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It's some interesting cross-pollination they have going on. Generally speaking, CHCM doesn't strike me as catering to the same clientele that wear Drake's ties. They definitely have some cool stuff though. That's where Stoffa does its trunk shows too IIRC.
I have 363MOD in 10UK. It was advised I take my Carmina Rain size, which I did. I personally find the 363MOD to be slightly more snug than the Carmina, which was already snug, despite my understanding it is one of EB's roomier lasts. That said it's still wearable but I could not go smaller. I'm a 10.5D in Barrie, 10.5E in Grant/Plaza. Can't really comment on instep because mine are derbies. Hope this helps.
Thanks! I figured the one you posted was an Aurum or similar based on your extensive collection.
Does anybody have the "Dark Oak with a misty/nuvolato effect" leather on their Meccariellos? It looks very subtle in the pictures online, but I'm afraid in person the misty effect would be more pronounced. Is that the case? I'm not a huge fan of things like museum calf, so it's causing me to hesitate. If they were simply dark brown I'd have placed an order for the RTW Decurions already.
Nvm all potential sizes are out of stock already.
Similar question. The Camoshita open collar polo seems pretty short in the photos. Any reason not to size up for length and then just have the body slimmed by a tailor if it's too boxy? The shoulder differences appear to be pretty minimal.
Sent you a PM. Happy to take this off your hands if I can confirm it will fit.
This. They don't have to be wholecuts not to have that stitching on the vamp.
I stand corrected. If you look on the inside heel you can see they are marked "99DX". When I compared them to my 99 again, which is a plain toe oxford, the shape is the same. The outsoles of the chelseas are mainly just bigger because of the design of the welt.FWIW, the oxfords I have are an 11UK/11.5 US and the chelseas are marked by SM as an 11. Im guessing that means 10.5UK, as the chelseas seem to be a bit more snug. I bought the 10.5 as well and those were verrry...
Bought the same exact chelseas. Was wondering the same thing. I have 99 and 109 - I don't think they're either of those.
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