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Looking really good! Very good mix of shoes, love the Rothschild on DG70
Wow, those look great!
G&G Deco Bowlly in Midnight Blue Bresciani OTC socks (Sold by Berg&Berg) PT01 navy trousers
Wow, that is a great start! Looks great!
Congrats stich, the arrans looks great! What changes would you do to the Deco Rogers?
G&G Deco Bowlly in Midnight Blue Falke No 7 Dk Navy OTC socks PT01 trousers
G&G Deco Bowlly in midnight blue
Looking good!The Bowllys in the pipe, what are the specs?
Thanks man, love your vintage shoes, would love to see some more group shots of them!Thank you, yes suedes are missing. I only have one pair of C&Js in suede but would like more suedes in the future!Next step for me has been to buy a bespoke suit which has meant that I will have to take it easy with my shoe buying for a while
I am somewhat of a starter since I feel I just begun wearing really great shoes (2.5 years) but I have 9 more shoes that I will post soon (4 Vass, 4 C&Js and one Carmina) I wonder how it will look in another 2.5 years (my wallet will look even worse )Thank you Ingevaldsson! I will post my Vass and CJs and a Carmina as well soon (my GF thinks I am a mad man when I arrange my shoes on the floor so I will try when she's not around )
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