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Going for my second fitting this weekend, looking forward to it.
Thank you all for your advice.I will try this, don't now if I'll be able to find deer bone in Hong Kong, but I'll order online if need be.Do both shoes look too big? Or just the left?I'm not quite at the point where I want to go down the custom shoe route. My feet are just slightly different, perhaps half a size at most. (Actually, my left foot has like a 20% arch while my right foot is almost totally flat, so the shapes of my feet are different in themselves.)I'll give...
If anyone can provide any guidance on my issues here, I would be most grateful:
My left/right feet are different sizes(right foot larger). When I was trying them on, the sales guy suggested not sizing down any further as it would impair my right foot. That seems to be my experience. The texture of the crease is not pleasant on either side. Could the size be the reason?
FWIW, I've already brushed these like crazy. This is my first pair of cordovan shoes, so I'm not sure if I'm missing something.
Hi, I have a 7 month old pair of nst Alden Cordovan #8. In the first month, they got wet once, and ever since then, have lost the nice smooth creasing they had when brand new. After getting wet, I let them dry out over a period of several days. These get worn 1-2 times a week. The texture now looks grainy, as in my pictures. The nice color differential is also gone. I've gone back to tassels in hk, where I got them, and they didn't know how this could be restored...
For Zee's, you can pretty much walk in and chances are he'll be able to take you. It took one week to get the cloth test shoe made up, and another week to make the actual shoe. Not sure if he can expedite that for travelers.
I just dropped off some cloth for my first CMT jacket with Gordon Yao. Will keep this thread updated with the final result.
Anyone have any word on prices going up/down in the coming year?
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