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To get that last 5-10%, yes you must go bespoke or be very fortunate with your build. If you need to have 10+ jackets/suits, going through the learning process with a tailor makes plenty of sense. if someone were to buy 1 or 2 suits that they wanted to look great - off the rack is not necessarily a bad choice.who is TaT?
I've had this experience as well, though moreso with getting shirts made. When you buy something off the rack, you've got a pretty damn good idea how its going to fit you, and how its going to look. When you go bespoke, you have to hope that what you've communicated to your tailor gets remembered beyond the measurements he's writing down in terms of shape, and that he nails every single detail you specify.In general, with a good tailor and experience in communicating...
did that include pants? My quote was for jacket only, and close to 1700HKD sounds close to his rate for pants.
not much you can do about that. i think they've done some studies about covering the driver vs not covering the driver in glass/other material.
I don't think they're worried about piercing the monococque, I think they're worried about the nose hitting the driver directly
The new noses are a result of the concern that one car will spear another. If the noses are too high, they will be aimed right at another driver's head in the event of a t-bone type collision.
jantzen, peter lee, and ww chan are all quite different in levels of service and quality.
I think people have found that sharing and posting information makes their tailors popular, and therefore less available and more expensive.
that sounds like it has indeed jumped quite a bit. I suspect a lot of the traffic driven to a few select tailors by the internet has contributed to the increase in price. At that price level I don't know if I would consider that good value.
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