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I have some alden cordovan NSTs that ran about 700 USD. Just a little bit more expensive than what they would cost from leathersoul + shipping.
Sorry fritzl, what was so unreasonable about my post?
I might have to take my more recent shirt back and insist on the corrections then. Its just annoying that I've brought up the same issue with them three times in total, and they haven't been able to fix it. Is it abnormal to have a shirt that doesn't flare out at the bottom? I understand that your hips are wider than your waist, but my shirts all have an awkward amount of cloth sticking out of my pants where there is just too much cloth for my waist.
regular pricing at AC right now is 1000? 1200? Any ideas if he'll do CMT with a new customer? I recall he has a 3 shirt minimum.Perhaps I've been going about it with PL all wrong, and I should just get the cheaper cloths and not bother with unfused collars/cuffs.
My biggest concern is getting the same fit, regardless whether its formal or casual. are you guys less picky about fit with your casual shirts? or are you able to get consistent results from PL? The only thing I'm consistently getting from PL are things I don't want, hence my frustration.
I've had a pair of pants made from Baron Kay - they look ok, but they definitely took shortcuts in the workmanship. For example, they were too lazy to sew real buttonholes, and made "flaps" that attach to the buttons themselves. anyways, back to shirts. knowing that, I'm not going to go experimenting yet again to try to find a "grail" shirt. You're right that I might have made myself happier going with Chan in the first place - do it right, do it once
I started a thread with my experiences from Jantzen, William Cheng, and Peter Lee.Most of my local coworkers don't get their stuff tailored. In fact, one of them asked me where to go!
I've been living in HK for almost a year now, and in the process have have tried out 3 different tailors for shirts, and wanted to share my experiences and thoughts so far, as well as solicit some feedback. Prior to going with custom made shirts, my best fit was a huge boss shirt I picked up from Nordstroms in the states. I'm a fairly normal build, 160-165 lbs, 38-39R, 15.5 neck, and 31-32 waist. William Cheng I got my first two shirts made here. Fairly standard...
jantzen can make you shirts at 390 each I believe. I think peter lee starts at 580. Believe ww chan starts around 1200, not totally sure about that though.
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