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From the MM MoMu Exhibition book (Scanner's out, so hopefully iphone photos are ok);
I paid approx. AUD850 all up.
Love to but(a) I am pretty shy/self-conscious(b) My outfits are pretty bland: black jeans/ pants, black or white CPs/Stan Smiths/boots, t-shirt (occasionally a shirt which is either SS or Jil) and a nice jacket or jumper.Unless you really like a short guy wearing monochrome and b & w, you definitely aren't missing much!
Purchases from the last few month or so (sorry for the poor photos): Siki Im Had my eye on this for a while but the model fit pics put me off, however it was cheap enough to try and thankfully I did. So soft and warm, unfortunately there's not much winter left over here. So many little touches that I love too, from the various pockets to the awesome button snaps (never thought I would be so enthused over button snaps, but they really are terrific!). Ervell Really...
Price Drop!
Price Drop! Going away on Thursday for 2 and 1/2 weeks so get in touch soon for immediate postage.
Hi Up for sale are a pair of brand new in box MMM GATs in a sz. 43 in the original colourway and a pair of brand new in box Lanvin Captoes in black in sz. 8. I am moving cities in a couple of months and need to clear some stuff to make things easier. I have owned both pairs for about 18 months and in that time they have just sat in my wardrobe; to be honest although I appreciate the designs of both, I am happy enough with my CPs. Price is in Australian dollars and...
Yeah, it's a small but the shoulders and chest are wider than a normal small, which suits me really well. Cannot recommend ln-cc highly enough; the customer service is always top notch.
Purchases from the last month or so Nicolas Andreas Taralis -- Probably the happiest I have been with a purchase for a long time; just really happy with the fit. COS -- Not the greatest leather, but not too bad for the price. Many thanks to Rirawin for the proxy, an absolute pleasure to deal with. Undercover -- Wanted this for a long time, one popped up for a reasonable price so snapped it up. RG --Heard that this fits small, but this fits really small....
N2-B Jacket Leather MA1 (Love the CWU-45, but I find the pockets to be a little large for my liking)
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