn't upload but they're both in great...
Quote: Originally Posted by jobro Here is a useful tip. If you would wear it, it looks good on you, and is decent quality; buy it. A name does not change the quality of the item. Blasphemy!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by tonylumpkin I feel cheated! I paid 16 times that for the one I posted on Saturday. Oh, and BTW, you shouldn't be charging more than $.22 if you flip it! Wow - just saw your post...quite a haul! Are you holding on to all of them? (PM me if you are selling)
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