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Quote: Originally Posted by JTA Thank you, that would be appreciated if you could keep us posted because I am interested to know this information as well. I'm interested as well, I emailed Gordon before the new year and his price was in the 5000 range. I'm secretly hoping the 7500 quote included cloth.
Cmt = bring your own cloth. Figure 200 usd or more with cloth included
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 Gordon is a top-notch tailor and I've never used YWY before but I've never had any problems with Gordon. Thanks for the opinions guys, I'm looking to get one nice suit made(I don't need many). I tried william cheng and wasn't very happy with the result, so I just want to do it once more, and do it right
Quote: Originally Posted by Fishball Gordon will charge you few hundred more. and for a few hundred more, is gordon worth it over y william yu?
Quote: Originally Posted by Tyrone MacStiophain My sister's heading to HK, and offered to do some shopping for me. Would it make sense for me to send my measurements in to Jantzen and have her pick up a couple of shirts for me? Or do they work faster for walk-in orders? I believe she's only in town for a few days. They work faster during for in-store customers. I got 48 hour turnaround a couple weeks ago.
Reviving an old post, but was at the outlet today and there were only custom grade church's at the outlet now. The shoes were all 3k+ HKD(~400 USD), and while I am no leather expert, the custom grades they did have appeared to be corrected grain leather. Does anyone know if they carry nicer versions of those shoes, or has the quality of church's dropped that dramatically? Between the churchs they had there and a C&J handgrade i just got, the c&j blows churchs out of the...
Quote: Originally Posted by dbc No, but the way I see it, he's willing to spend US$1000. He might as well buy a good one rather than two. You can get a fully canvassed two-piece from Peter at US$700 onwards and the RJ stuff at about US$1000. IMO, that's way better than picking something off some tout at Nathan Road. I'm with you, do it right, do it once. I've made the mistake of not doing that too many times. BTW, Gordon Yao was...
Quote: Originally Posted by dbc Prefer one good US$1000 suit to two average $500 ones. Bespoke- check out Peter Lee of Lee Baron. Otherwise, the guys at The Armoury have a made-to-measure thing with Ring Jacket going on in April. Would ring jacket be within his budget? They seemed to be in the ~1000 range for RTW on the website. If you don't know exactly what you want, I suspect you really get what you pay for with the HK tailors.
Quote: Originally Posted by inimitable How can you sell full bespoke for €255? http://www.anysuitcollection.com/index.php/prices Am I missing something here? sounds to me that this is made to measure, and made in shanghai....
Quote: Originally Posted by Macan As an owner of a small tailoring shop, I personally think that everybody should be able to afford quality bespoke garments at affordable price. Well price varies depending on the fabrics and how much labor is spent on making the garment, there still should be service available for the people out there who want to have decent custom made suits at affordable price. Most of my potential customers have this perception...
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