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I wear bowties all the time, you have to make sure they're discrete for everyday work wear though. Never wear a vest and bow tie exclusively, makes you look like a waiter at the casino. As others have said, if you're gonna go black suit/black bow tie I'd suggest getting a tux instead, regardless of what the Prince of Wales is wearing. You should also practice tying them without looking in the mirror, there's always someone at the party (at least if you're younger) who...
Currently serving and and it has definitely made me aim for a higher daily standard in dress and appearance. It has also opened up a third option for evening activities as I can take my mess dress to most black and white tie events. At last, transferring into the army after two years in the navy has made me appreciate the feeling of wearing a good looking suit as the look and fit of the army service dress is terrible.
I don't really see the need for it.
A slightly different view on what happened...
This isn't clothing related either but when I worked at a gas station the gypsys used to throw sandwiches at me and tried to steal everything in the store. Then of course there were the Irish "travellers" who actually did steal everything that wasn't bolted onto something else. Finnish truckers in general had very bad manners as well. ^^
it would've only taken the OP a quick search to find out
IMO the worst impact that Barney and HIMYM has made on today's society is the "International suit up day" where each and everyone takes out their ill-fitting black suit and tarnished white shirt that their mum bought them for their graduation and wears the tie (preferably a slim black one) w/o buttoning the top button.
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I joined the military academy as an officer cadet two years ago and wearing the uniform (suit w/ tie) has got me accustomed to it. Nowadays I often wear suits on my free time, even when I'm not at a party. I bought my first "real" suit (i.e. not something my mom bought me and not something cheap and ill fitting) at age 22 - last year, that is. I have recently postponed buying a new computer in favor of buying one or two new suits instead.
I wear it all the time except on Fridays and sometimes for dinner, I prefer the V shaped sweater though it requires a little more effort when choosing ties
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