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Get bespoke in HK
Quote: Originally Posted by Merlino What does CMT mean? cut measure trim, aka bring your own cloth
My experience with steamers(i have some chinese brand that cost about 80 USD....I live in hk and it was what was available at that time) is that they work great on my wool stuff, pants/coats, the wrinkles all come right out. On my shirts, they help a little bit, but all the major creasing/wrinkles are still there, so I usually need to go over them with an iron afterwards. That being said, my shirts come out much sharper after using the steamer first. (same effect could...
my c&j audleys are my most expensive pair at the moment
Hi all, I tried searching on the topic, but didn't see any good information on sizing comparisons with C&J's 337/341 last. I tried a 337 UK 8.5E on, and it was basically the perfect size, and I'm thinking about buying a pair of shoes in the 341 last online. Would the right size be an 8.5 also? My understanding is the 8.5 runs large, so wasn't sure what the 341 was like. Thanks
As thread title says, please PM me if you're interested in selling yours
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant Interesting that one shop cites stockpiling cloth to keep prices stable. That's generally a short-sighted strategy or a heck of a hedge. He's only delaying the day when an even bigger jump in his retail will be needed to make up the gap. If he steadily buys cloth and stockpiles it, he can raise prices steadily, rather than being suspect to swings in prices. At any rate, I don't think cloth is THE...
thanks for the replies, i guess chan is a bit out of my budget for now, 1k was pretty borderline for how much I wanted to spend. I know that Lee Baron(Peter Lee) does fully canvassed suits, are these considered bespoke or made to measure?
Hi all, from recent threads regarding chan, I was under the impression that the cost of entry was just a bit over 1k USD, with nicer cloths costing up to 1.5k. I gave him a call today and was told that prices are actually 1250$ starting, $1500 if you want an extra pair of trousers.(I live in HK) Is this the kind of price others are getting?
Quote: Originally Posted by roadie2 What is the price point on Cheng? Long time lurker, but first time poster here. I had a 2piece suit and 2 shirts made by Cheng. The suit was $350 US, and the shirts were something like $35. I've also recently gotten a couple shirts made by jantzen, and so far, i prefer the fit and fabric from jantzen much better. The cheng shirts are extremely tight and do not feel comfortable, and seem to wrinkle very...
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