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sleeves look too big to me, not sure that you can do anything about that though. (along with the torso, as previously commented)
Think this is quite extreme, but fair enough. Still, beyond the actual financial issues, if you're wearing this stuff at work, you shouldn't be too far up or down for your role. How obvious the quality of your suit is can vary, obviously.
Fair enough, you've got to be aware of your environment on both sides. Goes for everything, I think.
The economics of producing a $500 suit - Manufactured and cut to fit a generic shape/figure. Quality of the construction is not going to be as high, and it will not be tailored for the customer. That doesn't mean that there don't exist people for whom those suits do fit with minimal altering, and for the people in that group, this suit is certainly acceptable.I'm not saying that bespoke does not have its place, it certainly does, and there is value in it for people who...
I never said there wasn't a difference, but are you suggesting that someone on SF just out of college needs to buy bespoke in order to have an acceptable suit? What is the average age of your clientele? I would say that your position is unreasonable for anybody with limited financial means, which is going to be a large percentage of this forum.
not everyone visiting a clothing forum thinks having more handiwork/construction is worth the premium that it comes with. If the suit fits you well and makes you look good; what other criteria are necessary for a suit to be acceptable? does it need to be hand crafted by someone on savile row to be considered acceptable? the reason that most people go bespoke is for the fit - if you have average proportions, and can get an OTR suit that fits you well, what's wrong with...
If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it?I've got a friend in securities who knows somebody..I'd invest half a million with them, then take the rest....
I daresay that unless you are in sales, you also need to be careful not to out-dress your role. You can say whatever you want about how "i can use my disposable income in x way," but if I show up in a 911 turbo on a 50k income, I don't think my boss is going to be very motivated to find ways to put more money in my pocket. Nor is he likely to see me as a responsible individual who should have more things under my responsibility. As always, there are exceptions to the...
given the price ranges we're talking about, i don't think we're discussing "people controlling wealth"
i'd be surprised if you could take home even that much per month. totally agree with the sentiment though, i'm in the upper 50k-100k bracket and have trouble justifying >1k on a suit. at my level, 1k is about the mental threshold where I need to question how much I really need something.Getting off topic, but not sure how you could be spending more than that amount regularly on suits while simultaneously planning for retirement.
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