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Looking to sell a brand new J.Crew Ludlow Jacket in Japanese Chambray. Size is small.
Hey guys, It looks like Hickroee's has something pretty similar up. Similar pattern, different colors. http://www.hickorees.com/brand/the-hill-side/product/n57-119---cotton---wool-blend-blanket-lining-stripe-tie-grey---navy---rust---tan
dman34, im in almost the exact same boat as you, though my bride is on board with mixing it up as long as the group as a whole looks well dressed and nothing clashes. I'm looking for a navy suit as well and the brides maids will also be wearing blush. I have 3 great fitting J.Crew Ludlow suits and I want a new one for my wedding, but I have not shopped around yet.
This bag was a free promotional item that was distributed at the Liberty trade fair in Las Vegas. The bag is not meant for commercial resale. And wasn't this already posted and sold?
Seriously, can we not get a ban on this guy?
I have always contributed the dirt factor to the obenaufs, but I could be completely wrong. my black ones are ALWAYS dirty.
Quote on McTavish, Dark Brown Cognac Leather 6.5D, please.
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