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how are those welted? the welts look much sleeker than they did on mine.
what are SLGs?
if they weren't made to fit your feet, they don't really have that attraction of being bespoke for you, right?
yup....really can't remember the last time i saw someone i'd say would have been featured in the sartorialist. don't see how hk could qualify at all
leather flat and boring - yup, they really don't finish their leathers at all, so if you want the nice finishing, you've got to do it yourself (see somewhere between page 15-20 of this thread). when i got my black shoes, he had polished it with something that made the leather look cheap and awful. for the entire first day i wore them, i was worried that i'd gotten corrected grain! i cleaned them up at home and they look better now, though admittedly not as good as...
Indeed, just made the reference because apple is generally successful for simple, well thought out interfaces. Looking forward to the improvements!
I used to hit SF several times a day to check on B&S, and the MS forum. That's been reduced to one visit a day, if that. As previously mentioned, readability of the forum is key for me. Small stylistic changes are fine - aka what google has done with their black bar at the top of the screen. The issue is that the ability to read posts and get useful information has been reduced. If you look at why apple is successful with their products - minimal interfaces and...
i also feel this way. (as in, hate the new classifieds) been whinging over a few threads now, but i really feel like all the utility that sf used to provide is harder to use now, and all that stuff i didn't care about got better.
also, images no longer supported natively in tapatalk, it kicks you out to the browser which is a huge freakin boooooooo. i know a lot of work was put into this, but i feel like a lot of the basic things, the everyday things you want to do, have been ignored in favor of fluff. ie: posts have become huge, spacing is terrible, and i have to scroll more to read less.
ads on the side, big thumbs down size of the ads, big thumbs down sizing of fonts and borders etc, big thumbs down layout of the threads, big thumbs down it just doesn't look good. size of my monitors at work means i'm going to be coming here a lot less seems like whoever did the redesign has a 30" monitor and thinks everyone else does too.
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