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I'm still in. Polished a couple pairs of shoes and got some cleaning done. I'm actually holding off on some basics because of this (socks, more shoe cream, suit brush ). It helps that I suspect the wife is plotting some clothing related gifts for Xmas.
I saw on jefferyd's blog ( that this documentary is now a kickstarter project ( needing funding for completion. It looks like a worthwhile effort and I'd definitely like to see it.
I'm posting a day late but I'm still joining camp 2 for the challenge.
I know they were having trouble with the straps that tie into the buckles. I had to special order mine as there were none available in my width. They took a little longer than normal and when I picked them up last week I was told that it took so long because they had recalled the Neumora's in order to redesign the straps that tie into the buckles. The upper strap is now elastic, similar to the Boston design. If you check their website, they reference the issue under the...
Quote: Originally Posted by mktitsworth Some people will buy anything. That suit is for small timers...
Order was received in good condition. The links are nicer than the pictures convey. Appreciate it!
PM sent regarding several links.
PM sent.
Whether you want a suit made or alterations I'd recommend Jimmy at Ahmed's Custom Clothiers He's on Richmond at Chimney Rock.
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