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picked up the navy/white, torn on the greens.
those were on the jcrew site...i picked mine up in NY, exact same colorway. Its the 1400 i believe.
Selling my pair of rock runners, used once...practically mint. Purchased on MR.P
For sale are NIB size 11 Lanvin sneakers, they run a bit big on me, hence the sale. Will accept paypal.
Is the new line going to drop this weekend, or is it a restock of the current line?
how many people would be up for paying an "expedited" cost. A fee to have your jacket sooner than planed? Somewhat of a service charge.
"If you don't want bitches to touch you, get calf or goat" best, most helpful post to my question
Guys need help on leather choices: What is the difference and up-down side to the GOAT, CALF, or LAMB jackets.... This is for a MDR in black. Gracias, JCD
Is there a restock date in mind?? What size sweat top and pants do you recommend. I'm a 42 USA in jackets and a 34 in pants.
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